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Avatar Masami and the New World
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This will be my fifth fanon once I have completed The Wedding of the Avatar. Hopefully this will satisfy adventure-cravers.


It has been over three centuries since Aang died. Masami is the seventeen year old Avatar from the Fire Nation. She has mastered all four elements and is at peace until a new threat arises. It is not war or domination, it is zombies. Yes, that's right, zombies. A disease has spread causing people of all four nations to turn into flesh-craving zombies. Now Masami is on her way to the heart of Omashu where the number of zombies is at its peak to save the world.


Masami - the 17-year-old Avatar of the Fire Nation who has mastered all four elements. She is the definition of a badass. Masami is sexy, deadly, seductive, and super beautiful. She is on a quest to save the world and get rid of all zombies. She is also Kenshin's love interest.

Aika - a 13-year-old-girl of the Earth Kingdom. She is shy, quiet and is skilled at archery. Aika has lost her entire family to the zombies. Masami meets her while on her quest. Takeshi is like a father to her.

Kenshin - a 17-year-old Air Nomad whose entire family has survived but are in hiding. He is skilled at Airbending and has a shy and nervous personality. He is a descendant of Aang and Katara and is in love with Masami.

Prince Takeshi - the 19-year-old prince of the Northern Tribe and a descendant of Sokka and Suki. He is a skilled warrior and even though he is of royalty, is always truthful and confident.


  1. Discovery of the New World
  2. Leaving Home
  3. Meeting New People
  4. On the Road
  5. Enjoying the Little Things
  6. Learning about my New Friends
  7. Human vs. Zombie
  8. Confronting my Arch Nemesis
  9. Falling in Love
  10. Arrival at Omashu
  11. All is safe... NOT!
  12. The Epic Battle
  13. More and More Survivors
  14. Peace is Restored

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