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Young Ta Min
Isabella Rider
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Unknown (desceased)

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Air, Water, Earth, Fire


Bending, Avatar State


Liam Rider (Husband), John Rider (Son)


Anti Benders, Jeremiah, The Grandmaster (The Gunfighter), Gunslinger Loyalists (The Gunfighter)

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Gunslingers, Benders


Liam Rider (suggested)


John Rider

"There would be times where he would just sit and look at Mom, like he was afraid of loosing her."
— John on how Liam acted around Isabella during his childhood.

Isabella Rider, otherwise known as Avatar Isabella is a character that is mentioned in Avatar Fanons The Unknown and The Gunfighter, she also appears in flashbacks throughout The Gunfighter.


Early Life

What is known of Isabella's background is told through flashbacks and speech by Liam and John. It is known that her birthplace is near Liam's which has yet to be revealed. Despite the closeness of their birthplaces, the two didn't meet until Liam was Fourteen, about a year after he had earned his gun. Around in this time, the two fell in love, setting into motion their lives. It is believed that Liam taught Isabella how to Airbend.

Involvement in The Great War

When Liam and Isabella where Fifteen, The Great War erupted, plunging the World into chaos. Due to their positions as Avatar and Gunslinger, neither one of the young lovers could stay out of the conflict. At the age of Sixteen, Isabella engaged a massive army in order to protect a small village. She entered the Avatar State and smashed a good portion of the army, however much to Liam's horror she was cut down and killed, severing the Avatar Cycle.

After First Death

Over the next year, Liam journeyed to the World of the Avatar in order to search for the Ritcherdson Orb, an Artifact that would bring Isabella back to life and restore the Avatar Cycle. After recovering the artifact, he returned and used the Artifact's power, bringing her back to life and reigniting their love.

Rebuilding the World

Between the events of 'The Unknown' and 'The Gunfighter', Isabella and Liam married and had a Firebending son named John. Liam also became the Grandmaster of the Gunslingers and, coupled with Isabella's actions, set the world on a path of recovery after the War. During the off time, Isabella taught John how to firebend.

Second Death

After a time of peace, Isabella became pregnant with the couple's second child. This time however, Isabella fell ill and died in childbirth. The death of both Isabella and the unborn child left both Liam and John saddened without a since of direction in the world.


  • Isabella is the only character in the series to have died two deaths.
  • Liam and Isabella's relationship is similar to Aang and Katara's at the end of Book Two, as both non Avatars use something of great power to bring the Avatars back to life.
  • Isabella's name was a lot similar to Phineas and Ferb's very best friend Isabella Garcia-Shapero in Disney Channel's Original Series Phineas and Ferb.


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