Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Peachie! in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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At 345 BG, June 18th, Avatar Xian (Peachie) Shui was born into the Water Tribe. This story starts in 331 BG, June 18th, the Avatar's 14th birthday. In between those two dates, Xian was a very lively child. She giggled, and played happily with her friends, like what normal kids would do. She learned waterbending quickly and she enjoyed it a lot.


Xian travels the world to learn the remaining elements. She has a bit of difficulty with earthbending and fire was very hard but air is rather easy. She learnt most of her earthbending in Omashu, firebending in the Fire Nation Capitol, the Royal Firebending Academy for Girls. Xian learned airbending in the Eastern Air Temple, with girls but one boy was there because of an odd exception... During Xian's stay there, one of the airbenders in the Eastern Council of Elders was murdered. There was a war between the Fire Nation, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom and the Air Nomads played a small part. The Avatar has to stop the war.

Chapter 1

"Father, father! it's my birthday today!" Xian Shui said as she burst out from her room at 6:30am, a few hours before her usual waking time. Her father opened his door and smiled.

"I know, I know. But why don't you go back to bed, it's many hours until our party."

"Okay, okay." Xian Shui sighed, and flopped on her bed. She tried sleeping, but it was too exciting. She laid in bed for about half an hour, until she heard her mother getting up. Tiptoeing, she sneaked behind her. "BOO!" she shouted, and her mother screamed, and then began laughing.

"Oh, Xian, you scared me there for a second!" Xian started laughing, too.

"You were hilarious!" her mother gathered her wits and replied.

"Well, since it's your birthday, would you like some hot scallop cakes and tea?" Her mother said slyly. She knew that her daughter adored scallop cakes and tea. They went down to the kitchen and had their snack and talked until their father came down, but he didn't have his usual happy air. He was clutching a note. "What's wrong?" Her mother asked, getting up. He shoved her aside, and walked up to his daughter.

"You're the Avatar." Both Xian and her mother gasped.

"What? That's ridiculous! I'm just... just... the Water Tribe chieftain's daughter! I'm not some crazy voodoo lady!" Her mother sighed.

"Honey, the Avatar is not a crazy voodoo lady. How many times do I have to tell you? It's a person who is-"

"The bridge between the Spirit World, can bend four elements, yada yada yada- like I said, voodoo magic!" She crossed her arms. Her father, the chief of the Water Tribe, slammed his hand on the table, making their plates shake.

"Enough! Xian, get upstairs and prepare for your party, then pack. It's almost nine. You've somewhat mastered waterbending, you're going to the Earth Kingdom to learn earthbending. You can probably bring your pet or something." He grumbled. Her mother stepped towards her husband.

"Now, dear, don't be so harsh-"

"Kana!" He shouted. Xian took that moment to slip past her arguing parents and run to her room unnoticed. She buried herself in tears.

"Why me? What did I do? Why do I have to travel the world to learn voodoo magic? Why can't I just have a normal birthday with Kaia and Qua? I don't want to learn earthbending!" she said as she sobbed. In a little while, she got up and wiped the tears off her face and got ready for her big day. By the end, she was the adorable little girl who everybody knew, not the Avatar.

Her father knocked on her door. "Xian?" He asked.

"Yeah?" She replied, having a bad feeling about where the conversation was going to go.

"Get ready. We're going outside soon, and we can discuss the Avatar situation later. My guess is that they'll take you to the Earth Kingdom in three days." Xian nodded, fully aware that he couldn't see through the ice door. In a few minutes, she was out the door and talking to her friends. She didn't mention that she was the Avatar. Her friends shared the same opinion about the Avatar as her.

"Xian. Time to go," her father said gruffly. Xian got up from the ground and waved goodbye to her friends before following her father. They stepped into the middle of the square and Xian bent a little bit of ice up so that everyone could see her and her father. "Hello, everyone! It is my daughter's fourteenth birthday today!" Everyone cheered. "Now, why don't we-" The crowd parted for a mysterious person walking up to them. Xian was worried. "Is everything okay?" She asked the man.

"I am here to announce the next Avatar!" He announced.

Everyone gasped, then started muttering. Xian could hear lots of random guesses. "It's the buffalo yak herder's son!" An old lady whispered to another woman. "No, it must be my nephew!" After a few moments of muttering and guessing, the strange man yelled for everyone to stop. When they stopped talking, he continued. "As I was saying, the next Avatar is the Chieftain's daughter, Princess Xian!" He raised his hands for applause but none came.

Xian stared at her people, then at the man. She felt tears coming to her eyes. "No, no no!" She said to herself. Xian ran into the palace, tears flowing down her face, knowing that everyone was watching her.

Chapter 1.5

Xian laid on her bed, crying until she heard a knock on her door. She sniffled, wiped the tears from her face, then replied. "Enter," she said. The door opened slowly, and it wasn't her father, but her best friends, Kaia and Qua. "What do you want?" She demanded. "It's okay, Xian. We're sorry for what happened there." Kaia said, sitting down next to Xian, with Qua on the other side. "Come on, at least you get to spread peace... and, and... love, and beat up whoever annoys you, right?" Qua added. Xian sighed. "Yeah. So much fun."

She stood up. "Well, thanks for the support and all, but I've got to get packing. I'm headed to the Earth Kingdom soon." Kaia and Qua shared a look. They stood up, too. "We can help!" Kaia offered. Xian gave them a sad smile. "Thanks." They began packing without another word.

Chapter 2

The three days passed surprisingly quickly, seeing that Xian refused to see her friends. The morning of the fourth day, the strange man appeared again, on their front step. "Yes, how may I help you?" Xian asked politely, secretly wanting him just to say that he only wants to say hi. No such luck.

"Avatar Xian Shui, gather your stuff and your pet wolf if you want. We are going to the Earth Kingdom." Xian called for her father, but he stopped her.

"No. He knows we must go."

"I'm being kidnapped." Xian muttered, but called for Kuru, her pet wolf, and went to get her belongings.

After she said goodbye to her parents, she headed out, following the strange man. "Hey, what's your name, mister?" She asked, realizing she didn't even know that.

"Call me anything you want," he said, gruffly. Xian shrugged.

"Okay..." She replied, trailing off on purpose. They got on the custom-made Avatar boat and they set off, propelled by Xian during the day and Mister Nameless (as that's what Xian decided to call him) during the night.

Crash in Omashu


They finally reached the Earth Kingdom. Xian stepped off the boat, and onto the docks. They intended to go to Omashu, but you can't boat across land. So they bought some ostrich horses, and Mr. Nameless decided to leave Xian once she found a teacher. Xian agreed, he was too creepy for her liking. They rode for a long time- maybe a week at maximum. They were greeted by a very cheery man named Pu Tim, but he insisted that they call him Tim.

"Now that you know who I am, who are you?" He asked.

Xian sighed. "Yep. Okay, my name is Xian Shui, but Xian is fine."

Mr. Nameless didn't say anything, and Tim got the point. He didn't ask. "Great! Welcome to Omashu, everyone."

Xian thanked him, and they wandered the streets. Suddenly, Mr. Nameless was trapped by earth. A boy, no older than 16, probably no younger than 12 or 13, came up to her. "Very sorry," he began, reaching for her hand with one of his hands while with the other hand he tried to steal Xian's money bag. Xian whacked him with her water, then cuffed him with ice. "Let go of me!" He yelled.

Two boulders launched themselves at her, obviously he was an earthbender. "You're... You're an earthbender?" Xian asked. He rolled his eyes.

"Duh. Now, my name is Shu, and I'd like to say sorry, if you'd please let me go, now, what's your name?" He asked. At that moment, Mr. Nameless left.

"I'm Xian." After a moment's thought, she asked him a question. "Will you teach me earthbending?"

He was shocked. "You're a waterbender." He said, simply as if she was going crazy.

"I'm the Avatar," she countered, crossing her arms.

He rolled his eyes again, and offered a deal. "Listen up. I need bits for me, I'm homeless, if you didn't know, so if you'd pay me I could."

Xian thought for a moment. "I have enough money for four people traveling the world for a year. If you'd come with me, I can pay for food and all that stuff. If you'd join us, you wouldn't need a house, we aren't staying in one place for probably two months, I can probably rent a place. Is that a deal?" Xian replied.

Shu thought about it. "Whatever. Okay. I'd like to start now?"

Xian nodded and went into a waterbending stance. Shi shook his head. "No, no, no! Earthbending, is NOT, I repeat NOT waterbending!

"Here, get into a horse stance. You gotta be solid. You're gonna try to push this rock. When you're ready and all stable, punch forward your hands like so." Shu demonstrated, pushing the rock to the end of the street. He pulled with his hands and the rock came back to them. "You try."

Xian took a deep breath, and got into her stance. She took three deep breaths and punched with all her might. The rock shot forward a few feet, then broke into the ground again. "Keep on doing that until you master it." Shu said, bending his own earth chair. Xian nodded. She brought up another rock, and tried to bend it again. She got the same result. Xian tried it a few more times with no better luck. Frustrated, she kicked the rock, and it flew to the end of the street. She looked to Shu. "Not bad, I'll give you that. But you need to be able to do it punching, too."

Xian sighed. "Alright. I'll practice again tomorrow. It's getting late, I'm gonna find a place to stay."

Xian found Tim and she asked him if he had a place in mind for her to stay. "Sure thing, honey! I happen to own a hotel! I'll give you a 50% off since we're good buddies, huh?"

Xian smiled. "Thank you."

He led them to his hotel, wherever finally noticed Shu. "Who's this fellow?" he asked.

Xian smiled warmly. "His name is Shu, and he's my earthbending teacher."

Tim smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Right. How old are you both?" he asked.

Xian stopped her smile. She had a bad feeling about this man. "I'm the Water Tribe's Princess, actually, and I'm 14." Tim opened his eyes wider, taking a bigger interest in her, Xian wondered if she said anything wrong.

"I'm 15." Shu offered.

Tim looked at them. "Very well. One room, or two? I can get you our biggest, it has a divider in between, so it should be fine. It's technically one room, so it's only one bit a day," Tim said.

Xian and Shu looked at each other. "Thanks," Xian said, as she handed over a bit. "Can I pay every day?" She asked. Tim nodded and led them to their room. Xian stopped in her tracks. "Can I have a pet wolf in here?" she asked.

Tim shrugged. "If you want," he replied.

"Kuru!" Xian called and he came bounding up the stairs. Kuru nuzzled Xian, and she patted him back. "Good boy," she said onto his fur.

Shu sat back on a couch. "So. Since when were you the Avatar, Tribal Princess of the Water Tribe and have a pet wolf?"

Xian glared at him. "I became the Avatar three days ago, on my birthday. I was the Tribal Princess since I was born and on my fifth birthday Kuru became my companion. Do I need to tell you more?" Xian replied as she unpacked her belongings.

Shu was slightly taken back from her attitude, but he shrugged and headed to his side. "Whatever. Happy belated birthday. I'll be over on my side, see you tomorrow."

Xian flopped on her bed, and patted Kuru until she fell asleep.

The next day, when Xian woke up, Shu was already up and eating breakfast. "Hey," he greeted her. "This place is amazing. What's his name-Tom? Tim? He serves food as part of the one bit a day deal. The food is getting cold- I'd go and get some munch before we start training."

Xian sat up at 'food'. She hadn't realized they didn't have dinner last night, and she was hungry. "Thanks." Xian got out of bed, and headed into the kitchen.

"Hey Tim!" Xian greeted Tim, who was currently cooking with another...rather fat man.

Tim looked up. "Hey, Xian! We got some Water Tribe mimic foods here, too, so pick and choose! Although, the rule is that you have to eat in your room. Oh, meet Tashi, he's Avatar Yangchen's son, but he just loves to cook so he joined me here!"

Xian bowed to Tashi and picked out some tentacle soup and a couple kale cookies. She then rejoined Shu in their room, who was devouring bean curd puffs. "Hey!" Shu said, his mouth full.

Xian looked away. "Please don't eat with your mouth full."

Shu nodded. "I haven't had food this good since I was nine!"

Xian ignored the comment. "We're staying another night, right? I'll go give him the bit. I'll go train after breakfast." Xian put her food on the table, and left the room.

After Xian finished her meal, she went outside to a little flat area entirely made of rocks and dirt. Shu decided to make that their training area. He made a wall with a hidden opening so that they could get in and out but nobody could see what was inside the walls. Xian practiced the levitation and moving a rock to attack. Shu decided she was ready for the next one, earth blocks. "It's basically the same thing, but you focus more on what it is and where it goes. Focus inside the ground to not bring up rock and stone, but to bring up a block of it. In battle, it isn't necessary, of course. Don't just launch it at the wall, push it in a certain direction," Shu advised.

Xian nodded, and tried to bring up a block, but she just got a very un-blockish rock. Xian sighed. Shu thought for a moment. "I have an idea. You're going to carry this rock," Shu brought up a big rock. "On your back. You're going to have to dodge all the obstacles I throw at you. You're going to be inside a maze, and the objective is to get your rock to the end without it falling off." Xian nodded again.

With the help of Shu, Xian got the rock on her back, and held onto it tightly. Shu used his earthbending to create an earth maze and so Xian went in. Shu created a rock pillar so he could see how Xian was doing. The first minute or so, everything was fine. Then Shu sent the first obstacle. It was a rather obvious one, a Shu-sized rock dummy charging forward at her. Xian stepped out of the dummy's path. "Don't back away from a fight!" Shu called from his pillar. Xian was too tired to reply, so she just gave him a nod. She took a left turn, and then tripped. Shu had placed a little bump in the ground, and Xian hadn't noticed it so she just toppled over it, with the rock on top of her. Xian pushed the boulder off of her, and got up. Shu slowly descended until the pillar was no more and he was on the ground. He flattened the maze, and thought of another earthbending training game.

"Let's play my favorite earthbending game, tug-a-war!"

Xian was confused. "I don't have any rope. And I don't think you do, either."

Shu grinned. "No, I do not. But who need ropes when you can use rocks?"

Xian collapsed on the ground. "Nope, I'm good."

Shu frowned. "Get up or I'll make you get up."

Both of them knew Shu could make Xian get up with earthbending, but it'll probably hurt a lot, so Xian decided to get up herself. "Now make a boulder," Shu instructed.

Xian sighed. She brought up a boulder from the ground and let it lay there. Shu paced around her. "The idea is to push the rock onto your opponent's side with your earthbending." Shu stamped the ground and a line appeared underneath the boulder. Shu stamped the ground again and lines in the shape and size of what an arena would look like appeared. "The boulder has to pass both the middle line and the next line for you to win. You have to stand in the circle. On three. Three!"

Shu immediately started pushing and Xian wasn't expecting him to just say three, so Shu quickly won. "No fair!" Xian complained.

"You gotta be ready, Miss Avatar, your enemies won't wait." he scolded. They went at it again, and again, but Shu won each time.

After the seventh time playing, Xian's stomach growled. "I'm going to get something to eat."

As Xian went into the kitchen, Tashi was there, cooking some dinner meals. "Did we miss lunch?" Xian asked, worried.

Tashi looked at her. "Yeah," he grunted.

Xian sighed. "No wonder I'm so hungry," she muttered. She picked a bowl of five-flavor soup and went upstairs to eat. Shu quickly followed, grabbing a meal of more puffs and some roast duck.

After Xian and Shu finished eating, they decided (well, more like Xian decided) that they were done training, and Xian brushed her teeth and went to bed. Shu decided to go and meet his friends during the night and play a few games with them.

Meeting Shu's Friends

Shu snuck out of the hotel and tiptoed to one of his friends bushes. (When he lived on the street, he and his friends each had their own bushes.) He saw his friend, Lee, who called himself Xin Li. "Psst! Li!" Shu whispered. Li sat up straight. "What are you doing here? I've been looking for you for the past, like, ten years!" He exclaimed. Shu sat down. "I just left two days ago." Shu said, frowning. Li rolled his eyes. "Whatever. But where did you go to?" Li persisted. Shu looked around before answering. "The Avatar came into town looking for an earthbending teacher. I'm her current earthbending teacher. She's got money to pay for food and housing. We're gonna leave to the Fire Nation soon, to find a teacher there. I'm coming with her." He made that last part up; they hadn't discussed anything about leaving. Li stood up. "Whatever, traitor. Have a nice time traveling the world. Now, go." Li shooed his old friend away. Shu, sad and disappointed about how his meeting with his old best friend went, quietly slipped back into the hotel to sleep.

Chapter 3

For the next few days, Shu and Xian practiced earthbending in their secret area. On the sixth day in Omashu, Xian persuaded Shu to roam the city with her. "Come on!" Xian said, as she dragged a very annoyed Shu across a street. "The best part about cities, is the shopping!" Xian exclaimed happily. Shu rolled his eyes. "Great. More girly stuff." He muttered. Xian shot him a look and continued. "We're pretty filthy, y'know." Xian said, walking backwards, until she walked straight into a banner. Xian turned around, and read it quickly. It was an advertisement for a firebending academy in the Fire Nation's capitol. The Royal Firebending Academy for Girls! it read. Come to the Fire Nation Capitol for 150 copper pieces per year! Sign up now! Best offer you can get! Xian took the banner down from the line. "This is amazing, Shu! We've got to go to the Fire Nation immediately!" She exclaimed. Shu frowned. "Two questions. What about earthbending, and second, how are we getting there?" Xian smiled. "Don't worry. You can teach me earthbending after school. And I can buy a couple Ostrich horses and we can rent a boat or something. It'll be fine!" Xian assured him. "I don't know about this..." Shu trailed off. Xian grinned. "The Fire Nation will be amazing! But first, shopping for the trip! We'll need new clothes, food, I could always use a new water skin, though." Xian listed off all the necessities they needed for the trip. Xian gasped. "We can get you a weapon!" Xian exclaimed. She quickly ushered him to the nearest weapon store. "Hmm." Xian thought as she browsed the store. "Hey, Shu! How about these earth coins?" Shu came over, bored. "No, no! You should use earth disks... right?" Shu tested out an earth disk. "Nah." He said. Xian stared at the weapon wall. "How about my favorite weapon, a dagger?" The shopkeeper offered. Xian looked at Shu. "Not my type." He replied. Xian brightened. "Oooh, can I have one? It must be like our knives, though father never let me keep one." Xian bought the dagger and tucked it into her clothes. "Now, back to your weapon." Xian said, turning to Shu, who was currently playing with a set of twin war hammers. Xian gasped. "Perfect! I've seen a couple others have those, too!" Xian quickly bought the hammers and they left the store.

They continued shopping and at lunch time they ate at a cheap cuisine. They shopped for the rest of the day, and returned to the hotel to eat dinner. The next morning, Xian woke up bright and early, prepared to leave. Xian grabbed some food to eat, and ate as she bought two ostrich horses and two bags of feed. She then mailed her registration to the Academy and returned to the hotel. When she returned, Shu was finished his breakfast. "All ready?" She asked. Shu looked at her in surprise. "We're leaving?" He asked. Xian rolled her eyes. "Of course! I sent in the letter already, so we gotta be going!" Xian packed her belongings into a backpack and went outside to wait for Shu. A few moments later, he came out. Xian shoved him and ostrich horse and a map. "You know how to read... right?" Shu shook his head. "Nope." Xian groaned, taking back the map. "I'm gonna kill my dad." She muttered under her breath. "Him and all those stinkin' sexist Water Tribes." Shu looked at her strangely, then took the map from her hands. "Let's just find somebody who can teach us." They started walking on the streets. There was another man selling lime-grapefruit, and Shu rushed over. "Hello sir, sorry to bother you, but do you know how to use a map?" He asked. The man looked up. "I might. Why? Ya pesky teenagers getting under my nose again?" He grunted. Xian shook her head. "No, no sorry. We're going to the Fire Nation, capitol actually, but neither of us happen to know how to use a map. Would you be so kind to teach us, sir?" Xian said, politely.

The man grabbed Shu's map. "You're here," He said, pointing to a triangular city titled Omashu. "Ya wanna get here." He said, pointing to an island, and scribbled Fire Nation over top of it. "See that square? That's the capitol. The best way to get from Omashu to the Fire Nation capitol is like this..." He said as he drew lines from Omashu to the coast. "You can use your ostrich horses, or ya can get some of 'em badgermoles. I've heard they've got some nice ones down at the outer cave, right next to ya when ya exit. When ya reach the coast, ya should be next to a cave. You can ditch your moles and set sail. There's a good fishing line next to ya, an' they'll be more than happy to lend you a boat." He drew a dotted line across the ocean. "Follow these lines and you'll hit the Fire Nation. They have a strict policy I hear. They don't let strangers into their heart. Any wise guy would do that, and Fire Lord Chey is a pretty smart guy. I hear his eldest daughter and successor is gonna be wicked good, for her people, that is, if her sister doesn't kill her first and take the throne. Anyway. If ya get in, just ask to be taken to the Capitol, and there! Now, since I helped ya, answer this one question. What'cha ya doin' in the Fire Nation?" "Why?" Xian snapped, on the defensive. He shrugged. "Just curious." He said, producing a knife. "Fine." Shu snapped. "She's got a second cousin there getting married. I'm just helping her get along. No biggie." The stranger smiled, and sheathed his knife. "Yeah, thanks. No biggie, righ'?" Xian had a creepy feeling about that guy. "Yeah, well, thank you so much but we better get going, huh? Don't wanna be late for my cousin's wedding right? Doesn't give a good impression. Now, see you later!" Xian waved goodbye and dragged Shu out of the city, hastily stopping to grab their bags and ostrich horses.

They stopped by the cave, and Shu went in to see if he could persuade the badgermoles. A few minutes later, two badgermoles came out. They saddled the badgermoles, grabbed their bags and left.

"So, Shu, where to?" Shu looked at surprise "I thought you got the map..." Xian looked around. "Oh no. Well, he probably didn't give us the best way, right? I mean he threatened us with a knife, right? Let's just badgermole to the coast and see what happens. We'll make it eventually." Xian said with a positive attitude. Shu shrugged. "Yeah. After your year is over." He muttered. Xian frowned and started in the direction of the coast, since Omashu was actually the closest city to the coast of the Earth Kingdom.

Southern Water Tribe coast

The coast at sunset.

It took five days to reach the coast and they reached it without too much trouble. A couple looters and such came by but Xian and Shu took them on with ease. They saw the fishing line the stranger was talking about, and Xian tried her feminine charms on them. "Hello, sirs," Xian said coming up to them. "My friend and I are wanting to go to the Fire Nation for a... special meeting with family. Would you be so kind to lend us a boat?" The head of the fishing line, and bald and drunk guy, replied. "No. How are you gonna return it? How much would ya pay? Either way, that answer's always gonna be no, missy." Xian frowned. "Well, Shu, that good friend of ours was lying about how generous these lines are. We might as well try a different company." The head looked at her. "Okay fine. State your price." Xian smiled. "Well, lets see. Let's start at one copper coin, shall we?" "The normal price I give is ten silver." "I'm afraid I don't have patience for that kind of bickering." Xian threatened, making a water-circle around her. Wordlessly, the head got into his stance, as well, and sandbent a mini-sandstorm their way. Shu quickly earthbent a wall covering the two of them. When the sandstorm ended, Shu put down the wall and Xian launched an armful of water at him and lifted him up and pressed him to the wall of his shop. "What do you say?" She asked, pressing him tighter and tighter, while freezing the water around him, sealing him up there. "Men, attack." He ordered. The other fishers ran at the two of them. Shu blocked all the attacks aimed at him, and sent all the men flying, by earthbending pillars out under him. He then sandbent a dune on top of them. Meanwhile, Xian used ice to break all the flying rocks at her, and then one by one, sent the attackers flying into the ocean. Xian made a big wave, and dumped it on the sailors. Xian quickly ushered Shu onto a boat and untied the boat. "Start paddling!" Xian instructed. "I'll catch up to you later." Xian fished out one copper piece and laid it on the table in their store. She then ran to the bank, and waterbent up a surfboard and waterbent her way to the boat. She used waterbending to help her leap up onto the boat, and she landed on her feet. "Nice moves." Shu complimented. Xian shrugged. "I did what was necessary. Now, how close are we to the Fire Nation? I can't wait to start training." Shu shrugged again. "I can't see anything except water. Maybe that's because I'm gonna barf. I'm more of an earth guy, y'know?" Xian smiled. "You'll get used to it. Soon, you'll say that the water is wonderful. Like I do. The water is wonderful." Shu rolled his eyes. "Anyway, you wanna help me paddle?" He said. Xian nodded. "Sure. I'll paddle and you'll climb up the mast and get freakishly scared and tell me how far we are to the Fire Nation." Shu frowned at her. "I think I'm gonna go barf." He said, but he did what Xian told him anyways. He climbed up the mast and kept an eye out for anything strange while Xian waterbent huge waves pushing the boat forwards.

As the sun was starting to set, Xian's belly was growling. "Hey Shu, where did you keep all the food?" Shu looked down. "Check the big crates that say 'food'." Shu replied. Xian was too tired to give a snappy retort, so she just sent a big wave coming their way and headed over to their food storages. When the wave hit them, it broke the ship, since it was only made of wood. They, and along with their food and other supplies, hit the water hard. Shu gasped and flailed for air. "Help! Help! I can't swim!" He cried out. Xian quickly turned the top few feet of the ocean underneath them and the broken ship to ice. Shu grabbed the edge of the somewhat-round circle of ice and coughed up all the swallowed water. "You... you had to... had to make that wave, right?" He spluttered, coughing up more water and even a small minnow. Xian blushed. "Oops." Shu climbed up ontop of the ice-circle. "Great. Look at how wonderfully you got us to the Fire Nation, Princess Peach-Face." He grumbled. Xian looked at him strangely. "Why'd you call me that?" She inquired. Shu shook his head. "Just a habit, a thing my siblings and I, we'd do. We called each other a ton of names. My sister, now a Fire Nation guard, about your age, I'd always call her Princess Peach-Face. And she'd call me Automaton. I dunno why, but then again why did I call her Princess Peach-Face?" Shu babbled. Xian shook her head. "Amazing. So now I'm gonna call you Automaton. How does that help us get out of here, Automaton?" Shu crossed his arms. "Don't look at me. I'm the earth guy. If we were stranded in a desert, which we are not, by the way, you'd ask me. Besides, if I recalled correctly, you caused this mess, not me." "Fine, then. I'm not asking you. I'll get us out of here and into the Fire Nation, no problemo." Xian harrumphed. Then a brilliant idea hit her. "I know! We can surfboard all the way! It'll be SO much fun!" She exclaimed. "I don't know about this..." Shu said. Xian smacked him on the arm. "Don't be. It'll be great! Just follow my instructions and you'll be having a great time!" Xian waterbent two ice surfboards and hopped on one of them. She used waterbending to connect the ice platform with all their supplies to her waist. "Hop on, Shu!" Without waiting for an answer, she dragged him onto the board of ice and attached his shoes to the board with ice. "Now just keep your balance and don't think about anything and you'll do fine!" Xian instructed. Shu wobbled. "You're a natural!" She praised. "Ready? We're starting!" Xian made a small wave, enough to push them a few feet forwards. "Remember, keep your balance!" Xian shouted as Shu began to fall over.


He splashed in the water, and glared at his friend. "That's not gonna work." Xian frowned. "You're right. We can't surf there... but maybe... we can paddle-surf there!" She clapped her hands in excitement. "Now, Shu, all you gotta do is lean on your board on your belly, and paddle! It's so much fun! It's even more fun when you have a wave towering over you! Come on!" They tried that for an hour or so, but they got bored (and tired, and in Shu's case, sick) so they stopped. "I guess it's hard work hauling a huge ice platform around." Xian said, panting. "Let's stop for the night or something." They slept through the night, on the ice-circle, and in the morning they woke with lots of cramps, but Xian also woke with an idea. "Shu, we gotta eat fast!" She woke her friend up and gave him a bowl of rice and some roast duck. "No time to get fancy." She chided. Xian finished her breakfast and set to work on her idea. It took her more than a breakfast-time to finish her plan. "What's this?" Shu asked, as he finished. "Ssh! Trying to concentrate. Waterbending big and intricate things isn't easy, you know." Xian shushed him every time he came over by her, even if he didn't say anything. At last, she was done. "Get over here, Shu! Ta da!" Xian presented her ice-boat that she had been crafting all morning, complete with a bendy water sail, and all. "Help me load up all our stuff onto the boat. We're leaving after lunch." Leaving wasn't really leaving, more like moving on. After all, they were stuck in the middle of the ocean. They ate a quick breakfast, and set sail. "To move," Xian started, "we need to get the sail moving. To do that, we need a strong breeze. And we don't have one. Which means I need to airbend. So help me do that." Xian spun around, and blasted the sail with all her might. No luck. She tried again. Still no progress. "Come on, third time's the charm, right?" Shu encouraged her. Xian nodded, then did it one more time. Success! "Shu, keep an eye out, alright?" She said, breathlessly.

Chapter 4

Fire Nation school afar

Fire Nation hotel, right after they pass the borders.

Again, they eventually got to the Fire Nation borders. They had to line up to enter and get tested. "Next!" A Fire Nation guard yelled. They were finally first in line. "Next!" A different guard yelled. Xian docked the boat at the docks and got off, following a seasick Shu. "Is that everyone?" The guard demanded. "Yessir, unless someone hopped on while we were asleep." Xian said, bowing. The guard frowned. "Is it a yes or a no?!" "Yes sir!" Xian replied, straightening. He harrumphed. "Why are you coming to the Fire Nation?" He continued. "My second cousin is getting married to my friends'-yes, him,- eighth cousin twice removed. We're attending their happy wedding." Xian replied, confidently. "Why isn't your friend speaking?" The guard asked suspiciously. "Oh, he's just seasick. It's actually a relief, he talks WAY too much." Xian answered, waving it off. The guard nodded. "I understand. My sister is seasick, and my mother is in Ba Sing Se, so... you get the point. What are your names?" "My name is Xian, from the Water Tribe, and this is Shu, from Omashu." "What are the names of the newly wed that you are attending?" "Well, Shu's... er, cousin is Fire Nation. His name is Lee. And my cousin, oddly enough, her name is Oma. However, Oma means 'living grace-lily' for our people, so... yeah." Xian stuttered, blushing. The guard narrowed his eyes. "And were is this wedding taking place?" He said coldly. "Um... the Capitol, sir." Xian looked away, knowing that they were busted. "There's no way were letting a Water Tribe snob and an Earth Kingdom mug into our capitol." He chuckled. Shu got up his guts to get into an earthbending stance, and Xian got her water circle around her, both ready to fight the guards. "Sis!" A tall, lean Fire Nation girl her age, with long dark hair cartwheeled towards her and wrapped her in a hug. "You're squishing me." Xian grumbled, pushing her off. The girl managed to look hurt. "Sorry. And I don't know who you are, but if you're a friend of my cous', you're a friend of mine!" And wrapped Shu in a hug, too. When she finally let go, she looked at the stunned guard. "Oh, don't be astonished, Ozai. They're friends of mine. I'll show 'em in, 'kay?" The girl dragged the two of them out from the docks to where people were going everywhere. "I don't know who you are," The girl began, "but since I helped you, you owe me. Who are you?" Xian looked at the girl. "I'm Xian, as you should know, eavesdropper. Who are you?" She crossed her arms. "I'm Azula." She said stiffly. Shu held out his hand. "Shu." Azula wrinkled her nose, but shook it anyway. "I can tell that you were lying to the guard, for the most part. Let me ask you again- who are you and what do you want with the Fire Nation?" Xian sighed. "You're not going to believe me. I'm the Avatar, and I'm here to learn how to firebend at the Royal Firebending Academy for Girls. Shu's my earthbending master." Azula perked up. "Woohoo, girl! I'm going too! We're gonna be best buddies! Come on, I'll show you to my place."

Actually, Azula took them to a Fire Nation hotel. "Sorry," Azula apologized. "I'm just a little tired from my family right now. And busy. I'll show you guys tomorrow, a day before classes start." Xian nodded. "That's okay. All I want is some sleep and a good meal." "This hotel can give you that, for sure!"

The next day, they woke up bright and early. "Come on." Azula woke them all up. "Time to meet my super-grouchy parents." Azula called on her pet dragon (with Xian and Shu staring in amazement) and they rode to the palace. As Azula pounded furiously on the doors, Xian and Shu had a silent, quick conversation. "Who does Azula think she is?" Xian whispered. "I dunno, but I'm hungry." Shu replied. Xian slapped him. "You're always hungry. But what's she doing with a dragon?" Shu shrugged and then the door opened. "Ding, give these two FRIENDS a room each and I'll be up in my room if father asks." Azula ordered. "And tell Yul Ursa to lay it off." She added. Ding, supposedly a servant, sighed. "You'll face the consequences alone, Princess." Azula nodded, and gestured for them to follow her. After the Avatar and the earthbender settled in, Azula snuck out of her room, and knocked on her sister's door. "Come in." Someone snapped. Azula opened the door, and faced her younger sister, by two months. Once Yul Ursa saw her sister, she glowed with rage. She barely kept it in, but she played it cool. Only Azula could ever tell her emotions. "Ah, nice to see you, 'Zula. I'm glad your summer job worked out great." She said, looking up from her book. "On your way out, could you tell the servants to get me a drink? I'm so thirsty." Azula shrugged. "Only when you start treating them like human beings, Ula." Ursa's amber eyes glowed for a mere moment. "Right. Like that'll happen soon. I'm surprised you're not the Avatar, sis." She said, raising an eyebrow. "I can't wait for school, can't you? Just the thrill of the best power in the world, running through my veins again. Ever since Father banned firebending in the palace," she spat. "I've been banned from my true glory. You're nothing but a trick, a mirage, Azula. You're no better than I." Azula shrugged. "If you want to firebend so bad, get a job. You'll be free of the palace, and their rules." "Never! I'm not a peasant doing peasant work, I'm the Fire Nation Princess! And the crown belongs to me! You're just a thief, a liar, 'Zula. I will get it I will." Now she really had lost her sister. She was just blabbing, teetering on the brink of insanity. Azula opened her mouth to say something pointless, but duty calls. More like demanding Fire Lords. "AZULA!" Someone roared. She recognized it as her father. "Yes, Pa, I'm coming!" And rushed out of her sisters room. "What are these peasants doing here? In my palace? Who are you?" Fire Lord Chey demanded Xian and Shu. "'m the Water Tribal Princess!" Xian burst out. "I'm Omashu's Prince, Your Highness the Fire Lord." Shu lied, keeping his calm and dignity, like a prince would. Chey harrumphed but didn't say any more. "Eh, father?" Azula said meekly, behind him. Chey turned around. "Daughter," he growled. "You're the Crown Princess. You're not the Fire Lord yet, if you are going to be anyways. Even if I approve of your choice of guests, I never allowed you to invite anyone in." Azula looked away and shrugged. "Well, Xian here, she's attending our ah... special firebending academy. The one I'm going to. Y'know. Anyway, Xian just arrived and didn't have a place to stay, so I invited her here." Gears started turning in the Fire Lord's head. "You mean we're hosting the Avatar? Well, why didn't you say so? Everything's cleared up!" Chey clapped his hands and walked away. Azula smirked at Ursa, who was watching the whole conversation.

The next day, Azula and her three sisters (Yul Ursa, Makkē and Ming) and the Avatar all packed up ready to attend the most fierce, best and most expensive Fire Nation elite school ever. "And, pray tell, what am I going to do while you're gone on your expensive school trip?" Shu asked grumbling. Azula didn't even glance back. "You can play with my brothers. Macknel, the eldest is probably closest to your age. Whatever that is, of course. He's sixteen in two weeks. Show them some earthbending maybe. Whatever you Earth Kingdom princes do." "Or you can bug Little Junior..." Makkē singsonged. "Mae!" Ming yelled. Makkē sighed. "You're no fun, sister." Ursa just rolled her eyes. Xian laughed at Ursa's annoyed expression. "Have fun, Shu." Xian said, her eyes twinkling with mischief as she waved goodbye. He didn't like that sign.

Xian walked with some of the most important Fire Nation people, and she still didn't know why she was that important. She was still confused. Yul Ursa stopped suddenly, and Xian ran into her. "Sorry, sorry!" Xian said, blushing. Ursa snickered. Azula shot her sister a look and announced that they had arrived. "Follow me. I'll show you the fastest ways to get to class. Professor Fayna is very strict about these things." Azula said, bustling ahead. Xian had to run to catch up. "She doesn't sound too bad." Xian objected. Azula shook her head. "She is. Trust me." They got to their first lesson, firebending, way before the others. "Hello Princess. Who's this?" Professor Fayna said, looking down her nose at Xian. Professor Fayna was wee-little woman, she was skinny and very bony. She had a crooked and pointy nose and her eyes were just little slants. Her face had old wrinkles and her hair was gray and knotted. "I'm Xian Shui, um... I'm pretty sure I sent in the letter..." Fayna checked her list. "Ah, yes. Ms. Shui. You're Water Tribe, am I correct? What are you doing in a firebending academia?" Xian blushed and looked away. "Well... you see, it's a long story actually, I don't know..." Azula sighed. "She's the Avatar." Fayna laughed. "Yes, so am I!" Fayna's laugh was cruel, like she enjoyed watching other peoples misery and problems then sneer at them. "You are? I thought there could only be one avatar!" Xian said, puzzled. Fayna rolled her eyes. "Yes, little girl. So you're not the Avatar. I'll send a note to your firebending professor to go easy on you, no firebending and all." Fayna sneered at her. Xian's anger bubbled up, but she clenched her fists and calmly replied. "I may not be able to firebend," she started. "But I can waterbend and earthbend." Fayna raised her eyebrow. "Prove it." Xian started easy with waterbending. She didn't have to do much- just a leap and a twirl and a blast of water floating merrily your way would do. Then came earthbending. She breathed and lifted up a rock. It was a decent size, and Xian was fairly impressed with herself. She lifted the rock and cut it in half with earthbending, then shot it at Fayna. "I can airbend, too!" Xian said with a grin. Xian repeated the same thing on the boat except with only one try. Fayna scowled. "Fine. You're the Avatar. But you're not getting any special treatment, not from me, or anyone else! Your firebending level will be set at ah... someone your age." Fayna paused for a second. Then an idea hit her. "Thank you, that's a brilliant suggestion, dear! We'll set you at Azula's level." Fayna smiled wickedly as she walked away. "Please tell me you're at a really low level." Xian moaned. Azula shook her head. "Honestly? I'm the best in the school. Sorry. C'mon. I'm gonna teach you some moves first. Hopefully you're a quick learner, Peachie." Azula teased, and led her to an empty room. "Let's try with a punch." Xian punched. No result. She tried for about 20 tries until she was so frustrated. "Gaaah!" Xian yelled out in frustration, slamming her fists on air. A small bit of fire appeared, along with a big amount of smoke. Azula's eyes brightened. "That's perfect! New plan, get mad to firebend. We'll change it later." Just then, a bell rang and Fayna's voice ran out. "Fourteen year olds, please report to the Fire Arena for your first class." Azula grabbed the Avatar's hand and dragged her outside to the Arena.


Their firebending teacher.

Their teacher got them to line up, all facing her. She was a young woman with black knotted hair (which was tied back like Katara's in the Fire Nation), red/amber eyes and hawk-like features. She had a strange tattoo on her forehead. "Hello," She began, her voice quiet but strong at the same time. "You can call me Professor, or anything else you'd like. I understand we're hosting the Avatar and our Crown Princess." She bowed to them, and they bowed back. "We'll be starting off easy, this year. On one, I want to see your very best fire stream. ONE!" She yelled. Azula was the first to shoot, resulting in a long, breathtaking stream of golden fire. Xian went next, concentrating and telling herself that she had to make fire. Have to make fire. I must. Fire. Fire... Xian got a short, little, unimpressive burst of flame, if any. But she did get loads of smoke. While the others hacked away, the teacher just waved her hand to clear it away, and advised her. "Don't think about it. Put your chi, your energy, your essence, and you will make fire. Like so," She said, demonstrating. Xian bowed. "Yes, Professor." The boy next to her, smirked. "Yeah, Avatar." He muttered. Xian shot him a look and airbent his top-knot out of style. Eventually, everyone finished and it was Azula's turn again. "Two fingers, Princess!" Professor ordered. Azula breathed. She was good, but it was obvious that Professor expected better from her. Azula shot two fingers out and an intense, but small burst of flame burst out from her fingers. Professor nodded. "Next." Xian thought about her words. She breathed. In, out. In, in, ooout. In, out! Xian punched with all her might, and her firebending improved. The class did that three more times each, then Professor decided to switch things up. "Azula, you will fight me. Everyone, watch carefully." They went to the ends of the room, and Professor began shooting two-fingered blasts at Azula. Azula shot fire from her hands and feet, propelling herself forwards, skidding to dodge her teacher's attacks. When she was close enough, she stopped and pushed her hands out, shooting the fire behind her at the teacher. Professor leaped upwards, somersaulted, and as she landed, she lashed fire at Azula, hitting her in the chest and sending her flying across the arena, hitting the wall then collapsing on the ground. Xian gasped. "Get up!" Professor chided, spinning and twirling blasting fire at the weakened Azula. Azula managed to get up and block herself before she got hurt again. Professor created long fire whips and lashed at her student. Azula closed her eyes and somehow managed to block the whips with her eyes closed. "Good, good." She sent three giant fireballs Azula's way, and Azula just opened her eyes, a little before they almost hit her. Azula spun on the ground, creating a ring of fire around her, blocking her from the fireballs. Azula put two fingers in the air, and the other at her waist. Azula moved her fingers around, occasionally creating little blue sparks. Xian was confused, but the others were amazed. Then Xian understood; she was creating lightning. Azula finished and shot it at her teacher. She stuck her finger out, catching the electricity, and shot it back at Azula. It hit her squarely in the chest, again, and Azula collapsed for good.

Then the bell rang for the next class. Xian rushed towards her friend, bringing out her water from her pouch, getting ready to heal her. She turned Azula over and pressed the water to the wound. "Hi." Azula said with a weak smile. Xian looked up. "You're alive!" She exclaimed, happily. "The bell rang, but we gotta get you to a nurse's room, or something. Can you get up?" Azula nodded, and with Xian's help, they got up. "Come on. You tell me where to lead you. They slowly moved towards, and finally, into the school. "Teacher beat you up, I see?" A smirking, cruel voice called. Xian turned to see Azula's sister, Yul Ursa. Azula growled. "You would've been dead in the first few seconds." Ursa feigned surprise. "I'm sorry! I don't think so. Not after Father taught me this." Ursa held out her hand and blue fire flickered in her palm. "It's stronger than normal fire. I named it cold fire Like lightning. Which, I also mastered." Ursa said with a cruel grin. "Of course, I'm not the only firebender with a gift. Mae got black fire to suit her... ah, boredom and Ming got... purple. Indigo. She was hoping for pink... but... oh well." Xian was now utterly confused. How could someone have PINK fire? "Azula, she's crazy. Let's just go, okay? I need to get you to a healer's hut or something, fast." Ursa smiled. "I'll take you two home. Mother had the best healers. The teachers won't miss us." Ursa suggested. "Besides, I need to know how my itty-bitty big sister's doing. Follow me." Ursa led the two of them out of the courtyard and they walked back to the palace. Sometime along the way, the twins Makkē and Ming arrived to join them. "So how did you get your... firebending?" Xian asked, to make conversation. "It's nothing. Mother used to live in one of those magician families, and she taught Dad some stuff before she died, I guess." Makkē replied, with a glance at Ursa. They continued on in silence, until Azula spoke. "Why." She rasped. "Oh, you know. To defeat traitors of the Fire Nation. Punch some sense into lazy workers. Anything, really. Of course, you shouldn't be jealous, Dad says you're the best firebender in the family." Ursa sneered. Xian rolled her eyes, and they continued on in silence, until Ming broke it. "We're here!" She exclaimed happily. Ursa rolled her eyes and pushed past her little sister. "Follow me. In the last shed, there are the best healers I know." She said, pointing. Xian shook her head. "No need. I'm the best healer in the Water Tribe. I think I can heal a lightning wound. I just need a flat surface to heal Azula. Then she'll need to rest." Makkē shrugged. "Whatever. It's up to Azula. But in there is a bed, it's easier." Xian looked at Azula. "What do you say?" Azula nodded, and pointed her chin to the tent. They walked over, and Xian laid her on the bed, with nurses hovering over her. "Lady Avatar, may we help you?" One asked. Another nodded. "Yes, our firebending can detect the energy flow of the Princess and we are trained in first and second aid." "No," Xian snapped. "I can detect her energy myself, and there is NO SECOND AID. You can leave if you want." The third blushed and left the room bowing, while the other two stayed, curious. Xian pulled out the water from her water skin and laid it on Azula's wound. She slowly began moving her hands around, pushing the water about, with her waterbending. "Someone, get me a basin of water." Xian ordered. Another nurse left, and in a few moments she returned. Xian waterbent the water into three streams and directed it at the wound in three different angles. Azula flinched in pain. Now everyone was watching Xian with big eyes. Eventually, after lots of demanding and moving water around, Xian was satisfied. "Nurse, you can bandage the wound and that should be good enough. It's gonna have to heal itself for a bit, but it'll be okay eventually, so long as she doesn't do too much against it." Xian bowed and left the shed, the other girls trailing after her. "So, avatar, how did you know what to do?" Ming said excitedly. "I'm a healer. Master Miyuki taught me well." And then, Xian shut up and refused to say anything more, even after Ming's constant pestering. "Oh, Ming, just shut up already." Ursa complained. Then Makkē took charge. "Both of you just shut up!" She yelled. "Now, follow me, we're going back to the palace early. Dad'll know why." And at that, she left, leaving the others to follow her.

The door was locked, and oddly enough, the knockers were stuck with platypus oil. "Know what are we going to do?" Ming wailed. Makkē shot her an irritated look. "Shut up." And she pulled out a knife. Ursa gasped, surprised. Makkē wedged it in between the door and tried to pull the doors apart. The doors budged a bit, but didn't open. The knife snapped in half. Makkē sighed. "Aw, my favorite knife." Then Ursa had an idea. "Let's set the door on fire! On three! THREE!" As startled as they were, they all blasted as much multi-colored fire as they could, but the door didn't fall over or burn into a crisp. Ming smiled. "Step back, everyone." They did as they were told, and Ming rushed at the door. When she was close enough, she leaped into the air and kicked the door with all her might. The door creaked loudly, but didn't open. Xian inspected the door. "Oh, just open it already, Avatar!" Makkē groaned, making Xian jump, bumping into the door resulting in the door's demise. "Mwahahahaha!" Ursa laughed, having blue flames in her palms, but when she realized everyone was staring, she stopped. "What?" She asked, defensively. Xian rolled her eyes. "Makkē, lead the way." Makkē gladly led the girls into the palace, giving Xian a tour along the way. "What are you doing out of school?" A deep voice bellowed. Everyone within ten feet hastily kneeled on the floor around Xian. "Get down!" Ming hissed at Xian. Xian did as she was told. "Father, we can explain." Makkē began. "Quiet! I asked you a question!" Fire Lord Chey roared. "We know, Dad, we're trying to-" "Don't interrupt me, Ming! I don't accept cheekiness from either of you! If it were in Wan's day, I'd have your heads!" Chey snapped at his twin daughters. "In Wan's day, they didn't have a Fire Nation, sir-" Xian replied, but Chey cut her off. "You are a guest, here, Avatar. But I still expect proper respect from you!" "Your Highness, Fire Lord, please. Let me explain." Ursa soothed her father. Chey harrumphed. "Fine." "Thank you, Your Fieryness. You see, Azula was in Firebending class and her teacher dueled her. Azula shot lightning and it was incredible!" Ursa had a wicked grin as she told the next part with her sugary voice. "She mastered lightning, I tell you, Father, sir. But the teacher redirected it back at Azula! Then, she got hit and now our dear sister is in the infirmary." Chey's eyes turned to Xian. "Avatar, you should've healed my daughter! You should've done something! Where is that bravery, that gut feeling of right and wrong of yours, Avatar?" Xian shrunk under his powerful gaze. "Father, please. Xian did everything she could. She single handedly healed Azula. She just needs to rest. Waterbending can only do so much, but it is even better than our greatest nurses." Ursa defended Xian. Chey thought for a moment. "Very well. But Avatar, be warned. If any of my daughters come to harm, and you sit idly while they get injured, you will get what you deserve." And at that, the Fire Lord left and everyone returned to what they were doing prior to that scene.

Makkē led them to the Relaxing Room, where her brothers and Shu were. Shu and Macknel were playing an intense game of Pai Sho. Xian sat down to watch. "And... I take the round. Again. For a new learner, Prince Shu, you're pretty good." Macknel said, sweeping the pieces off the board. "Hey, Lady Xian. Would you like to play a game?" He offered. "Sure! Just a warning," Xian replied with a grin. "I'm pretty good." Shu moved over and watched the two pros play.

The next day, was a holiday, so Xian got the day off from school, so after breakfast she went to check on her friend. "Hi, Xian." Azula said with a smile as she slowly got up from the bed. "Azula! Nice to see you're up." Xian hugged her friend. "Now, come on, you missed breakfast. Your sisters are going to try to help me with my firebending, then I'm gonna work on my earthbending with Shu. Want to come?" Azula hugged Xian back and replied slowly to see her friends reaction. "I won't be with you to firebend... but there is somewhere I'd like to take you to help you learn to control your firebending better. I was going to take you to where I learned my firebending and where I met my friend, Pikki." "Didn't you learn firebending here? And who is Pikki?" Xian asked, totally confused. Azula blushed. "I... Pikki is my dragon."

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