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As Rylan, Theo, Rose, and Damien follow the spiral and twisted trail they find a fork in the path. There were 3 colors, Blue, Red and Green. Damien explained to the group that each color took them to the receding nation, Water Tribe, Fire Nation, and Earth Kingdom. He said, to be safe he had to go see an old friend in the Northern Water Tribe. They then quickly followed Blue path all the way out to a little motorized boat. They got in it and took off. It took around 2 days to get all the way to the Northern Water Tribe. Once they arrived they were greeted by the Northern Water Tribe Sentinels, they explained the whole story, and were let inside. Damien led the group through the heavily crowded city to a very old mysterious looking house. He knocked in a weird 2-3-2 pattern. The slit in the door came open and some eyes popped out.

The powerful looking eyes looked and observed the group and asked, "How can one calm their mind, when the world is full of Chaos?"

Damien responded with, "With a cup of tea I am sure." The slit in the door shut and the door opened to a man reaching out and hugging Damien.

The familiar looking man said, "It's been a long time old friend." As Rylan and Theo walked in the fancily decorated home, they immediately realized the decorations were of The Order of the White Lotus. They had recently learned about its honorary and brave doings, from school. The man sat down and began to share a story with the group.

  • Flash Back

Me, I'm Jett by the way, and Damien were both 19 years old, we were traveling with your dad Arlo, the current Avatar Calix, and Oreon. He was just now becoming friends with us. The rest had all been best friends growing up from playing ball together as toddlers to learning how to do the most advanced bending of each type. Damien and Arlo were both Fire benders, I was a waterbender, Oreon was an Non Bender and Calix was Avatar. The Order of the White Lotus told us to make sure Avatar Calix found his way in life and mastered the elements, as we were by his side. So we traveled the world, saw the most amazing things, learned about amazing culture, and saw each of us change into a better person. As we aged we grew apart, changed, made families, and went into a new phase of focusing on our own life.

Around 20 years after we all split up, we decided to get back together just for old times sake. Nobody really knew who got it all together but we all showed up. As we all arrived we all noticed something oddly different about Oreon. He just seemed a little bit "off". We asked him why he had called us here and he explained this whole story on how he could make the world "perfect" and make a superior human race to benders. Calix, Damien, Arlo, and I all shot his idea down instantly. Calix clearly stated that you shouldn't temper with the human race or perfection. Oreon stormed out the room angrily. So as everyone shared experiences that had happened to them and what not, we all left. Nobody really knew what Oreon was going to do, but we all just kept an eye out. After a few years went by nothing really happened until around now.

  • Flash Back ended

As far as me and Damien know Oreon took knocked out and took Calix away. Your dad, Arlo, is fine but we feel he is in danger. Oreon send me a message the day after Calix was taken and said he was putting his idea into action and that he had created the Perfectionist, we call 'em the Chaos Ninjas cause that's practically what they are. So we have arranged your dad to meet us at a safe location in the Earth Kingdom to meet with the Earth King as well. We will leave tomorrow, As Jatt was about to get off the couch Rylan said, "what exactly is Oreon planning?"

Jett responded with, "I am not sure but it is definitely not perfection." So as the day winded down the group got ready for bed and went to sleep.

The next morning the arose to Jett, holding one finger above his lips showing the silent signal. He pointed up as Rylan looked up to see nothing, but he heard very light footsteps on top of Jett's roof. Jett motioned them to quietly get up and walk towards the back exit. They all did and right before the Ninja's jumped through a window in the front of the house, they all were gone. The ninjas immediately followed them out the door, now it was a chase. It was around 6-10 ninjas from what Jett could see. The group kept running through the icy back path of the Northern Water Tribe. As the ninjas caught up to the Group Jett gave Damien a sign when after around 3 seconds, Jett and Damien came to complete halt. They rest of the group slowed down, but Damien shouted, "Keep going until you reach a silver boat, get in it and get it ready to go. As they took off full speed again, around 7 ninjas stopped around Jett and Damien.

Jett glanced at Damien and let out a crooked joyful grin and murmured, "Now." As soon as he did, Damien shot furious flame blasts out of his fingertips, directly at 3 ninjas. Two dodged them but one was hit. Jett bended giant icicle spears and shot them in many directions. It took out around 3 ninjas. There was 3 left plus 3 were still after Rylan Theo, and Rose. They finished off the other ninjas and took off after Rylan Theo, and Rose. When they got there they saw something that no one recognized except Jett. As Rylan was Fire bending, he was trying with all his might to shoot red hot fiery blasts. When out of no where, something happened, he felt a weird sensation off of his fingertips. And some mystical wind shot out of his fingers. He didn't have enough time to realize what happened so he just kept on. He was shooting out wild Air Blasts left and right. Everyone was amazed and confused at the same time. Except Jett. After the ninjas had been defeated no one said a word. They all just stared at Rylan. Jett said, "You have a gift that not many people ever get." He explained that only about 1/100,000,000,000 benders will ever get it and that it is extremely rare.

Rylan asked, "What is it?"

Jett explained that it was "Duel Bending" Where a bender of a family of Masters got the trait passed down of 2 elements instead of just 1. Rose explained that Arlo's Dad was an Air Bender of extreme power, and his mother was a Fire Bender. She also said Her dad was an Earth bender and that his mother was an Water Bender.

So Jett said, "Well, Theo you also can unlock Water Bending at some point. They were all astonished. After they came back to their senses Jett said, Alright there will be more ninjas we have to get a move on. They got in the boat and took off.

To Be Continued....


  • Jett in no way is related to Jet.
  • Dual Bending is fictional and created by me, it is not really in the Avatar Franchise.

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