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Legend of Kyo
Avatar Kyo
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Earth Kingdom,


Southern Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Northern Water Tribe



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Skin color


Eye color

Mint green

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Earthbending, firebending, airbending


Korra, Bolin, Mako


Kogami, Asaka, Jin, June



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Bolin, Mako, Jinora, Kogami, Asaka

First appearance

The Legend of Kyo: Pilot

Avatar Kyo (full name Avatar Kyoshi) is the Earth Avatar following Avatar Korra.



Baby Yue

Kyo was born premature, weak and dying.

Kyo was born to Avatar Korra and Bolin in the Northern Water Tribe's Spirit Oasis after Korra was hit by a powerful spirit vine weapon and sent into labor early. Korra died at the precise moment that Kyo was born, therefor passing the Avatar Spirit onto Kyo. Kyo, however, was still weak and on the verge of dying despite efforts from the North's best healers. Bolin, knowing that the Moon Spirit could give the gift of life, prayed to Yue to heal Kyo and dipped her into the Spirit Oasis. His wish was granted. Kyo's brown hair became white, and she began to cry like a normal, healthy baby. That day, the Northern Water Tribe withstood the attack from Asami's forces, and Bolin and Kyo were safe, but Bolin knew that it wouldn't last. They fled the island and, sure enough, in only a few weeks time, Asami attacked again and this time, the North fell.

Early Life

Kyo grew up with her father as her main care provider. Bolin taught her all he knew in terms of earthbending and self-defense, and when she had mastered those skills, he made sure Kyo got proper instruction in the other bending arts from Mako and Jinora. Learning all these skills took Kyo up to the age of seventeen. It was then that she journeyed with Bolin to the Northern Water Tribe so that she could train in waterbending with Kya.


Bolin eating seaweed noodles

When she is in a good mood, Kyo is prone to goofing off, much like her father.

Kyo's personality is much like Korra's. Brash and bull headed, she often acts without thinking. She is also very vocal and free with her opinion and will retaliate without hesitation in a verbal argument. On the other hand, Kyo, much like Aang, is a treasure trove of wisdom and more in touch spiritually than her mother was at seventeen, both skills that she learned from Jinora. Also, Kyo is prone to bursts of silliness and goofy behavior on occasion, a trait that she inherited from Bolin.

Physical Appearance

Korra meditating

Kyo's appearance is most similar to her mothers'.

At 5'6", Kyo is slightly shorter than her mother. She has Korra's facial structure and body type, but inherited Bolin's green eyes. Her skin tone is slightly lighter than Korra's, but not by much. Originally brown, Kyo's hair is now white because of her healing at the Spirit Oasis. In dress, she favors Earth Kingdom styles. If not in her signature outfit, she prefers the rags of a peasant, as that is what she grew up wearing.



Because it is her native element, Kyo is highly adept at earthbending and the sub skills of lavabending and metalbending. Teacher - Bolin.


Kyo also excelled in firebending and mastered its sub skills of lightning generation and redirection. Teacher - Mako.


Being the opposite of earth, airbending was a little harder for Kyo, and she had to live with Jinora for several years before she grasped it, but she eventually did master it. Teacher - Jinora.


Kyo has never been able to waterbend and was meant to be taught by Kya. Teacher - Kogami.

Hand-to-hand Combat

Kyo is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat as all of her masters taught her the nonbending form of their craft. Teachers - Bolin, Mako, Jinora, Kogami, Asaka.


Kyo has not had much training with weapons, accept for the use of a glider, but she is going to learn. Teacher - Asaka.

Chi Blocking

Kyo has yet to learn Chi Blocking. Teacher - Asaka.


  • Kyo is the first known incarnation of the Avatar who has a parent that was also the Avatar.
  • Kyo is the second known individual to be healed by the Moon Spirit as a baby, the first being Yue.

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