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Avatar Roshi/Book 2: Hate

Roshi was born a prodigy, with the support of Master Zhuge Liang he's been able to accomplish much in the past 5 years. Roshi has lived in the Fire Temple for as long as he can remember, and it's been an invigorating experience mastering firebending. However, everything's about to change when he leaves for the Northern Air Temple tomorrow.

The Old Life

"Roshi! Wake up!" Master Liang has always had trubble waking me up."Whaaa......."

"It's morning! You are the Avatar, and you struggle to wake up before noon!" "Sorry, sir." I got out of bed, and put my clothes on.

"I'm ready to train, master." I bowed, respectfully. If I didn't I'd get a lecture.

Every apprentice firebender here begins training with an hour long meditation. After that we fire exercises for about 30 minutes, then we go through fire training for about 4 hours. And we end our training with an hour of schooling. My Avatar training begins after this. I begin with an hour long meditation, and then I do the Dancing Dragon for 30 minutess (It's an old way of learning firebending). Usually that's all, but today I had to learn what airbending is, as I'm leaving to learn it tomorrow.

After we finished training Master Liang told me "Your an excellent Firebender. I believe you are ready to learn Airbending." Master Liang was right. "Thank you, master." I left the Avatar Chambers for the main hall. And on my way I encountered Gyokei. "Hey, you're pretty good. Too good if you ask me." He seemed disturbed. "Are you alright, Gyokei?" "NO I'm not alright. You have to master every lesson, every technique. I challenge you to an Agni Kai!" He threw fire at me and charged at me head on. In defense I dodged as I kicked fire at him. He ducked kicking fire at my side, I jumped up and punched fire into his throat. My hand went through killing him.

"What have you done?" A Fire Sage witnessed it. "He attacked me!" "I don't want any of it." The fire apprentices began gathering around. "What happened?" They were confused until they gasped at what I had done. "You killed him!" Master Liang showed up with "It was self defense." "Master Liang did you see what happened?" "No, but I see honesty in the Avatar's eyes! He is innocent." "Enough of this. In the morning I'll deal with him."


For once I got up early, and on my own. "You are in serious trouble", master Liang was standing in the doorway with a serious look. "I didn't want to fight him. He challenged me to an agni...." "...And you killed him!" "What do I do now?" "You need to see the Fire Sages now. After that we leave for the Northern Air Temple." "Yes, master." Master Liang stayed in the room when I left.

The meeting was uninteresting. All they did was warn me to control my power.

The Northern Air Temple

We rode Sim-sun, my dragon, to reach the Northern Air Temple. It took three hours.

Fire Nation attacks the Northern Air Temple

The view was amazing as we flew into the courtyard from overhead. While getting off of Sim-sun we were greeted by Monk Gyotsu. "Welcome to the Northern Air Temple, Avatar Roshi." "Thanks. So, when do we begin training?" "First thing tommorrow after you get familiar with the temple." "Okay." Master Liang asked, "Where's our room at?" "Follow me, I'll take you now."

The room was down the hall. My room was ordinary. "Oh, by the way your dragon will have to stay in the courtyard with the flying bison." The monk didn't seem to care much for Sim-sun. "Lunch time!" a monk shouted from the end of the hall. "You're just in time for our lunch." "Great!" I was enthusiastic until I got to the lunchroom-no meat. It turns out the Air Nomads are vegetarians.

"Hey, you're the Avatar aren't you?" some guy asked. "Yeah." "Well, my names Hataro. So you're hear to learn airbending." He was annoying as hell. "Yep, that would be a good reason." He kept talking. "See the blue arrows on my arms? That means that I'm a master airbender." I was being calm. "That's cool." He talked again. "I know, right? So, if you need help airbending just come see me." Glad that's over with. "Sure."

Before going to sleep I put on a monk's robe.


"Wake up Avatar." "Is it time to train, master." "First you must eat breakfast." I ate breakfast, with some meat master Liang snuck in. Then I went up into the tower to train alone with Master Gyotsu. "Now your training begins. You will start with meditation." I got used to meditating so it was no big deal. "Now visualize yourself airbending." I did. "Now do exactly what you visualized." I tried to air-punch like with firebending, but it didn't work. Monk Gyotsu laughed. "That won't work, at least not yet. Try breathing air out as you push away." I did that, and nothing happened. "Nothing happened!" the monk replied "It's because you are angry." "So!?" "So, calm down and try again." After five minutes of meditating and calming down I tried again. I moved a little air. "It worked!" the monk smiled "Remarkable. You are now an apprentice airbender." I was excited as hell. "What now?" "Now we meditate until you find your center. This may take hours." Find my center? I guess he ment my 'root' or 'balance'.

After hours of meditation I had a vision of myself airbending at a masters level. "I'm ready." Monk Gyotsu was meditating too. "Are you sure?" "Yes. "Then airbend." I tried what I saw in my vision: I stood in stance with my arms in a straight line in front and behind me. Then I flung them. A gush of air flew around me. "Good, young one. Good. Your first day too. Now, we'll eat lunch." It was amazing airbending. "Yes Master Gyotsu."

We ate more vegies. Then I practiced the air blast (the move I already did) some more. I was surprised when I entered my room. Hataro was there with Master Liang. "What's going on?" Liang replied "Your friend wanted to see how your training is going." "It went great I can already airbend!" Hataro was glad. "Better get good soon so we can duel someday." "Yeah, I'll win." Everyone began laughing.

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