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Chapter 4

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As the group finishes their well deserved meal at the barbeque place, they decide they need to get to the Order of the White Lotus hideout and find a way to get to Arlo.

"We have this satomobile, but just driving could be dangerous," stated Jett.

"I agree. Oreon has found us every step of the way thus far, we need to change things up," agreed Damien.

"I haven't been of much help this trip, but I may know a way," said Rose.

Rose's plan was to incorporate others to get Oreon off their trail, because no doubt he was watching them in some way. So as the group gathered their things, they put everything in the Satomobile and just left the barbeque, or so it seemed. They had actually let the owner of the barbeque take the vehicle on a trip just to try to shake Oreon and his minions. He went through the city and did a lot of crazy paths before he brought the vehicle back. When he had returned it, they had been waiting a few hours; Rose and the others decided it was safe to make their way to the Order of the White Lotus hideout. Jett was driving as he knew the place the best. It was about a 45-minute drive until the arrived at the hideout. Jett engaged in a secret knocking pattern to alert the Head of the hideout that he was a member. Once he finished, a slit in the door cracked open, just as all Order of the White Lotus.

"Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you can't always see the light at the end of the tunnel."

"But if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place," Jett quotes as he finishes the sentence.

The door opened as a familiar face greeted them; it was Kyou, the great-great-grandson of Zuko. He was now very aged and one of the last of the original Fire Nation heir.

"Come, come, welcome to the southern hideout," greeted Kyou.

"My my, it's been so long since I've seen a different Order of the White Lotus Officer," snickered Jett.

"Well, it isn't my fault we don't have meetings anymore. Since peace has been around, there has never been a need to. Which I guess is a good thing," stated Kyou as he began to brew tea.

"Let me introduce you to a few of my friends and other members of Order of the White Lotus."

"This is Axel, one of the finest earthbenders you've ever seen."

"Nice to meet you all, maybe I'll show you some tricks if my back will allow it," chuckled Axel.

"Next is Taj. He is a world renowned waterbender, who now is a pao show master."

"If you can beat me, I'll teach you any waterbending you need," Taj poked at Theo, as he sensed his bending potential.

"We have a few other members who are not here at the moment but feel free to make yourself at home as me and Jett talk privately for a while," announced Kyou.

Private Conversation

"I'm sure you're aware of what has happened to the Avatar and the current state of Republic City?" questioned Jett.

"Yes, we have known. We've even had a few encounters with these so called 'Ninjas', but they forget us old folk still got it," joked Kyou.

Jett informs Kyou about all that had happened through the time of them returning from Captain Julios' boat and entering Republic City.

"I see, so you need to quickly get to the Capitol without anyone knowing your presence?"

"That's correct."

"Well, I know a way, but it'll require you to stay here for a night or two, for me to prepare it all."

"That is great, I appreciate your hospitality, and I am sure the boys could learn a thing or two from you all," Jett says as he bowed his head to Kyou.

End of private conversation

Jett and Kyou entered the main room once again and announced that they'd be staying there for a few days until they could depart to the Capitol. Theo was talking to Axel and Taj as they had mastered the two elements he was able to bend. Rylan was talking to Damien about a new firebending technique he'd been working on. Rose was reading a novel as was sipping on her tea. They were having a fine time, 3 different eras of time, all together conversating. The night ended in a rather peaceful way, different from the recent events.

The next morning came and Theo was super eager for Axel and Taj to show him some tricks, and Rylan was being sour since he had no master bender to talk to.

"Fine, we will show you some tricks if you'll help us buy food for tonight," Taj said with a slightly irritated voice.

Theo, Taj, and Axel left for the market as the others decided to stay home and just relax; they had been going through a lot lately and were excited for a little time off. Kyou had to leave to make preparations for the group's departure, so the hideout was left to just Rose, Jett, and Damien.

Theo was hopping up and down at the chance to learn bending from 2 masters, as Taj and Axel were just wanting to get food. They stayed at the market for a few hours shopping, making Theo run errands for them. When they were finished, they made their way back when black smoke started covering the area. Taj and Axel quickly told Theo to stay behind them as they were prepared to face whatever was going to emerge. It was a group of ninjas, led by a ninja wearing a solid white suit, who gave off a much more fearsome and powerful aura. Taj and Axel quickly sensed this power coming from the ninja and made sure they were focused.

As the ninjas started springing towards the group, Taj and Axel sprung into action. Bending like Theo had never seen, the most fluent and effective bending ever. Taj was bending water from the leaves on a nearby tree, using it as a melee weapon, while Axel was creating holes in the group by shooting bursts of rock at the enemies. The ninja in full white had disappeared as he wasn't getting taken down as easy as his companions. Out of nowhere, he appeared and struck Axel 3 times with 2 quick jabs and a kick before he disappeared again. Axel fell to the ground as Theo rushed to his side trying his best to support these two. All the sudden, it began to pour down rain. Taj let out a crooked grin as he knew the tides had just changed.

"Hey kid, wanna see some tricks?"

As more ninjas rushed Taj, he seemingly floated through the air as he was manipulating the rain to his advantage. Then he did something Theo had never seen; he made a mix between solidified ice and water and began making it into sharp objects and using it as a tool to take down ninjas. Then the ninja in white reappeared and blew away a chunk of the water with airbending...

To be continued.

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