Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Marco in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Marco
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Avatar Marco's Past

Avatar Marco never truly wanted to be the Avatar. He is 16 year's old, and is from a Water Tribe colony near Republic City. His family was killed by a savage bloodbender. He later learned the ability at the age of 9, by one of Republic City's most notorious crime bosses Iris. He soon ran way from her and her wicked ways, and moved back to his home town. Now he lives by himself, and didn't realize he was the Avatar till a group of bloodbenders tried to kill him, again. Right next door to him is his best friend Glimmer. An amazing firebender, who shoots out green flames. His other best friend is Circuz, an airbender who ran away because his family didn't understand his way of life. Now Marco needs to master firebending, earthbending, airbending, and 5 new bending arts- Tracking Bending, Hex Bending, Venom Bending, Luminescent bending, and Empathy Bending.

Current Day

Traveling around the world with his new bending masters, and he has to decide the ultimate choice of being the Avatar or losing the people he loves most. Marco also learns secrets about his past like one of his ancestors was Yakone, and there for doesn't need a full moon to bloodbend, as well figuring out one of Republic City's criminals Iris is in fact his cousin. He also has to make a choice of family or friends, will he be the first Avatar to destroy the world, or will he save it with his amazing bending of all elements


  • Next Team Avatar
  • Marco- Avatar, funny, cool, some might say wise, and cute.
  • Glimmer- Firebender, cute, blonde hair, energetic.
  • Circuz- Airbender, Rebellious, Cool, Free Natured.
  • Zig- Earthbender, Rich, Metalbender, Family Assassinated
  • Victory- Chi Blocking, Teaches Marco how to chi block, Hot, similar to Ty Lee
  • Sebastion- Hexbender, Bad Luck, Hot, doesn't think before he acts
  • Melody- Empathybender, Has a big secret, love interest to Marco
  • Hilbert- Luminescentbender, has a bright personality, Twin brother died in a Venom Bending Rally
  • Lindsey- Venombender, Very sexy, sassy attitude.
  • Blaine- Trackingbender, Hot, quiet in nature, takes bending very seriously, loves animals


Lion Turtle Owl- a giant beast that has a body of a turtle, the spirit and details of a lion, and the bravery and wings of an owl. Marco's pet since he was a small child, and a gift from the original lion turtle in Book 3

Koala Bat- Half koala half bat, and can emit his sonic vibrations from its mouth.


Book 1- Fire Book 2- Earth Book 3- Air Book 4- Tracking Book 5- Hex Book 6- Luminescent Book 7 Venom Book 8- Empathy

Next Bending Arts

Hex Bending- Causes bad luck on any object the user wants Ex- a tree causes all the leaves on a tree to go away

Luminescent Bending- Causes the user to bend light anyway they want except in complete darkness

Empathy Bending- Allows the user to see the benders emotions threw their bending, and change the emotion at will

Venom Bending- Can infect anyone with venom, Cause paralysis, venom gases

Tracking Bending- track any person or thing in the world, used a lot by blind benders.

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