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The Curse Begins

"Hello Qi, you have found me at long last," said Korra's spirit.

"Avatar Korra, we meet again," Qi said.

"I expect you have a reason for meeting me here?" Korra asked.

"Yes," Qi replied. "Ever since you, um... passed away, my friends and I have been searching for the new Avatar, but we can't find him anywhere! Would you have any idea whatsoever about the location of the Avatar?"

"I'm sorry, Qi," Korra said. "I don't really know, but I do know the Avatar is a boy and he is going to be in grave danger very soon."

"What?" Qi asked.

"Princess Aimei of the Fire Nation has found the location of the Avatar and is heading his way as we speak!" Korra warned.

"Well, what am I supposed to do? I can't let Aimei or Shoo get their hands on the Avatar!" Qi said.

"Then you must travel back to the Earth Kingdom, you must find the Avatar before them," Korra explained.

"But how?" Qi asked. "Aimei knows the location, I don't!"

"Help will be on your way soon, sorry I can't be of much help," Korra said.

Then, her spirit faded away. Qi was alone, alone on the streets of the old Republic City. Her vision faded and she returned to the physical world, where Maia, Liu, Huo and Kanku were standing around her, staring.

"Guys! We got trouble!" Qi stood up abruptly.

"You found Korra?" Huo asked.

"Yes," Qi replied. "Korra told me that she doesn't know where the Avatar is, but Aimei does! She's heading there right now!"

"Oh no, the poor Avatar!" Maia said.

"Well, we have to head back to the Earth Kingdom first. Kanku, could you lead us back to our airship?" Liu asked.

"Sure," Kanku replied.

Kanku lead them back across the blizzard, but this time, they ran as fast as they can. It didn't make much of a difference, as the blizzard was so strong it was difficult to run. Kanku led them back to the Water Tribe, where the four boarded the airship.

"Goodbye," Kanku bid farewell. "Good luck!"

The airship sailed north, leaving the Southern Water Tribe behind.

"We should get some rest after travelling through the blizzard," Qi said.

The four went to their separate rooms. Qi walked into her room and jumped onto the bed, where she immediately fell into a deep sleep. She also had a dream and it was a weird one. She dreamt that Aimei had kidnapped her, and they were taking her to the city of Omashu. Strange. Why did she keep on having visions of Omashu? What did Omashu have to do with Qi? When Qi awoke the next day, she thought long and hard, yet she couldn't figure out why she kept on having visions of Omashu. After all, she wasn't connected to Omashu in anyway whatsoever.

Aimei, Cici, Wang and Sha were on the way to Omashu.

"When we get to Omashu, we will bring down the Avatar once and for all!" Aimei cackled.

"Don't you think you're getting a little bit too excited about this?" Wang asked.

"I'm just a little pumped," Aimei said.

As the four were talking, the captain of the airship came in.

"Princess, I am sorry, but someone has stopped the airship and would like to meet you outside," the captain informed.

"Who?" Cici asked.

"We'll all go," Sha said.

"No! They want to meet me, I can handle this by myself," Aimei said.

She stood up and walked out of the airship where she found Earth King Shoo waiting for her whilst being heavily guarded by several guards.

"Princess Aimei, it in an honour to meet you in person," Shoo said.

"Back at you," Aimei said.

"As the Earth Kingdom has been close friends with the Fire Nation ever since I came on the throne, I would like to team up with you in finding the Avatar," Shoo explained.

"As much as I appreciate your help, I would like to do things alone," Aimei said.

Shoo sighed.

"Very well, but at least we will always be allies," Shoo said.

"Always," Aimei replied.

As Shoo left, Aimei turned around to leave when she was stopped again. This time, her visitors weren't so friendly. They trapped her in a column of rock so she couldn't move a muscle. Several hostile earthbenders came forwards.

"Get the others on the airship, I'll deal with her," one of them said.

The others all left for the airship to take Cici, Wang and Sha.

"Who are you? What's the big deal?" Aimei asked.

"We are The Benders of Justice, a secret organization within the Earth Kingdom that brings down people like you! We've heard of you, destroying villages and towns to find the Avatar!" The earthbender said.

The others came out with Cici, Sha and Wang under their grasp.

"Let us go!" Cici howled.

"Or what?" One of the earthbenders said.

"We're taking you away so you can't hurt anyone ever again!" The lead earthbender said.

A few hours later, Aimei, Cici, Wang and Sha were locked away in a cell within the Earth Kingdom. It was small and cramped as the four of them were locked away in the same cell. Water slowly dripped from the ceiling and onto their heads.

"Great! Now how are we supposed to find the Avatar?" Aimei complained.

"Don't worry, we'll escape somehow," Sha said.

"But how?" Wang asked.

"I've got an idea," Cici suggested. "The prison guards are awfully stupid. They didn't think to lock me in a cell with no water. As there is water dripping from the ceiling, at night, I'll use the water to bend us out of here!"

"Oh yeah, I just noticed the dripping water!" Sha said.

"Anyways, get some rest before we bust out, we're going to need all the energy we can get," Aimei said.

Hours later, at night, Aimei awoke to water dripping on her face. Cici had collected water and formed them around her arms to make two water tendrils. Sha stood at her side, awake and ready to run.

"Rise and shine, sleepy head!" Cici said.

"What time is it?" Aimei asked.

"I think it's around midnight," Wang said.

"Then let's go!" Aimei said.

Cici wrapped the water tendrils around the bars and pulled hard. She gave a final pull and the bars collapsed on the spot.

"Great work!" Aimei praised.

The four of them ran out the cell and turned a corner to find themselves face to face with a prison guard.

"Well... well... well... what do we have here?" The guard asked.

The guard lashed out and brought a column of earth flying from the ground beneath Sha. He retaliated by cracking the column with his earthbending and by sending the bits of rubble flying at the guard. The guard evasively dodged them all and pushed himself against a wall, where he wrapped himself in an armour of rock. Cici latched one of her tendrils onto the guard and pulled her tendril back, causing the guard to fly with the tendril. He smashed against the wall but the armour remained strong and firm. Wang shot multiple wind blades back to back at the guard, but the armour was impervious to almost any attack. Aimei leapt up and shot a jet of lightning at the guard, and the lightning cracked the armour right open, rendering the guard unconscious.

"In future, THAT'S how it is done!" Aimei explained.

The four ran out the prison to the outside, where they found themselves face to face with a dozen earthbenders. The four split ways, each attacking three guards. Wang created a mini tornado and spun it at the three guards, knocking one of the guards off his feet. Wang sent a form of highly compressed air shaped like his body at the other two guards, and it sent then spinning away. Meanwhile, Cici had sent an ice creeper at the guards, and it froze one of them. Once again, she latched her water tendril onto the guard but this time, she froze the water to ice. She continued freezing the water to an extremely low temperature until the guard's skin turned blue and her fell to the floor. The guard had been knocked unconscious because of the sheer cold. She turned to the last guard and locked him up in a column of ice. Sha was also fighting three guards. He bent dozens and dozens of small bullets of rock from the ground and sent them flying rapidly towards the guards. Several bullets landed squarely on the first guard's forehead and knocked him out. The other guards were more evasive. They either dodged or punched away the bullets. One of the guards caught several bullets in his fist and sent them flying back at Sha, who sent a wall of earth around him so he was protected. He then pushed the wall forwards so it was sent flying towards the guards. Both guards fought the wall by pushing it back to Sha with their earthbending, but Sha's grip was much stronger. He pushed the wall right until it smacked the two guards and sent them flying away. Aimei seemed to have no troubles with her duels whatsoever. She just simply sent three jets of lightning, one for each guard and bam, bam bam! All three guards were rendered unconscious.

"Hurry! Let's leave!" Aimei said.

The other three quickly rallied around Aimei and they headed off into the darkness. They travelled for many days and nights to Omashu, until they finally reached a huge opening to what looked like a huge tunnel.

"What is this?" Wang asked.

"The Cave of Two Lovers," Aimei replied.







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