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Earth Kingdom

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Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending, Lavabending


Peony, Yu

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(82nd)(81st)(M) Avatar Qiangxin (902 BG– 701 BG) 201 years

(Chinese for Strong Heart)

Steadfast as a rock, Avatar Qiangxin was a powerful baby even when it was unknown he was the Avatar. Qiangxin's father was an important government official in Ba Sing Se, and his mother was a noblewoman from a prominent family. Despite their elevated level of prominence in society, both of his parents assured that Qiangxin received a lot of love and family time. Even as a toddler, Qiangxin loved to be outdoors and experience nature, but because of his strength he sometimes caused more harm than good, like pulverizing butterflies when he held them in his hand and tried to stroke the fragile wings.

Upon learning that he was the Avatar, Qiangxin made it his mission in life to learn to control his strength. While journeying through his travels as the Avatar, he found peace and calm in the Air Temples upon meditating and learning the art of Airbending. The combination of the peace and his determination lent him control of his abilities. After completing his training, Avatar Qiangxin returned to Ba Sing Se, where his parents had arranged a marriage for him. Qiangxin was unsure of an arranged marriage, after being a bachelor at the age of forty. However, when he met his wife Peony, the two fell in love at first sight.

After the joyous wedding, the couple left Ba Sing Se and settled in a valley town called Caodi. The couple settled into a normal life of domesticity, raising their three beautiful daughters. The daughters were so beautiful that men came from everywhere to seek their hand. As Qiangxin turned them away, the men soon became armies. After entering the Avatar State several times and sending armies away, Qiangxin sent his daughters to live in the fortified walls of Ba Sing Se with their grandmother. It was here that his oldest, Yu, met and married the current Emperor of the Earth Kingdom, with her father the Avatar's blessing. She invited her father and mother to come live with them, but her father declined, saying they loved their life in Caodi too much.

Qiangxin and his wife settled into a quiet life and started an inn called the Jade Rabbit in the town, which became popular with people of all four nations. They also enjoyed the visits from their many grandchildren. Qiangxin though did involve himself in affairs of state at Ba Sing Se occasionally to advise on important matters, and frequently took the Avatar State to ward off bandits near Caodi. When his beloved Peony died at the age of a hundred, Qiangxin left the inn to his youngest daughter and husband and went out to travel the world at one hundred forty years old, settling down in the great swamp thirty years later. He resided here for the rest of his days, dying peacefully at the age of two hundred and one.

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