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Avatar Of Ice And Water
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Book 2 : "We Are The Next Nomads"


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4 February 2012

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Arnook wanted to find the Avatar from his tribe, and talk to him himself. The chief wanted to gain strong relations with the Avatar, and being the chief of the Avatar's tribe will help him. He wished that the Avatar is from the North Pole.

After some deep thought, a wide smile appeared on Arnook's face. He wrote down something, asked a servant to deliver it somewhere. The only visible part of the message was two words : "Earth Kingdom".

Chapter 2 : Avatar Of Ice And Water

On the next day in the City of Sokka, some teens were playing a match of Ice Soccer. They move via waterbending the ice around them, sink opponents also via waterbending, while they dribble past each other to get before the goal. Here he I standing one-on-one with the goalkeeper, he kicks him away with an ice column and shots the ball towards the goal.

Match score is now 1-0. Teens in the Southern Water Tribe enjoyed this game, especially Kiro. Kiro's team is now loosing, despite the fact that he is known as the best waterbender in the whole city. He is also known as the polar bear kid among his friends. Now the ball is with Kiro, he wants his revenge. A player then another, Kiro is dribbling through them smoothly, playing with the ice ground around him easily. Now he is before the last defender, Chingo.

"Hey idiot!", Chingo shouts, "You think I am not good enough for you ?". Chingo attacked Kiro with ice columns without taking a single breath. At first, Kiro stopped all of Chingo's attacks, but then Chingo's teammates started attacking with him, and Kiro was in danger, his teammates came to help but he was already kicked away. They were too late. They tried to get the ball again but they couldn't. Now Kiro was furious, he jumped towards the opposing player attacking with the ball, attempting to get it. By chance, Mayor Sokka was around. Kiro dived towards the ball, but the opposing player shot him in the head with ice. Kiro's eyes glowed white, he stood up, and made a massive storm of ice and water.

Meanwhile, at the chief's room in the Northern Water Tribe, a servant entered the room.

"Sir, you got a reply from your friend at the Earth Kingdom" said the servant. "Hand it". The servant gave the message to Arnook. Before Arnook opened it, he paused - and thought : It's been only one day since I sent the message. How in the world can a reply be written, and delivered in one day ? I got it now..., "Anything wrong sir ?" asked the servant. "You know what's wrong, Sendu!"

Sendu : "What are you talking about ?"

Arnook : "You really know.. Here's a hint : Origin of the reply"

Sendu : "Sir, I don't understand"

"I may kill you now, Sendu! You were the best servant here!" replied Arnook angrily, "You are becoming one of the worst now! You are cheating..."

Kiro was starting to destroy the soccer field and people ran away, screaming and frightened. Sokka came near to Kiro, who was now flying, and tried to calm him down.

Sendu : "My sir, this message was brought by an Earth Kingdom messenger ship this morning". "You are annoying me now!" replied the chief, still in an angry tone.. "Tell the truth or meet me in hell!". Sendu replied : "Chief Arnook, when I came to this place, I came to serve you. I came to serve the glory of the Northern Water Tribe. I have swore that I will not lie on my sir, and behave nicely. And I will not break the rules. I will not cheat. Even if you won't believe me, I will still tell the truth, which is that I got this message from an Earth Kingdom ship this morning". Sendu is now thinking.. This looks like a lie. How did the reply come too early ? I will try to explain it in a friendlier tone. Cause this tone may drive me to death... I will still not lie.

Sokka have managed to calm Kiro down.. Now Kiro was lying on the floor, tired.

Kiro : "Wha.. ww.. What happened ?"

Sokka : "The exact explanation of this, you won't get right now. But here's a shocking start : You are the Avatar, Kiro"

"Oh my spirits!", Kiro replied, "My dream came true! I am the most unique person on earth!". "Stop there, young one!" replied Sokka, seemingly not satisfied with Kiro's reply.

"What did I do ?". "Being the Avatar is definitely not about having ultimate power or showing off. At all. Being the Avatar is a duty. A duty for the world. This is not an easy task, but you have to keep balance in the world", Sokka replied, "Wow. I just made up a speech". Both of them laughed. "Still, what I said is true". "I understand, Mayor Sokka. I will do my best in this thing" said Kiro. Sokka smiled.

While at a deserted place in the Earth Kingdom, two Earth Kingdom citizens were talking... "You idiot!" said one. "I will kill you if you don't stop that, Siha" replied the other.

Siha : "Why did you use Energybending to put that message in that ship ? Arnook will definitely think this is fake, Yato!"

Yato : "If he wants the cooperation with the last Energybender on earth, he must believe in everything I say"

Siha wanted to reply, but didn't have something powerful to say. He was beaten. Again. "Anyway", said Yato, "I will send him a signal regarding that my message is true".

"That's good", said Siha. Yato sat on the floor, cross-legged, and he meditated. After a while of time, a black and purple bolt struck out of Yota's forehead, towards the sky - towards the north. Yota got up.

Siha : "Nice signal"

Yota  : "And what do you know ? You can't even access it"

Now Siha was beaten. Again. And Again. Twice in one conversation. This thing bothered him very much from the inside.

Back to the chief's room...

Arnook : "You will die now!"

Sendu : "But sir..."

Arnook lowered his tone, and said : "Wait... Now I understand. I don't know how, but a strange feeling makes me believe you now. Sorry for the problems"

Sendu : "Don't mention it"

At the end, some light purple smoke came out of Arnook's head, and when all of it was in the air, it was sucked into in a black hole, which disappeared after much less than a second. Sendu was puzzled. But didn't say a word, because he doesn't want to annoy his sir.

As news spread in the Southern Water Tribe about Kiro the Avatar, Kiro's parents had a mixed feeling of sadness and anger. They've had a conversation with their only son, Kiro. They told him that he mustn't leave the city. You are the best waterbender ever! Why on earth would you help the world for free ? was among the saying of his father. After the long conversation, his father agreed on the last sentence of the conversation, said by the mother : "This decision is final. You are not leaving the city. And don't ever mention those stupid Avatar matters to us again!". Now Kiro was badly angry, he went to his room and closed his room's door angrily, almost crashing it. Kiro was really sad. He knew his parents love him, but they are destroying his dream - in addition to his duty for the world.

Two days later, Sokka was informed of Kiro's parents' actions and went for a visit. He talked with them, and have managed to smoothly and friendly convince them to allow their son to continue his adventures as the Avatar. "I will go tell him now.. He has been in his room for two days, saddened. Oh boy how was I so bad to him ? I will just go make him happy now" said the mother. She went to her son's room. She knocked the door... no reply. She knocked again.. no reply. "Kiro ?" she opened the door slowly, and looked into the room, only to get shocked, lying on the floor.

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