Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Phoa in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Phoa Fanon
Avatar Phoa
Adventure of the new Avatar.
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March 6, 2012 - current


Starts on March 6, 2012 to unknown time




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Avatar Phoa story is a fanon written by AcerEvan. It chronicles about Avatar Phoa, the current Avatar from the Fire Nation, who must defeat Magicus Pishogue, the witch who can bend a unique element. Her friends, Ratih, Joy, and Fansha, help her in the series. She must go all-around the world to find the Magicus Pishogue, before they destroy the world.


Sometime in 275 AG, almost 105 years after the victory of Avatar Korra, a new Avatar was born: Phoa. She's the next Avatar after Avatar Xiethou, the Earth Avatar after Korra. The expanded technology was improved faster and faster since the creation of Republic City. In the different time, new threats ironically spreading over the world, are going to change the world by erasing the existence of Avatar. They mastered the unorthodox bending, such as shadow, Mythology God, and mind.

Will Phoa get rid of them? Shall the Magicus Pishogue successfully conquer the world? What will happen? Read the story, now!


Beyond the horizon , a spread of cloud , at first , light vermilion , turned almost black , with little thin golden spreads over which still twinkle . The stars started to sprinkle their light . In a little simple temple , a perfectly beautiful woman walked where the water flowed across the river , the bird started to sleep , the twilight came , and the great sun began to set to the West . The woman stood right in the middle of the bridge , slowly seeing her reflection in the water , and started freshening the skies with her beautiful song . She sung greatly , with her golden voices, echoing onto the temple . The breezes caressing her , when the wind swept the leaves , in the bridge . A gallant man came out from the temple , with a lantern's light dimmed above the zen garden . The man walked , with a illuminating full moon shine . The man walked in the peace realms , joined the woman , hearkening to his wife. It was a really silent night , solved by the beautiful woman song. She ended the song , when a chorus of winds osculate to her ear .

Near the river , when the bamboo slowly moved in the breeze , there was a stately temple . Suddenly , the couple , below the silent dark skies , heard voices of birth . They ran onto the majestic temple , and saw a woman , holding infant on her arms . The man , who is the father of the baby , kissed his daughter , and the woman started singing again , caressing her baby . There , in the peaceful temple , the new adventures was begun .


People Phoa 01

Flying Bison:
Phoa Hannyu

Evan Hannyu
Ella Hannyu
Monk Lobsang
Monk Meethu

Magicus Pishogue:

Past Avatars:

Main characters (New Team Avatar/Flying Bison)

  • Phoa Hannyu - The new Avatar from the Fire Nation, born 105 years after Avatar Korra from the Southern Water Tribe, had passed away. She was born in a small family, and moved to Republic City when she was 10. At 16, Phoa realized her status as Avatar.
  • Ratih - A waterbender from the Eastern Water Tribe. She helps Avatar Phoa to defeat the Magicus Pishogue. Ratih is the best friend of Avatar Phoa. She's ambitious to be the greatest waterbender--although she couldn't mastered healing; but she will find a way.
  • Joy - A young firebender from Arambawa, a little island near the Republic City shoreline. His firebending abilities still need training, because he prefers to use lightning instead of regular fire. He trains lightning generation, and the new made-by-self bending, lightbending.
  • Fansha - The love interest of Avatar Phoa, who likes to use airbending as his weapon. He is the most funny and casual in the team. But, don't ask about his airbending skills. It was A-M-A-J-I-N-G!--the favorite quote of Fansha when he was a little boy.


  • Evan Hannyu - He was the father of Avatar Phoa, and husband of Ella, a couple from the Fire Nation. He was a great firebender, and the high general of Republic City. He had three daughters.
  • Ella Hannyu - The mother of Avatar Phoa, and wife of Evan. She had three daughters. She was a great singer when she was young. The aged singer now lives alongside her husband, in the Republic City.
  • Monk Lobsang - The main instructor of Avatar Phoa. Son of Monk Meethu.
  • Lotus - Daughter of Monk Lobsang. She is Ratih's best friend, but must go to her Temple for continues her training.
  • Monk Meethu - The son of Monk Meelo, the Head Council of Elders. He presumably is a little strict to the Avatar. He is the uncle of Monk Lobsang.
  • Analéy - The granddaughter of Analay the shadowbender. The twins sibling of Tremolo.


Magicus Pishogue

The Main antagonist in the series. Magicus Pishogue, which all of them can bend the specialized elements--mind, shadow, myth, imitate, and a secret. All of them have a same mission: to conquer the world and erase the existence of the Avatar.

  • Oblivia - She was the first Magicus Pishogue who can bend mind. As the first Magicus Pishogue, she was the weakest from the four Magicus Pishogue.
  • Tremolo - He is the second Magicus Pishogue who can bend shadows! He is the youngest member of Magicus Pishogue, and founded by "you-know-who" in the street, with his sibling.
  • Preserant - He is the second-last Magicus Pishogue, and he is very fond of Greek-Mythology---he can summon all of the Greek-Mythology Gods!
  • Fire Lord Chief Earth King Monk Tashimolo - He is the secret parents of Tremolo; but with a different power, he can imitate all of his enemies' weapons and powers, read it, study it, and use it to attack his villains.
  • You-know-who - Or you-will-know-it-later, is the last--and secret Magicus Pishogue. AcerEvan will find more information about him, later.


1. The Fire Avatar (Avatar Phoa) - Released in March 6, 2012

It chronicles the life of the Avatar, and the first time she became a most important person in the world! Who is the shadow in the end of the series? Read the next chapter: Start the Training.

2. Start the Training (Avatar Phoa) - Released in March 7, 2012

The stories begin with Avatar Phoa and her friends from the Republic City. They area starting their journey, and the first place was--Air Temple Island. They meet a woman, disturbing their journey. At last, they arrive and Phoa must work hard to complete her task to master airbending.

3. No Pain, No Gain (Avatar Phoa) - Released March 8, 2012

Started with the misty morning used by Phoa so it didn't waste much time for practicing airbending. Lotus left Ratih, while her vacation ended. Want to know about Avatar Phoa's airbending practice? Read the chapter!

4. The First Defiance (Avatar Phoa) - Released March 16, 2012

The Island, suddenly surrounded by a hundred ships, destroyed the Air Temple. The Avatar must protect the island, while she's still practicing her abilities. Can the Temple be saved? Read the story now!

5. The Destruction (Avatar Phoa) - Released March 16, 2012

The Air Temple was burned, all of the historical relics were destroyed. Is this the last presence of Air Nomads? Whether the second genocide will happen again? Read the story, write your review!

6. Leaving the Island (Avatar Phoa) - Released March 19, 2012

The Avatar must go before the "crazy Mindmaster" attacks the people again. So, the new Team Avatar must go to the Eastern Air Temple, finding the new master, as the Monk stayed at Air Temple Island.

7. A Seed in the Air (Avatar Phoa) - Released March 24, 2012

Advise from the pasts are important for the infant Avatar. Fortunately, she and Avatar Xiethou go through the Spirit World, asking Avatar Aang about the airbending techniques. Wanna to see the hot-headed spirit? Read the chapter!

8. Airbending Master (Avatar Phoa) - Released March 29, 2012

Phoa realized that she can. Oblivia chase the Avatar while they're watching Bending Battle. But, why the Mind Master screamed while she attacks the arena? See the episode!

9. The Outcome (Avatar Phoa) - Released April 4, 2012

Phoa practice airbending, but suddenly interrupted by the Bending Battle famous. Be rich, celebrated, a lot of fans, make her life reach the final crossroad. Be the fully-realized Avatar or became famous just like the Raven Eagle? Read this chapter!

10. Magicus Pishogue Revolt (Avatar Phoa) - Released April 5, 2012

Phoa, Joy, and Fansha in a half way to win the tournament. But, suddenly in Korra's vision they interrupted by the hungry-evil Magicus Pishogue--caught the Monks and Sisters. But, they don't late after follow a shadow to an indigo portlal, sent them to London. What will happened? See the episode, NOW!

11. Be a New (Avatar Phoa) - Released April 13, 2012

The Avatar realized that she could. The Flying Bison wander to the Royal City, London. They should study the language, the culture, and find the Monks and Sisters without wondered by the marggles (formal people) What will happened, if they should start their journey, to India?

12. World Tour, Part 1 (Avatar Phoa) - Released April 13, 2012

What's now? World Tour? Yep, this is it. Phoa, Joy, and Fansha should go all-around the Marggles' World, looking for their friends. In this chapter, Phoa will know about waterbending. But, how they start? Will they success? Read the story, now!

13. World Tour, Part 2 (Avatar Phoa) - Released April 25, 2012

The second trip: China and Vietnam! What? Why India so fast left behind? Yep, all of those country will be there just for at least 1 episode. So, Phoa must find out all info about the crystal orb, before the enemy took it. Who is the enemy?


  • Fansphoa - Fansha + Phoa, the Avatar and the Airbender! They will establish a relationship together along the production of the series.
  • Jora - Joy + Ratih, who will start a special relationship due the series continuity.
  • Joana - Joy + Analéy, starts they relationship in the their first journey. How Ana can like Joy? See the episode.

Places and Factions

Republic City

Republic City became greater, more modern, and more crowded. The government was led by the Head of Ministry, representation from all four nations. The current Head of Ministry was Ghuiano Phajero. Aged, hotheaded, wise, and very subtle.

Air Nomad

Air Temple Island

Air Temple Island was expanded onto a great island, with a lot of mountains and valleys, with many rivers and a forest there. In the center of the island, the temple was placed, and the Avatar's guestroom was in the border of the forest. The Magicus Pishogue, the main antagonist in the series, destroyed the temple, burning all of the Island.

Eastern Air Temple

As the Air Nomad Island's airbenders are going to here, Eastern Air Temple just splashed by the modernization now. There are many modern things, such as LED and LCD TV for the newscasters, air conditioner, and many more. Also, there are many machine-powered air glider.

Marggles World


England is ya, you know it! an urban city under rule of the King and Queen. The Avatar and her friends start their journey to find the Magicus Pishogue here, in Marggles world. Unfortunately, Phoa came with her friends in the climax of winter. You can imagine how cold is it.


India is the second country of the journey of Flying Bison team in Marggles World, or called World Tour. Hot, sweaty, and crowded. Full-filled by the cultural and historical buildings, such as Taj Mahal. The Avatar will be exhausted here after they first departure from England. But, beware! the third Magicus Pishogue is here.

Magicus Pishogue Headquarters

The Magicus Pishogue Headquarters is a mysterious place where the leader of Magicus Pishogue gathers all of his servants and second-in-command, hiding from the "real-world". His wife just lived here, too. This headquarter was placed in the Marggles World.

Author's Notes

This is my (bla) times I write a fanon, and I think this is my best, since this is the first "official"--Ya, the others don't seen promising. The main idea that I found is Avatar Brek, the next Avatar after Korra. After get the right times, I wrote these chapters. Then, the story begun.

Inspiration source list

  • My family : Since my cousin's last visit, he often said, "Phoa", as his first name of his Chinese name is Phoa. It's my mother's name too.
  • Iain's Inkheart : This story plot is similar with the "real-world" connected story, and some settings are bought from there.
  • Omar067 : His fanon, The Adventures of Omar is very make me a great story-base to creates the "World Tour" trilogy. Thanks, Omar!
  • Hellboy : This creepy film is inspiring for the "twins" idea, like Prince Nuada and his twin sister. They are have "connection" each others, make me inspired to create a "twin" idea.

Author's Message to Readers

Dear all, my readers (Who I know nobody) Thanks for your supports, feedbacks, and consideration to this fanon. But, I'm so sorry, until right now just 0 peeople placed their support, as I put -1 and AL3 put +1 = 0, so if 5 days later nobody place their support, this fanon ready to deleted. Thanks.


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  • June 1, 2012 - Azulazulazula already published the review. 2.85 out of 10


  • In the production process, the first Magicus Pishogue was named Rajao. But, considering to her(firstly his) abilities, she was changed onto woman, and named Oblivia; refer to Obliviate spell in Harry Potter series.
  • The foods and beverages in the series are bought from Asian foods.
  • "Phoa" is the author's mother's clan name.
  • "Marggles" is similarly spelled with "Muggles" in Harry Potter series.
  • Joy, Ratih, Fansha, and some few others characters' name are bought from the author's friends.
  • In the prologue, the woman that holds Phoa is Phoa's baby sitter.
  • The "true story" take place in 291 AG, and middle year of 2012.

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