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Book 1: Peace

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Book 3: War

That night I had a vision. It was of Avatar Yamashi, the previous Avatar. He told me to go west of the Northern Air Temple until I reach the mountains. So I snuck out on Sim-sun and headed west. When I neared the mountains I saw a small town nearby before I noticed the mountains. I landed Sim-sun at the foot of one of the mountains which I could tell were volcanoes.

"Who are you?" a deep voice from behind me shouted. "I'm Roshi." I felt uncomfortable speaking with him. "You're not supposed to be here." Five men gathered around me. They had swords and spears in there hands. Behind one of them there were explosive canisters, enough to cause the volcanoes to set off. "We said leave." another man shouted. "What do you plan on doing with those explosives?" But of course, they answered with their weapons. All six of them charged at me. Sim-sun breathed fire at them as I rolled off his back. One of them stabbed at me with a spear so I kicked it away and fire punched him in the face. Another swung at me with a sword. I jumped to the side and breathed fire at him, killing him. Another three men ran out with weapons-I was surrounded. Sim-sun and I threw all the fire in the world at them to no avail, one of the stabbed me in the back. I fell onto the ground bleeding. That's when I went unconscious for a moment. Then, suddenly I woke up with my eyes glowing. More men surrounded me, it didn't matter. I fire bent the lava from the volcanoes behind me and aimed it all at them killing them all. I fell unconscious again.


I woke up feeling hung-over. "Whoa. Where am I?" "You're in Wonju." "Who are you?" "I'm Kataro." I recognized the voice. "What are you doing away from the Temple, Kataro?" He paused for a moment before saying "What am I doing away from the Temple? I'm here to bring you back so let's go." I was going to be in trouble.

We rode Sim-sun back. Kataro has never rode a dragon before and had a blast. The ride took three hours, so we got back at about noon.


"What do you think you're doing? Leaving the Northern Air Temple is strictly against rules!", Master Zhuge Liang shouted. "Avatar Yamashi told me too, he said that the town of Wonju was in danger!", he wouldn't believe me. "Really?" Zhuge Liang went to Wonju to get supplies. While he was there he asked around to see if I was telling the truth.

Chapter 2: Air Mastery


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