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Chapter 2

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As the group was sailing through the ocean, they noticed something.

Rylan said, "We are going too slow, at this rate it could take months."

Damien and Jett knew he was right. They were going at a decent rate, but the boat wasn't very fast. They were passing some ice caps and they saw something in the distance. It was a Republic City battle ship. They went in the direction of the ship, and eventually the captain saw them.

"Ahooyyyyy mateys," shouted the captain.

Jett responded with a quick, "Hello."

The captain of the ship dropped down a latter and told them to climb on. The group climbed on the majestic ship.

When they got on the captain said, "well what brings you to these parts."

The group explained what had happened and who they all were. The captain told them that they were on the S.S Monroe, a delivery ship from Republic City to the Fire Nation . Damien and Jett followed the Captain, who said he was Captain Julios, to the Captains quarters. Jett and Damien were going to try to get Captain Julios to take them to Republic City.

After around 30 minutes of free sailing the Captain came back out and said, "Crew and Mates, we are going on a change of course," then he shouted, "ALL STEAM AHEAD FOR REPUBLIC CITY!"

They crew all nodded and returned to their stations. The boat made a 360 degree turn around and was on its way. The Captain made let the group stay in the Crew's Lounge until they reached Republic City.

"We are all tired and should rest up until we get to Republic City," said Theo.

"It's only about a 7 hour sail, anyways," said Rylan.

The group agreed and all hit'tha'hay. Around 6 hours later, Rylan was the only awake, the rest were all sleeping like babies. The got up and left the Lounge to look at the ocean. As he got on the deck he noticed all the Crew in their positions. He also noticed Julios just at the top of the deck just staring off in the sunset. He walked up to Julios and just stared at the sunset as well.

Rylan questioned, "Why are you a sailor, Captain Julios."

Captain Julios responded with, "Ever since I met my wife, we lived on the beach. We would watch the sunset everyday at this same time. She would laugh at my jokes and just stare at the sunset. One day she got very sick from a rare sickness. I was gone on a business trip in Republic city. When I had arrived it was too late, she was already passed. I came as fast as I could but it was still too late. Every since then, I became a Captain and have watched the sunset, I just feel like I get one more moment with her."

Rylan said his condolences, and said she would be proud of him. After that Captain Julios wiped a tear from his cheek and jumped from his seat and said, "But now what matters is getting you to Republic City."

He screeched, "Crew let's get a move on and get these people to Republic city."

After they the rest of the group appeared. They all greeted Captain Julios and Rylan.

Theo snickered and said, "looks like Rylan had a widdle nightmare."

Right about that time, a crew member said, "LAND HOYEE!"

The group gathered their things and told the captain how grateful they were. Then they were about a mile from the shore when out of no where, BANGGG BOOOOMM. Something had exploded in the engine room. They all rushed down there. They walked into a Ninjavention, (get it, intervention with ninjas XD) it was about 30 ninjas, all with explosives. Damien and Jett started firing away with water and fire bending. Same Rylan, he was fire bending with one hand and air bending with the other. Theo and Rose just watched due to there being no earth to bend. The group was about equally matched with all the ninjas and explosives. Damien in particular was fighting with a vengeance. He was dancing around dodging bombs and unleashing a fiery storm. He was fed up with Oreon's clan. He was ready to show them who he was made of, when out of no where, he was hit with an arrow of some sort. It barely penetrated his skin, but it had some instant effect of making him delirious. He was walking awkwardly and slumped over. Jett was struggling to fight off all the ninjas with Rylan. Then the arrow master appeared. It was Oreon.

He laughed and said, "Long time no see, eh pal."

Jett wanted vengeance, he shot massive icy blades and Oreon, but he dodged them and jumped behind cover, not before hitting Jett with the very same type of arrow. Now with 2 crucial members down, it was up to Rylan. He couldn't keep up with the ninja's and before he knew it they were surrounding the group and Captain Julios.

Oreon came out of cover and said, "Are you ready to surrender?"

Rylan said, "Over my dead body, and shot a gust of wind right at him."

Oreon said with mite, "Take the fools!"

And out of no where Theo bended a water whip from the sea and stuck Oreon straight across the face. Rylan and Theo started fighting them off. They were out numbered by a lot but not too much on power. They were starting to pull through in their favor. After they were fighting for a while Damien started to come back to his senses. As the three bended their hearts out, Oreon fled the ship. Once Jett came back too, the rest of the ninjas did too.

"Glad that's over," said Rose, "I hate feeling defenseless."

"Alright, the engines seem to have minimal damage but we should be able to land," said Captain Julios.

The group headed back to shore, at Republic City, Still not able to know how the Oreon found them.

To be continued.....

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