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Avatar Relics is the fourth episode of The Life of Team Avatar.


The monks from the Southern Air Temple come to check if Aang is the new Avatar. They figure that the four Avatar Relics he choose meant that he was the incarnated Avatar of the time.


Conversation with the Monks

The monks called Aang's mother to talk about Aang and testing him with the relics.

"Hi Sister Imia, can we test Aang?" said Monk Tashi.

"About what?" said Aang's mother.

"Avatar Relics" said Monk Gyatso.

"Okay but why?" said Aang's mother.

"The Avatar is now part of the Air Nomad so now, we have to know, who is the Avatar," said Monk Tashi.

"Okay," said Aang's mother.


Aang was walking around the dorm and his mother came in the room along with Monk Gyatso and Monk Tashi. As Gyatso put a thousand relics in the floor.

"So I'm done putting the toys. Now, Aang shall choose. If he pass, he is the Avatar," said Gyatso.

Aang chooses and when he choose the four relics, its occurred that Gyatso and Tashi figure that its Aang, who is the incarnated Avatar and that they needed to talk with his mother for him to be send to the Jongmu Temple permanently so they start teaching the Avatar immediately because of Fire Lord Sozin.

Conversation between Gyatso and Tashi

When Gyatso and Tashi talk in their dorm secretly,

"Aang should have a happy life," said Gyatso

"I wanted him to be busy in order to prepare and ready before we tell Aang that he is the Avatar," said Tashi.

Gyatso and Tashi had an argument and later decided that it would be better to let time go ahead and see where it goes. Later, they both talk with his mother and she had to agree because the monks had a right and needed to train the Avatar.

Later, Gyatso and Tashi have a talk again and have a talk about if he should be balanced with having a regular life and training or being busy and ready before they tell Aang that he is Avatar, which they argue again, but let it off again.

Conversation with the Sisters

So they talk with the nuns and Aang's mother about how to transport Aang to the Jongmu Temple.

"If okay, could the mother and two other nuns drop Aang to the Jongmu Temple, we will be waiting," said Gyatso.

"Sure, but when should we?" said head nun.

"At dawn," said Tashi. "Because of the morning, you should by dawn."

"Okay. I volunteer," said Sister Kio.

"Me too, I volunteer," said Sister Una.

"Well, I must leave now," said Gyatso looking at Tashi too.

Gyatso's bison came and they set her way back to the Jongmu Temple.

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