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Chapter 1

Rylan and Theo are inseparable brothers. They both live together and are both 15 years old. Their mom, Rose, is a worker at the traders hut (modern day would call it a flea market) and Dad, Arlo, is an important business man of Republic City. He owns half of the city's biggest trading corporation. Rylan and Theo both go to school like any normal kids; they also act normal as well. In their school you would find a mix benders, all types actually. Airbenders, waterbenders, earthbenders, and firebenders as well. Except of the occasion you would find nonbenders. Arlo was a firebender and Rose was an earthbender. So naturally Rylan was a firebender (after his dad), and Theo was an earthbender (after his mom). They were nothing special in school, average benders at most. Some might even consider them weak.

Now, one afternoon they had returned from school. They walked in and Rose was making dinner like her normal routine, and Arlo was at work. Nothing seemed at the least bit out of place.

Rylan said, "What's for dinner mom?" and got,

"Chicken and rice," as a response from Rose.

As the day went on, after dinner the family (without Arlo, because he works long hours) talked and discussed their days. Nothing too important went on throughout that day, the boys learned about Avatar history and Rose just made more sales. As they were all about to go to bed the home telephone rang. Rose answered it. As soon as she started listening, the boys both noticed a concerned look on her face. She said, "yes" to the phone a few times then hung up. Rylan asked what was wrong, and she said, "I'll explain on the way, pack your bags we are leaving in 5." As they got in their Satomobile, Rose cranked it and left without even locking the door. The boys both asked what happened, as they left Rose started to explain.

She has answered the phone, and it was Arlo. He had told her to go to his brother Damien's house. It was out of Republic City, he said. She asked what happened and he told her that they weren't safe in Republic City. He said that the Avatar had been knocked out and was unconscious. Then a group of black and silver suited ninja's appeared in the Town Hall (where the Avatar and Arlo were both at). They took the Avatar, threw down a smoke ball, and were gone. Arlo stayed at the Town Hall to assure that the city didn't break out into chaos. Once she told that to the boy's they both were a little relieved. Obviously they were scared as well.

So Theo asked, "What are we gonna do at Damien's house?"

Rose responded with, "Hide out as until we hear it is safe in Republic City again."

Eventually they arrived at Damien's house. He greeted they boys with high fives and fist bumps. They all went inside and he told the boys stories of how he was good friends with Avatar and that he knew he would be fine. After the boys went to bed, he told Rose that he truly knew they were in danger. He said he knew who the people were and what they were after. Soon, Damien and Rose got tired and went to bed. It was totally silent until around 1:00 in the morning. Damien had gotten up because he thought he heard something. He was right. He woke up to two people in black and silver ninja suits in his living room.


He fought the two ninjas until he had managed to knock one of them out and tie the other one up. He ran to his bedroom and got Rose to open up the door. He opened his closet. Inside were a lot of clothes of different places, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Water Tribe clothes. They had no time to look. He moved the clothes aside and you could see on the back of the wall was an amazing painting of Avatar Kyoshi. He quickly moved it and there was a door. He told Theo to earthbend the wall away. He did and it was a hall. He lit the torches and they took off walking down the hallway.

To be continued....

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