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Lu Chen
Biographical information

Lightning Domain




180 AG


185 AG-Present


Wei Fung (As Lighting Prince) Korra (As Avatar)

Physical description








Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Bending Staff

Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending


Prince Wei Fung (Father and predecessor as Lightning Prince), Lightning Princess Terra (Mother)


Lightning Princess Terra, Wei Fung (deceased), Lightning Domain, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Water Tribes


Freedom Fighters, Kuvira, Kuvira's Army, Earth Empire(formerly

Chronological and political information


  • Avatar
  • Lightning Prince
  • Ruler of the Lightning Domain
  • Lightningbending Master
  • Earthbending Master
  • Waterbending Master
  • Firebending Master
  • Chi Blocking Master
First appearance

A Brewing Storm

Last appearance


Avatar Lu Chen is the Avatar succeeding Avatar Korra. He is the second Lightning Prince in history, succeeding his father, Wei Fung. He became the most powerful Lightningbender in the world after his father's death, as his father was the first and most powerful Lightningbender in his lifetime.


Before Lu Chen was declared as the next Avatar, he was already a very prodigious Lightningbender. He could perform moves far more advanced than any other master his father had taught before him. Lu Chen's identity as the next Avatar was announced at the age of 8, and his training in the other four elements started three weeks after his tenth birthday. He was born to former Lightning Prince and founder of the Lightning Domain, Wei Fung, and Lightning Princess Terra, who has yet to be succeeded and will not be until Prince Lu Chen comes of marrying age and is betrothed by a girl his age. Terra also learned the technique from Wei Fung following their marriage, which proved that this technique can be mastered by anyone, as Terra was born an earthbender and Wei Fung was born a nonbender.


Prince Lu Chen is a very kind and benevolent ruler, and his people adore him. Prince Lu Chen is also a very good diplomat, which he inherits from his father, and he has managed to keep a good relationship with the other four nations for the duration of his reign. He rules the Lightning Domain with benevolence and compassion, making formal appearances in rural and more urban towns regularly, instead of distancing himself from his people, which is an easy and costly error. He visits the other rulers once a month, which each of them enjoy. Because of his responsibilities to his kingdom, he could not simply leave someone else in charge and go learn the elements, as the Lightning Domain had many natural resources beneath it, and could be used to depose him and declare war on the other nations, which actually happened on one of his diplomatic visits to the Fire Nation.


Avatar Lu Chen is the first Avatar to study chi blocking. He is the most powerful Lightningbender in history, and is a very powerful bender of all elements. Lightningbending is the only element that he does not use his bending staff to bend. When he battled Kuvira, he bent off her some of her armour and used his chi blocking to bring her down.

He used Lightningbending to electrify the platinum walls when Kuvira's metalbenders attempted to pierce and scale them their metal cables, thus bringing many of them down.

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