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Raava By OMGdidiwin Part of the Avatar: The Severed Spirit continuity.
Biographical information

Zaofu, Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Birth place



19 (in Book One)


188 AG


Korra (as the Avatar)

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Earth, Lightning

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, Earthbending, Lightning Generation & Redirection

Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Earthbending


Bolin, Aiya, Opal


Hogosha, Aiya, Moa, Puren


Zhu Milou Hu, The Society of Faces

Chronological and political information


  • Beifong family
  • The Metal Clan
  • The Society of Faces (Formerly)
  • Zhu Milou Hu
  • Tarrimae
  • Aye'Li
First appearance

"The Escapade"

Lei is half of the current incarnation of the Avatar and half of the second Avatar in Avatar Korra's cycle. Lei was born in Zaofu with his sister, Aiya, but was kidnapped by the Society of Faces and forced to train in their sanctuary in the Si Wong Desert. Although Lei was the clear favorite of Zhu Milou, he hated how his sister was treated by the Society and one night, after Milou tried to harm Aiya, Lei decided that it was time the two left the sanctuary. Now the twins live with the new Team Avatar in Republic City.


Early Life

Not too long after Lei's birth, he was kidnapped by the Society of Faces and forced to train with Tarrimae and Aye'Li. While Lei was training, Zhu Milou would often tell him about the evils of the world and what had become of his parents.

207 AG

On the night of the twins' birthdays, Zhu Milou tried to poison Aiya. This was the last straw for Lei and he immediately rescued his sister and the two escaped in the night. Now they live in the safety of Republic City, far away from any member of the Society of Faces.


Lei is a kind young man, but he does often have moments where he can become angry and harm people, but it is only because Zhu Milou Hu taught him to act in such a way.



Although Lei and Aiya share the four elements, the two that Lei usually uses are Fire and Earth, which he believes to be the most powerful of the four.

Lightning Generation & Redirection

Lei is well known for his lightning skills and often likes to show them off. He was taught by Zhu Milou how to conduct the lightning and control this incredible ability.


  • Lei's name means "thunder" in Chinese. It is a name that perfectly describes his fighting technique.
  • Lei and Aiya are the first case where the Avatar Spirit has been split between two different people.

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