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March 18th, 2015

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The Missing Avatars

Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Someday, The Lost Earthbender will bring balance to the world.

Jing was in the Avatar State, it was so dark, confused on where he was. An old woman appeared behind him.

"Hello, Jing," said the old woman.

Jing turned around and saw the old woman, who was in fact Korra. Jing walked towards Korra, like he knew that face from before. Jing's face was near Korra's face. Korra stepped back in disgust.

"Who are you? And why did you bring me here?" questioned Jing.

"I am Avatar Korra, the Avatar before you. You are in the Avatar State," replied Korra.

Jing knew what the Avatar was, so he said to Korra:

"My friends told me what the Avatar is. Are you my past life?"

"Yes," said Korra.

Korra explained and showed to Jing about the Avatar status:

"The duty of the Avatar is to master all four elements, earth, fire, air and water. You must use these elements to bring balance to the world. Using the Avatar State, you are at your most powerful, but also your most vulnerable. If you die in the Avatar State, the reincarnation cycle will be broken and the Avatar will cease to exist."

Jing was scared of what Korra explained.

"NO! I don't want to be the Avatar. Please choose someone else," an angered Jing said.

"You do not have a choice, Jing. 16 years locked up in that house of yours is NOT fun! I'd made mistakes, I almost killed the Avatar Spirit, which is now inside you. You may go back to the Avatar State any time when you're meditating or go to one of the temples during the winter or summer solstice. And one sad news to break to you, Song is not your mother. Good luck, Jing."

Jing was pulled backwards, "Wait, NOOOOOOO!" screamed Jing. Korra waved at him with good luck.

Jing woke up from the Avatar State, with heavy breathing and with heavy anger, realising that Song was not the mother he knew.

Luli and Chang went upstairs to find Jing in pain. They comfort him.

"I'm sorry, I thought you knew long ago and didn't want to come back," said Luli.

And Chang said, "Now that we know who you are, we need you to go to Republic City immediately!"

Jing nodded his head in denial. Jing looked out the window and saw Song arriving into the house. Jing ordered Luli and Chang to hide, not to be seen by Song; Luli hid in the closet and Chang first hid under Song's mattress. Jing looked at Chang.

"Really..." Jing said sarcastically.

Chang hid in a different place. This time he hid in the wardrobe. Song opened the front door and shouted Jing's name. Jing did not reply back, as he was hiding behind the old couch. Song called again, "Jing!". Suddenly, Jing jumped out and trapped Song with his earthbending. Song gasped with a scream:

"Jing! What are you doing!?" shouted Song. Song broke the earth with her Earthbending.

"You lied to my face for 16 years, I know you're not my Mother!" said Jing with anger.

Song knew this day would come. Luli sneezed accidentally. Song heard it vibrating to the earth. Jing heard the sneeze also. Song kicked the closet door, and used walls to teleport Luli into the arms of Song.

"Let me go! Jing, help me!" cried Luli.

Chang heard the screaming of Luli and ran downstairs to save her from Song. Song saw Chang and broke the door to teleport Chang into Song's arms with Luli. Jing watched in horror. Korra's voice inside Jing's head whispered, "Use the Avatar State. You will be at your most powerful, also most vulnerable; if you die in the Avatar State, the cycle will be broken and the Avatar will cease to exist." Suddenly, Jing's eyes glowed because of the Chi.

"Enough!" said Jing and Korra together.

Jing broke every door, and made an earth armour around him to earthbend fight with Song. Song let go of Luli and Chang and accepted the fight. Song made a giant boulder out of the floors and kicked it towards Jing. Jing smashed the boulder in a million pieces with a single fist, jumped towards Song and trapped her, squeezing her body tight; Jing grabbed Song by her shoulders and, as a result, made her unconscious. Jing's glowing disappeared and Luli and Chang suggested going into the Republic City.

"I will need to find my real parents. For now, how about a trip to the air temple? Oh, how amazing are the Airbenders?" said Jing.

"Which air temple? There's more than one," questioned Chang.

Luli shoved Chang for his rudeness and Jing said, "Whatever way is nearest."

"I'm coming with you, you need protection because you're the Avatar," said Luli.

"Team Avatar, let's go!" cheered Chang.

The team laughed and left the house as the police arrived to arrest Song for child abduction, as the team reached for flying bison transport. A mysterious man whose face was in the dark and only his eyes shown, looked at the Avatar with an evil glare.

"He's back!" said the mysterious man.

End of Chapter

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