Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Legend of Two, Book 1 Fire and Ice, Chapter 1 Two Avatars in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Legend of Two, Book 1 Fire and Ice, Chapter 1 Two Avatars
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Book 1: Fire and Ice Chapter 1: 2 Avatars

The Fire Sages stood in the circle. The brilliant light disappeared and they all looked up to the lead sage who had a grim look on his face.

"This is bad...." one said, "this is very, very bad."

"Silence!" The leader said, "I know the solution."

"Tell us!" another said hastily.

"There are two Avatars now." The leader said going over the information the solstice had shown, "One a fire bender, the other one water. The cycle is in chaos. It is because the previous Avatar, Aang, confused it twice. First, because he was in the iceberg a hundred years in which he could have died of old age and the new Avatar would have come, secondly because he was killed in the Avatar state. Which if not for the spirit water, it would have destroyed the Avatar. The cycle needs to be repaired. And there may be only one way. We must, simultaneously....kill both the existing Avatars."

"But leader...this would be...treason. The fire bender is the late Fire Lord's niece. She is part of the royal family!"

"What needs to be done must be done." The leader said, "We must keep the cycle in balance."

"But the followers of the late Fire Lord Zuko are now confused but still believe in his ways.....there are many and this would not be easy." One spoke up.

"Yes but His father, Ozai still has his followers. Those, along with the Dai lei would be happy to aid us."

There was a silence before another Fire Sage spoke,

"How do you propose we start?"

"We will send some of our troops to bother the North Pole and the house of Lord Tom-tom, the father of the fire bender. They will capture both of them and then bring them to us. "We must begin immediately," said the tallest sage. "Gather the followers. We'll need all the help we can get."

Sweat dripped down Seraphina's brow as she swung her leg around in a smooth arc, fires following it. Her Sifu, Ryota, "Moved quickly out of the way and brought a fist, veiled in fire towards her. She ducked and spun her leg at his feet tripping him. She quickly got to her feet and pointed a fist down at him.

"I've won!" She said proudly.

"Yes...indeed you have." Ryota said smiling, "You are a true fire bending master now Seraphina."

Seraphina beamed and helped her Sifu to his feet and bowed. He shook his head and stopped her, "you now longer need to bow to someone you are equally ranked with." He said smiling.

Seraphina smiled and hugged him. He laughed and patted her back before breaking away and letting his face settle into something of sternness.

"Ryota what is the matter?" Seraphina said looking at him.

"....nothing Sera dear." He mumbled.

"Ryota." Sera said sternly, "I know something's up, tell me!"

There was a short silence then Ryota spoke.

"You might be in danger." He finally said.

"Woo what!" Sera said confused, "What are you talking about!?"

"Sera....I need to tell you something....something I should have told you years ago."

"What?" Sera said intrigued.

"Sera...I don't know how else to explain this....but you are the Avatar."

"That's preposterous!" She said a little louder then she met to. Ryota hushed her.

"I know that's what I thought but....I know it's true." He whispered, "When you were born I was given a vision. It was of you and another girl. You were together and controlling all four elements. But there were also people sent to destroy you."

"Who!?" Sera said panicked, "And how is this possible! There's only suppose to be one Avatar...and that's a water bender!" "And if there are two wouldn't it be an earth bender, not a fire bender if it was following the cycle.

"I do not know the reason why people are sent to destroy you... but they were the sent by the Sages."

"I don't believe it!" She stammered, "The sage's wouldn't betray us!"

"The sages believe that the cycle must be organized and predictable. But now it could become very unpredictable and they are afraid of that."

There was another eerie silence then she spoke, "what should I do Ryota." Sera said quietly.

"You must find the other Avatar." He said, "Join forces with her and master all the elements...then you will be safe. I will come with so she can master fire bending then we'll arrange for you to learn from her master. Then I'll give you the next part of your mission."

Sera looked down at the ground. Her dark curly hair fell in front of her dark brown eyes. "Ryota....what if I can't do this....what will happen?"

"I do not know Seraphina." He answered, "The sages have more allies then we know of. They have been on the brink of secret wars since Zuko became Fire Lord. And now that the throne is empty and they are still trying to decided whether it should be Prince Iroh or Princess Ursa to take the throne. Since they are twins and the same age they are both entitled."

"Wait this could start a war! Over there being two Avatars?!" Sera whispered harshly.

"Its not just that....there are some people who still think the Fire Nation should be above the others...people who still believe in the ways of Ozai."

"But....My cousins....they wouldn't let that happen, perhaps I only speak for Iroh, Ursa is an evil girl."

"Your cousins are young like you...and both easily manipulated....If Iroh is chosen he will struggle. He is like his father. And the Fire Sages will press him that if he doesn't do what they say he is a traitor. And Princess Ursa....Even though she is named for Zuko's kind mother....she is not...she is a dark child...manipulative and cruel."

"Then I guess it's my only choice...I will journey to the Northern Water Tribe." "but how will I get there?"

Ryota smiled and motioned for her to follow and she did. He brought her to a secret chamber underground and opened a giant door with fire bending. Seraphina looked in and gasped. Sleeping in the middle of the room was a dragon.

" did you get one, there extinct." Sera said stunned.

"This is Apollo. He is one of the few dragons....and my greatest friend."

The dragon stirred and awoke. He nodded to Ryota who bowed and then stared deeply at Sera.

"Apollo....This is Seraphina...the Avatar I've told you off."

Seraphina stared at the creature. There was silence but then she heard a voice, a voice in her mind.

"Hello Seraphina. I am Apollo and I will gladly serve you." It said.

"He spoke to me!" Seraphina said stunned.

"Yes. He can speak telepathically. He can understand you talking or speaking through your own mind."

"Wow..." was all Sera could say.

"He will get you to the Water Tribe. And there you will meet with the other Avatar. And you two will need to work together."

"There's something else." Apollo said in her mind, "At the Water Tribe I know of another dragon. She is a water dragon but can still fly. I wish to meet with her."

"That's agreeable." Ryota said, "But for now you must prepare. Come with me."

He took her hand and lead her down a dark tunnel that grew narrow. At the end was a wall that he pushed open. It lead straight to Seraphina's room.

"Now that's new, a secret passage way to my room, creepy" said Seraphina in a humorous way. "You must pack. Don't tell your parents...they wouldn't understand. Hurry!"

Seraphina nodded and grabbed a bag. Grabbing her scrolls she started packing.

It was sunset. Ryota told Seraphina that they would leave at midnight when everyone was asleep. Those plans were changing. A band of people in line with the Fire Sages were at the gates and about to break through.

"Seraphina!" Ryota grumbled running into her room." You must leave now!"

Sera nodded and hoisted her bag. When a voice came from out in the hall, "What do you think your doing!" Ryota turned around to see the lord staring at him. All Sera saw was her father.

"Please must understand!"

"Understand what!? That you are abandoning us? That there is some kind of mob at the gate!"

"My Lord please." Ryota started only to get interrupted.

"Silence! It's your fault isn't it! Your kidnapping my daughter!"

"NO! Dad....there's something I need to say." Sera started, "I'm the Avatar."

The lord laughed coldly. "That's impossible!"

"I can't explain it now, but Seraphina must leave!" Ryota said calmly.

"Silence!" the lord yelled blasting fire at him. Ryota dodged and grabbed the lords hand and threw him to the ground were he lay stunned.

"Run Sera! Go to Apollo!"

Sera turned to leave but then she heard footsteps running to the hallway. She froze.

"I won't leave you!" She yelled stopping.

"You must!" Ryota said pulling her father into the room.

Sera didn't move. Ryota frowned and the blasted fires at her forcing her to move back. He brought a wall of fire towards her backing her up into the tunnel door which lay open. She was forced into the tunnel and tripped over a stone. Looking up she saw Ryota closing the door and sealing it. She could here a scuffling then yelling on the other side. She ran to the door and banged on it but knew it was useless. She only had a little time before she was discovered. Grabbing her bag she ran down into the tunnel.

Sera ran harder then ever. Her legs ached. She came to the opening and found Apollo already saddled. Throwing her bag onto the saddle she ran to the door and started opening it forgetting how. She heard yelling as the door was earth bended open and started to panic. Her hands prying at the door. She could hear footsteps in the distance and her heart raced.

"Move aside!" Apollo said.

Sera just made it out of the way as a fiery breath hit the door causing it to open. Sera climbed onto the saddle just as the rebellion reached the entrance. Apollo flew up as flames and rocks shot past them and flew out the door into the sky. As the benders on the ground watched in amazement he slowly disappeared into the sky.

In the Northern Water Tribe, another Avatar was having different troubles. At the moment she sat in a chair outside her old Sifu's room. Inside, Master Shui lay ill...and dying. Gina's face was a stone. She held back the tears with a good amount of willpower but it tore her apart. Finally after what seemed hours, the water healer came out and looked to Seraphina.

"He wishes to see you." She said quietly.

Gina got up and walked into the room as the woman ran from the room crying.

"Gina....." A voice full of age and wisdom said, "Come here."

Gina went over to the bedside of her Sifu and friend. She knelt down and took his hand. She bit her lip and held back the tears.

"Gina....You mustn't hold back your tears. It's bad for your soul. Release your pains." He said.

Gina couldn't hold it in. Her tears pooled in the eyes. "Shui....You can't leave me." She whispered.

"I must Gina. But I need to tell you something." He mumbled coughing a little.

"What is it master?!" Gina said startled.

"Gina...there's been a secret war starting....I haven't told you about it because...well...I didn't know how bad it would get. I believe the Fire Sages, Dai-lee and probably people from other nations are in the center.." He stopped and had a coughing fit. His voice grew softer and he was soon to pass, " must know....that you are the Avatar, but out another Avatar..." He said his breaths growing shallow.

"That's impossible! There can only be-" Gina started only to get interrupted.

"I don't have must...join world."

"I don't understand Shui!" Gina said wiping away tears, "This doesn't make sense!"

"Gina....join I've taught you everything, from bending straight out terrible blood bending. Your power is...amazing.....go...I believe in you." with the last words went his last breath. Gina started to sob and put her head in her hands. She ran from the room flying past the water healer who was going in and running out into the evening. She ran to the outskirts of town were she fell to her knees by the ocean. She finally looked up after a while as the last glimpse of sun fell into the ocean. The sky grew darker by the moment and she finally looked down into the ocean. Her reflection stared back and she looked away. It was then that the head of a water dragon popped up. She looked at it calmly.

"What is the matter dear?" the dragon said in Gina's head.

"Oh Naiya...Shui is dead...." Gina said bending the tears from her face and throwing them into the sea.

"I know....I could feel it..." He went quiet a moment, "Gina...eventually all life passes. Shui lived a long time...And he was very proud to have a pupil like you. He loved you like his own daughter." Gina looked up to Shui as if he was her father, because Gina's father died when she was very young.

"But...what am I going to do without him." She whispered, "He said something before he died...."

"I know....and that's what you must do. The other Avatar will come eventually. I'm not sure from which nation...but they will come." Naiya said going quiet a moment, "wait here." She dove down in the water and came back with a bag, "this is from Shui. He kept it in an underwater cave bubble."

Gina in sorrow opened the bag. She gasped as she drew out a beautiful sword. The blade itself was pure white. And the handle had in it Aquarius. She lifted it up and did a couple practice swipes.

"This is...amazing...." She said putting it in a sheath.

"There's more...something for the other Avatar. She will now how to use it."

Gina grabbed the bag and opened it more. Inside was a bow and a sheath of arrows, the bow was sleek and had engravings of the four elements on it. She wrapped it back up along with the sword.

"Please put it back were it will be safe..." She said handing it back to Naiya. Who nodded and dove back under. Gina let one last tear fall and she looked out to the sea. What did Shui mean? It made no sense....there was only supposed to be one Avatar. She bit her lip and thought deeply. None of it made sense. Her mind was wondering when she were interrupted by her mothers voice.

"Gina!" She said, "Gina come in here! We need to talk."

Gina sighed and stood up and went to her mother.

"What!?" Gina yelled her mouth dropping, "What do you mean a marriage! I'm only 13!"

"Well it wouldn't be for a few more years, and its with Korin....And he is a strong bender and mighty warrior. You should be happy."

"Well I'm not!" Gina snapped, "I don't even know him that well! I've seen him a few times around town but that's it!" She stopped and thought a second, "And I have more important things to do."

"Like what Gina?" Her mom said impatiently, "There's been peace for the last 86 years!"

"No." Gina said, "There's something new...a secret war."

Her mother laughed, "Gina if you are going to go that far to squirm out of something that will help you, you are more of a child then I thought!"

Gina clenched her fist, "You don't understand." She growled.

"Yes I do." Her mother whispered, "You are a selfish girl. Your fathers dead and we have no one to take care of us. This marriage would save us."

Gina's hands trembled. She got up and stomped out of the room in a rage, slamming the door behind her.

Gina sat in her room alone. The door was locked and she just stared out the window. The sea was so peaceful. Everything was quiet. Gina took it all in. The sea had always calmed Gina. It still did. She knew that Shui was at peace. And her mother wanted what was best. But she was more confused then ever now. Things raced through her mind until she finally grew weary and lay down. Without fully knowing it, she fell asleep. Seraphina (talkcontribs) 00:50, August 1, 2010 (UTC)

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