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The group reconciliated themselves as they watched Captain Julios manage his ship to get to shore. As soon as they got to the dock, they immediately wanted to see Arlo, as it had been many days since he had seen his family. Captain Julios said his goodbyes to his new friends, and Damien explained he would make sure the boat would be fixed as Julios waved him off. Damien came back to the group and explained that they were on the southern side of Republic City and would need to cross the central part to get to the Capital in the northern section. Jett said there was an Order of the White Lotus hideout in the southern section and he believed he knew the head of the hideout. They only needed a ride as it was still a good way away, and it was getting dark soon. Rose explained she had a friend in the very bottom part of the city, and they were within walking distance.

They took off, trying to make their way to Rose's friend to possible find a way to get to the Order of the White Lotus hideout. As they approached the house, most of the outer lights were dimmed and the inside lights were on. Rose was about to knock on the door, but she saw something horrifying from the inside. Her friend was getting beaten by her husband. Right as Rose looked through the door again, the man saw her from the inside. He quickly walked to the door. As he opened it and raised his hand to Rose as if he was about to hit her, Damien grabbed his wrist and snapped it into pieces. He let out an anger-and-pain filled roar. He shot a burst of fire at Damien, who wasn't even phased. Rose entered the house to comfort her injured friend as Damien was filled with rage at this sadistic scum of an excuse of a man.

"Hitting women who can't protect themselves is very manly, huh?" said Damien, followed by, "I should break every bone in your body and leave you for the wolves."

"You don't know anything about me, and my wife is suppose to obey my every call," said the man.

With that, Damien released his inner anger into a burst of combo moves directed right at this man. The man tried his best to protect himself from the rage-filled Damien, but let's be honest, no one short of the Avatar could protect themselves from this enraged attack. The man was easily overpowered by Damien's flames; he had much surpassed the normal orange, red or even blue flame and had evolved to the elusive yellow flame, one step below the almighty white flame, wielded by only firebending masters such as a Firelord.

The man had been blasted away and flew feet backwards. Rylan, Theo, and Jett just watched the man get what he deserved. Damien walked over the broken and burned man and said, "pack your bags, you're never coming back to Republic City."

Damien entered the house and bowed his head at the woman Rose was friends with and apologized on behalf of the man and explained men like him are worse than stains on the floor and that not many men were like him. She agreed and began to make tea for the group. The man exited his bedroom with a bag and exited the house, not a single word spoken. As the group talked about what was happening in the Capital and Oreon, Rose's friend said she would gladly lend them her car and said they could keep it as long as needed.

The next morning, they left in the car and thanked her for her hospitality, Damien still pissed about that man. After 3 hours on the road headed towards the Order of the White Lotus hideout, the group stopped for food. Rylan, Theo, and Rose were about to enter a Water Tribe style barbeque, as Rose asked if Damien and Jett were coming. Jett explained they needed to privately talk for a bit. The others entered the barbeque as Jett confronted Damien.

"Damn, you're still pissed about that guy, what gives?" asked Jett.

"I just utterly hate men like him that take advantage of women in any way possible," responded Damien.

"This isn't about when we were 18 is it?" peered Jett.

"*sigh* yes," says Damien.

Flashback to when Damien was 18

It was 5 months before Damien, Arlo, Jett, Oreon, and Calix would leave for Calix's Avatar training. Damien was still questioning if he should leave or stay, he was still in love with his girlfriend Kairi. He had been seeing her since he was 16 years old and now 3 years later, he was going to leave for over a year without seeing her? They could start a life together... but he felt it was also his responsibility to make sure Calix was properly trained.

4 months later

"You know you really don't have to go, I can manage myself, plus I have Arlo, Jett, and Oreon," said Calix to Damien.

"I know, but you might need me, and we were destined to do this and all become Master Benders," Damien responded.

"If that's how you feel, very well, but I am sure Kairi will still be here waiting for your return," grinned Calix.

"You're right, well I better go say goodbye," nodded Damien.

Damien left Calix after thanking him for his advice and Calix thumbed his friend on the head and said, "go say goodbye." Damien approached Kairi's house and was about to say his final goodbye before he didn't see her for over a year and was absolutely shocked by what he saw. Her door was wide open, and he walked in to see her on the floor with her ex-boyfriend standing over her. He had been beating her, and she had fallen to the floor and hit her head. Damien, filled with the most rage of his life, tackled the guy and immediately unleashed an extreme amount of combos from punches to kicks to knees. The guy on the ground tried to reverse and actually got the upper hand on Damien by bending the ground to his advantage. He flipped Damien in the air and shot him to the wall with an earth wall. That was when Damien's fuse sparked and showed his true potential as a firebender. As an 18-year-old firebending student, he shot white flames from his fingertips, those of which only a Firelord could do. He shot the extremely powerful blast at the man, and he was blown through the side of the house. Damien didn't stop there, he couldn't, he was far too enraged. He was not the same person as before, all he saw now was pure rage and hate. He absolutely destroyed the man before him, with blasts of white fire pulsing through his bending. The man was seemingly unconscious and severely burned. As Damien calmed down, he walked back into the room and noticed Kairi still hadn't moved. He walked upon her lifeless body, grabbing her and shaking her. He shouted, "Kairi, wake up, my love, I am here now." But it was all in vain as she had hit her head upon falling and a mass had appeared in her brain; she had died of this injury while Damien was fighting the man.

All Damien could think of was this immense pain he felt, as he had his dead lover in his arm, feeling absolutely hopeless.

Calix appeared through the door and was stunned by what he saw. He was quite smart and was able to immediately put 2 and 2 together. He entered the Avatar State (which he still had only semi-mastered) and tried his best to help Kairi. He deemed it too late and sadly told one of his closest friends that his lover had been murdered. Damien couldn't control the tears, he was deeply sad and wounded but also so rage-filled; he could not accept this. He laid her body down and walked outside the hole in the house to the severely burned and slightly conscious man who had murdered his lover. He raised his hand to unleash a fiery blast once again, with total intent to end this man's life, but before he could, he noticed Calix grabbed hold of his wrist and explained it wasn't worth it. He once again burst into tears and hugged his friend Calix. As the authorities arrived, Calix and Damien left.

Present Day

"So you really aren't over that, are you?" asked Jett.

"I will never forgive someone who hits a woman," responded Damien.

Jett hugged his friend and motioned to follow him inside the barbeque to eat. They were greeted by the others and the sweet smell of chicken.

To be continued.

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