Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Rising in the last hundred years.

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Avatar Rising
The circle will begin... again.
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Fantasy, Sciencefiction, Action






The Netherlands/English

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14 July 2012


July 2012 - present




Many years have passed since Avatar Korra's demise. After she dealt with Amon and many other threats, there was a period of peace during the reign of Avatar Korra. This went on for many years. Before she died, she made preparations to find the new Avatar, just like her predecessor Aang did. She gave the Council in Republic City and the Order of the White Lotus the important task to find the next Avatar.

But after 50 years, the next Avatar still wasn't found. People were afraid that now the Avatar was gone, a new war would occur, just like The Great War during the time of Avatar Aang. People started riots against the Council in Republic City and all over the world governmental organisations were overthrown: the people wanted an Avatar.

That's when the Company showed up. The Company was a powerful organization in Republic City, and was largely responsible for the development and technological advancement in the city. It offered help to the council to regain the peace again: the council, which was under great pressure and had no other options, accepted.

With the help of their own personal army, the Company restored the peace in the Avatar world. But their real meaning was hidden: Kurou Fujimoto, the head of the Company, wanted to establish a world in which the Company would have absolute power. After the peace returned, he wanted to wipe out the person which was the only threat to his power: the Avatar.

Of course, Kurou realized, he couldn't kill the Avatar: the circle would just began anew. Plus, he didn't know who the Avatar was, because he or she hasn't been found over many decades. He decided to use the technique the Dai Li used in the past: he would erase the memories of all the benders in the world, making them forget they had the power to manipulate the elements. Kurou, who was now highly popular all over the world, excuted his plan without many struggles. All the benders forgot who they extually were, and the ancient bending arts were not used for a long time. Also, to take extra measures, Kurou abolished the four nations, making one great land: Bablon.

350 years have passed and the utopia the Company wanted to create is nothing more than a post-apocalyptic wasteland. But meanwhile, in a small city in the former Earth Kingdom, a young boy named Isamu Yamo discovers that he is able to manipulate the earth, making him an earthbender. Isamu, who is now curious, travels the world to discover the past of his powers and look for persons who share the same fate as him. But meanwhile, the Company has eyes everywhere...


Isamu Yamo - The main protagonist of the story. Isamu is a 17-year old boy who discovers that he is an earthbender. Curious about his powers, he travels the world to find information about his powers and to find persons who share the same fate as him.

Emma Nakamura - A exuberant, 15-year old girl and Isamu's best friend. Born as a child from 2 rebels who opposed the company, her parents were killed during a raid from the company. Since that moment, she swore revenge against the authority who was responsible for the death of her parents.

Kurou Fujimoto - The head of the Company and the main atagonist of the series. Although the utopia he wanted to create has failed, he still refuses to admit it. The reason why he has such as an incredible lifespan (he lives for more than 400 years now) is not known.


Volume I: Earth

Chapter 1: Buried powers
Chapter 2: A factory of faith
Chapter 3: Discoveries
Chapter 4: The journey begins
Chapter 5: The Twins
Chapter 6: The Jackal

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