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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan,

Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, Avatar: The Legend of Anana continuity.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei.

" I did my best to end the war, Rong Yan. To protect my people, I sacrificed myself."
— Avatar Kwan Chun tells Avatar Rong Yan in Chapter 18: The Smell of War.
Avatar Kwan Chun standing
Kwan Chun
Biographical information

Southern Air Temple


16 (Book 1), 18 (Book 2), 22 (Book 3), 52 (Death)


964 BG


912 BG (Age: 52)

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending

Fighting style(s)

Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending


Air Nomads, Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe, Fire Nation, Aki, Fire Lord Osamu, Jaya, Nidhi, 38th Earth King Avanindra, Injuquaq, Avatar Ilah, all Avatars


39th Earth King Yao, Earth Kingdom (formerly)

Chronological and political information



Fully-realized Avatar (Book 3 until death), Avatar-in-training (Book 1 & 2)

First appearance

Book 1: Air Chapter 18: The Smell of War

Last appearance

Book 3: Earth Chapter 20: ???

Kwan Chun is the Air Nomad Avatar succeeding Avatar Ilah, and preceding before Avatar Anana. Kwan Chun will also be the main protagonist in the fanon Avatar: The Smell of War, which has not yet been given a release date. Will be a minor character in Avatar: The Legend of Anana, Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, and seen and also have a chapter dedicated to his life story in a summary, in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

History Edit

Born into the Air Nomads, Kwan Chun was raised in the Southern Air Temple, to which he calls home. At the age of four each guardian monk was to take their apprentice to the Council of Elders who would test each Air Nomad baby to see if he or she was the Avatar. In this case since the Southern Air Temple, housed only men, they tested each male.

Kwan Chun, being the 138th male baby in the Southern Air Temple to be tested. Seemingly, has how all the other children from the other temples all failed the test. Kwan Chun, chose all four Avatar relics. The Council of Elders, of the Southern Air Temple were shocked when they discovered that this baby was the Avatar, and reincarnation of Avatar Ilah.

At the age 16, he was told of his status by the Council of Elders, and was told that he was to leave his old life behind, and begin training in the Water Tribe. With that the next day he took his sky bison and departed to the Southern Water Tribe, in hopes of finding a waterbending teacher.

The Council of Elders, had sent a letter to the southern chieftess, notifying her that the Avatar was going to the Southern Water Tribe in search for a teacher. There he found a young man who had just became a master. They both became quick friends and he taught him how to master waterbending.

He mastered waterbending in two years, and moved on to earthbending. Completing earthbending training and mastering the hardest element for him. During that time the 38th Earth King Avanindra had died of cardiac arrest. And his son the 39th Earth King Yao had taken the throne. Kwan Chun, was unaware of the new Earth King's heinous acts against the Air Nomads.

The Smell of War Edit

Still completely unaware of the new Earth King's plots, Kwan Chun continues his training in the Fire Nation. During this time, he claims that the Air Nomads are residing in Earth Kingdom territory. Even though an old Earth King had given the Air Nomads that land hundreds of years ago.

Since, his childhood he always thought that the Air Nomads were cowards, due to their pacifist lifestyle. He truly never learned why the Air Nomads chose to live like that. Therefore, the Earth King was racist. He deported any Air Nomads in the Earth Kingdom elsewhere, in the world. Any found before he created his new law were to be arrested or extorted.

After completing his Avatar training, Kwan Chun had returned to the Southern Air Temple. Learning that his guardian monk was captured by the Earth King and imprisoned, he vowed to rescue him.

The Council of Elders, had trained Kwan Chun, to master and control the Avatar State. Doing so after half a year, he traveled to Ba Sing Se to free his friend. Pleading with the Earth King to release his guardian monk, the Earth King had refused to do so.

Refusing to duel the Earth King, Avatar Kwan Chun, left Ba Sing Se. Soon he traveled to back to the temple and discussed things with the Council of Elders. He went to the Air Temple sanctuary and meditated, and spoke with his past life Avatar Ilah, even though she was not able to help him out with much, she still gave him advice.

The Council of Elders, also mentioned that the Earth King was going to start with the Southern Air Temple first. And that they were currently traveling around Taku and Xi Tong Village.

After speaking Avatar Xi Tong, Avatar Arrluk, he soon began to give up on asking his past lives for help. Looking deep within himself he summoned Avatar Mun Jin, Mun Jin told him he would have to do anything within his ultimate power to end the war, and bring and balance to the world, and if he fails he must sacrifice himself to see if that will end the war.

Though the Earth King did hate Kwan Chun as well, the final battle between Avatar Kwan Chun and the Earth Kingdom army was held in the village of Hunan. He fought off and reduced many numbers of the army, but more came. The Council of Elders, had sent reinforcements from the Fire Nation.

Portrait of Kwan Chun

Portrait of Avatar Kwan Chun.

The Fire Lord had accepted the request and had sent his troops to the Southern, Northern, Eastern, and Western Air Temples. The troops were there to protect the temples from Earth Kingdom soldiers.

Kwan Chun had entered the Avatar State to increase the killing of the army and reducing their numbers ten-fold. Though it seemed like days more and more came, then Kwan Chun put what Mun Jin said into thought, maybe was the only way.

After fighting for another hour, he exited the Avatar State, and went on his knees and hands. Then a soldier with a large battle axe, came by and decapitated Kwan Chun. He had sacrificed himself for the good of his people. King ended the war though he still did not permit Air Nomads into the Earth Kingdom.

Kwan Chun's next life, had overthrown the Earth King and that's what uplifted the law, and Air Nomads were able to walk on Earth Kingdom soil.

Abilities Edit

Born the Avatar, and an airbender. Kwan Chun, was the reincarnation of the Fire Avatar, Avatar Ilah.

Airbending Edit

Trained airbending right when he turned six. Strangely enough, it being his respective element. Kwan Chun had trouble with airbending. Though like most young monks he went through the 37 levels of airbending and mastered the element in ten years. Earning his airbending tattoos at sixteen just before he discovered he was the Avatar.

Soundbending Edit

Kwan Chun, had met a spirit while in one of the Air Temple sancutary. He did not know the spirit nor did the spirit show its face until later in Book 1. The spirit later revealed to be a past Avatar named Mun Jin. The southern and Northern Air Temples had large statues of Mun Jin.

He was highly respected, and feared Avatar during his time, and was a legend. Mun Jin had used energybending and had transferred knowledge onto Kwan Chun of the unique bending that was developed thousands of years ago, called "soundbending".

The soundbender controls the air currents that carry the sound waves in them, and it is said to be extremely powerful, if you are a master. He later went to library and found a book on soundbending. He learned the moves within the book and mastered the ability.

Waterbending Edit

Moving onto Waterbending he traveled to the Northern Water Tribe, to master northern style of waterbending. He trained there for at least two or three years. Waterbending, came easy for him, and seemingly enough Kwan Chun had a knack for waterbending. His teacher and himself, had became great friends as well.

Earthbending Edit

Knocking waterbending out of the way, then came mastering earthbending in four years. Just like earthbending being the polar opposite of airbending. He was also a skilled sandbender, but never really used the bending technique. At times when he had to use it, it was during his travels in the Si Wong Desert, where he met his teacher's brother who had originally taught him sandbending.

Firebending Edit

Finally it was Kwan Chun's time to master firebending. He met a woman there named Aki, who was willing to train him in the arts of firebending. Kwan Chun mastered firebending in two years. Kwan Chun, had stayed there for another year because, rumor had it that someone wanted to overthrow Fire Lord Osamu, and be crowned the new Fire Lord.

This new enemy behind the plot had almost everything planned out as he had planned to accuse Osamu of several preposterous accusations. The intruders invaded, but having a strong hand of justice Kwan Chun ended their lives, even though he was an Air Nomad.

Opening unknown airbending

Kwan Chun, as seen on the intro of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar State Edit

Mastering the Avatar State in six months to a year. Becoming the fully realized Avatar that he dreamt of being. He needed to master the Avatar State, to end the war. Only in the end did Kwan Chun, exit out of the Avatar State and sacrificed himself to end the war.

Appearances Edit

Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan Edit

Book One: Air Edit

Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei Edit

Book Two: Air Edit

Avatar: The Legend of Anana Edit

Book One: Earth Edit

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Edit

Book One: Air Edit

  • 112. "Endgame(vision, no lines)

Avatar Anana's Life Edit

Yao, was guilty of so many charges, then came the time where Anana had entered the Avatar State from out of nowhere. The people had covered themselves from gusts of wind that surrounded the young Avatar.

Only to look once more and see the Airbender Avatar before her Avatar Kwan Chun. Kwan Chun, had told the Earth Kingdom judge of all the other crimes that Yao had committed, with exact detail. At the end revealing that Yao had deployed troops to target the Air Nomads but not to harm them in any way.

The assault was rather a trap for the past Avatar, the Avatar had also revealed the name of the soldier who executed him. The judge had asked Avatar Kwan Chun for the judgement of the two men.

Kwan Chun answered with, dethroning Yao from power, and putting his son in succession. Yao's punishment was life in prison, and the executioner must also be put into prison for life.

Avatar Ku Tei's Life Edit

Despite being an Air Nomad, Avatar Kwan Chun, was sometimes summoned by Ku Tei when he needed advice on war material he would give him information on things, and advice as well.

Avatar Rong Yan's Life Edit

Kwan Chun's Life Edit

Avatar Rong Yan, needed to have his questions answered about Air Nomads, and needed to learn more lore on them about their pacifist lifestyle, and a conflict that had affected them and that sort of way. He also wanted to know more on Avatar Kwan Chun, and why he was famous.

He headed to the Air Temple sanctuary, for assistance and meditated. As he entered the Avatar State, he was encountered by Avatar Kwan Chun, himself who knew about why Rong Yan wanted to learn about him. Kwan Chun, had showed Rong Yan his life.

Rong Yan learned why, the Air Nomads do not fight, one of the various reasons is because, an Earth King from the past had declared on the Air Nomads because of their lifestyle, he also was racist towards the Air Nomads and did not want cowards in his territory.

The Air Nomads, were not cowards, the Air Nomads had just detached themselves from the conflicts of the rest of the world. That is why they do not have an army, and chose the pacifist lifestyle. Though to defend their homes they will fight, they believe that all life is sacred.

But Kwan Chun, believed that if he had a strong hand of justice he will keep the world at balance and at peace. Yao did not see it that way, he was out of Kwan Chun as well. Kwan Chun had stormed the Ba Sing Se palace, and had warned Earth King Yao to end the war.

Appa soaring

Kwan Chun on his sky bison, heading towards the Earth King's palace.

He soon left, and two months later had mastered the Avatar State, and learned that his guardian monk had been captured and arrested by Yao. Also learning that Yao had split his army in four, so that the army may assault the temples and cause a genocide. Kwan Chun traveled to the Fire Nation seeking aid from Fire Lord Osamu, asking Osamu to send troops to all four temples to protect them from the Earth Kingdom Military.

The Fire Nation military had reached the four temples and stayed there for two weeks, to protect the Air Nomads from genocide. Yao, had lied to Kwan Chun and only targeted the Southern Air Temple. Kwan Chun had made it in time to see the entire army marching towards the temple.

Kwan Chun, had stopped at the burned down village of Hunan, because, the army would be marching past Hunan to reach the Southern Air Temple. Kwan Chun battled the army, killing off various number of troops. Then used the Avatar State to increase the killing. After a while, more and more kept coming and he then gave up. Putting what his past life said into thought he sacrificed himself to end the war.

The result of Kwan Chun's death, did in fact end the war, but did not allow the Air Nomads into Earth Kingdom territory. Yao was still the tyrannical ruler of Ba Sing Se, until Kwan Chun's future life, with the help of citizens and veterans of the army, had overthrown the Earth King to place his son as the new king.

His son ended the war completely, because, Yao had declared war once again on the Air Nomads, but everyone was tired of Yao's reign. The overthrowing of Earth King Yao resulted his son in ended the war before it had started and uplifting the ban of Air Nomads in Earth Kingdom territory.

Invasion at the Southern Air Temple Edit

Rong Yan, had spoken to Avatar Ku Tei, who had given him advice to not attack Former General Senlin directly, because he was not ready. He then spoke with Avatar Kwan Chun, who had told him that he must do whatever it takes to eliminate threats that harm the world, but then told him the exact same thing as Ku Tei had told him. Though he must wait since he only just mastered two elements and has not mastered all four.

Kwan Chun had told Rong Yan to wait, but before Kwan Chun, had vanished he also told Rong Yan, that he was always there, when he needed him.

During the invasion, Jampo was the fourth Air Nomad that was struck dead, Rong Yan, Senge, Aloi, and Yong Ten all cried out his name, but he gone. All of them cried, and Rong Yan closed his eyes releasing a tear. The death of Jampo, had triggered Rong Yan's Avatar State.

The invaders were in trouble, when instead of seeing the Fire Avatar in the Avatar State. The airbenders bowed to the presence of the Air Avatar that had taken form from the Avatar's body. It was Avatar Kwan Chun, who ended the invasion at the Southern Air Temple, and blew General Senlin and Palartok along with their men off the temple mountain.

The Air Nomads saw it, as Avatar Kwan Chun growing furious as he learned that someone had invaded the home he grew up in. He had taken possession of Rong Yan's body, and defended his home from the invaders.

Falling to their deaths, General Senlin reacted quickly by encasing Palartok and himself in earth to break their falls. Location of the Avatar was unknown to them soon after they had come out of the earth.

Avatar Korra's Life Edit

During the time when Avatar Korra, had lost her bending to Amon, she had returned to the Southern Water Tribe or the compound she first was in, where Katara, had tried her best to heal Korra.


To no avail, Korra had left to cry at a snowy cliff, where she thought that Tenzin had approached her. When in fact it was Avatar Aang. She stood up, as Aang was conversing with her, and then appeared all of Korra's past lives.

Avatar Kwan Chun was the tall male Air Avatar, in a traditional male Air Nomad robes, with long black goatee, and black mustache. He is behind Avatar Rong Yan, and in between Avatar Ilah, and Avatar Anana.

Preceded by
964 BG - 912 BG (BG)
Succeeded by

Trivia Edit

  • Kwan is Tibetan for "strong".
  • Chun is Tibetan for "justice".
  • Together his name means "strong justice". He was quite powerful during his lifetime, though he decided to sacrifice himself for the good of his people.

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