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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan,

Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, Avatar: The Legend of Anana continuity.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, Avatar: The Legend of Anana.

Avatar Ilah
Biographical information

Princess, The Royal Lady Spirit of Sichuan Village


Fire Nation


82 (Death); 26 (As seen in the Spirit World)


1046 BG


964 BG (Age: 82)

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Firebender, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Lavabending, Lightningbending

Fighting style(s)

Firebender, Airbending, Waterbending, Earthbending, Lavabending, Lightningbending


Air Nomads, Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Fire Lady Hahaoya, Fire Lord Ayah (Formerly), Fire Lord Kaui, Fire Lord Kaolan, Avatar Arrluk, all Avatars (Past and Future Lives)


Fire Lord Ayah

Chronological and political information

Avatar, Princess of the Fire Nation


Fully-realized Avatar, Princess of the Fire Nation


Fire Nation Royal Family, Fire Nation

Ilah is the Fire Nation Avatar succeeding Avatar Xi Tong, and preceding before Avatar Kwan Chun and the Fire Nation Avatar prior to Avatar Rong Yan. Ilah will appear several times hopefully as planned in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, within Book Two or Book Three. Will be a minor character in Avatar: The Legend of Anana, Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei.


Early Life

Born into the Fire Nation, the next Fire Nation Avatar after Avatar Kaenakai and before Avatar Rong Yan. Born as royalty to Fire Lord Ayah and Fire Lady Hahaoya and into the Fire Nation Royal Family. Ilah is Fire Lord Zuko's and Princess Azula's ancestor.

At a very young age she was tested to see if she was the reincarnation for Avatar Xi Tong, as she passed the test, her identity was kept a secret to her. At the age of sixteen she was told of her status, on her sixteenth birthday by the Fire Sages.

The Unseen War

During her training around the world, it occurred during she when was on her waterbending training. Her father had set war against the Earth Kingdom, it was an old conflict that had erupted before she was born during the time he was crowned the Fire Lord. Though only during that time, it went low for a while but it erupted once more. The cause for the Fire Nation to call for war against the Earth Kingdom was because, the Earth King had imprisoned one of his ambassadors. As the Fire Lord pleaded for the release of this man, the Earth King refused to do so.

The Ambassador had accidentally killed one of the King's advisors, though the advisor had a criminal record, and was sent by someone within Ba Sing Se to assassinate the ambassador. The advisor thought that no one would figure out that it was him who had murdered the ambassador, since he was trusted by the Earth King.

She had learned about the secret war while training in the Earth Kingdom, reluctantly, she trained for earthbending in the city of Omashu, because the Earth King in Ba Sing Se would not allow it. After she mastered the element, she mastered the Avatar State with the Fire Sages who guided her through it.

Swift Justice Ends War

After Ilah, became a fully-realized Avatar, she confronted her father about the war with the Earth Kingdom. She told him to end the war, but he did not end it, she warned him that if he did not end the war that he will see his permanent end even if he was her father.

She traveled to the Fire Temple in the Fire Nation, and spoke with her past lives, Xi Tong nor Arrluk could assist her in her problem. She finally spoke with Avatar Mun Jin, he gave her the wisdom that she need she told him, "Even though he is your father you must do everything to end this war. To be fair and show the people of the world that you're a very powerful Avatar, Ilah you must make it fair and put swift justice both the Earth King and the Fire Lord, or the world will see it the wrong way if you end the Earth King."

Ilah traveled to Ba Sing Se, and barged into the Earth King's palace. The Earth King wanted the Fire Nation Avatar executed. She entered the Avatar State, killed all the guards and killed the Earth King himself. She soon left on her dragon, and went home. The news was spread around the world that the war was over, and that the Avatar had murdered the Earth King.

Earth Kingdom citizens were outraged because of this, the afternoon that she arrived home to see her father, she gave him her final goodbyes to him, again she entered the Avatar State, and murdered her father.

After a week the whole world had learnt that the Avatar not only killed the Earth King but also the Fire Lord. This pleased the Earth Kingdom citizens as they first believed that it was a hate crime and that she did it for the good of her nation. Seeing as she killed both the world understood that Ilah was part of all four nations and not the just the Fire Nation.

The New Fire Lord

There was no son to take the throne of the Fire Nation. Ilah and Fire Lady Hahaoya proposed the position back to the Fire Sages until Avatar Ilah bore the royal family a son.

Two years later, Avatar Ilah was married, nine months after that she bore twin boys. The oldest one was to be the crowned prince of the Fire Nation. After the oldest twin was old enough to rule the Fire Nation, the Fire Sages gave the royal position back to the crowned prince, who appointed the new Fire Lord three days later.

Fire Lady Hahaoya, died of old age three months after her grandson was crowned the Fire Lord. Avatar Ilah was depressed, for a very long time over her mother. Her husband was never made Fire Lord though.

Her oldest son, had ruled the Fire Nation for a short time, he had died from stomach cancer at the age of 32. Though he never married. Her youngest son, had taken the throne after his older twin had died. He outlived Ilah and ruled during half of Avatar Kwan Chun's life time.

Later Life

Avatar Ilah, had died of old age at the age 82, during her sleep. The Fire Nation including the Royal family and the Fire Lord mourned because of their loss. The world also did as well. In her honor a statue was made in the Fire Nation palace in the palace's courtyard. The Fire Temple, had also constructed a statue of Avatar Ilah in the Fire Temple sanctuary.

The statue is still there during Rong Yan's lifetime.


Born as the Avatar, in the Fire Nation. It was known that Ilah mastered all four elements and the Avatar State.


Firebending being her main element, her father Avatar Ayah, had trained the young Avatar the art, where she mastered it at the age of 15. It came naturally to her.

Shadowed female Fire Nation Avatar

Avatar Ilah, as she appeared to Avatar Aang, during his vision.


Fire Lord Ayah, had taught his daughter Avatar Ilah, how to generate lightning. He told her that there was no way of redirecting the lightning as in no one had seen the technique done in a very long time.

Though, later in her life, she rediscovered the technique of redirecting lightning. Which was later used by everyone who was a firebender.


She had learnt how to lavabend after she had mastered earthbending. As lavabend was an advanced art of firebending and earthbending. Only she was able to bend lava as she was the Avatar.


Traveling to the Eastern Air Temple, Ilah trained in airbending. Like firebending, airbending also came naturally to her. She had no trouble with airbending at all. She mastered the element in two years.


Traveling to the Southern Water Tribe, she stayed there for more than six years to master her waterbending. After three years, she finally began to get the hang of waterbending. As she mastered waterbending she moved on.


Ilah's final out of the four elements she needed to master. Earthbending was a little bit harder than Airbending and Firebending. She was taught by the King of Omashu, and mastered earthbending in three years.

Avatar State

She mastered the Avatar State in six months during her stay at the Fire Temple back on her homeland in the Fire Nation. After she had mastered the Avatar State she became a fully-realized Avatar. Able to enter and exit the Avatar State at will.



Avatar: The Smell of War


Avatar: The Legend of Anana


Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei

Book One: Fire


Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Two: Water

Book Three: Earth


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air

Avatar Rong Yan's Life

Ilah makes several appearances in Avatar Rong Yan's life, at first she comes to him in a dream, as a mysterious Fire Nation woman. Then later reveals herself, as his past life.

She gets where Rong Yan is coming from, on the Fire Nation perspective. And gives Rong Yan a lot of wisdom.

Avatar Aang's Life

During Avatar Aang's vision, Avatar Ilah was seen with a line of other Avatars, that appeared to Aang like Avatar Rong Yan, Avatar Ku Tei, and Avatar Ku Tei.

Avatar Korra's Life

During the time when Avatar Korra, had lost her bending to Amon, she had returned to the Southern Water Tribe or the compound she first was in, where Katara, had tried her best to heal Korra.


To no avail, Korra had left to cry at a snowy cliff, where she thought that Tenzin had approached her. When in fact it was Avatar Aang. She stood up, as Aang was conversing with her, and then appeared all of Korra's past lives.

Ilah was the Fire Avatar, in red and pinkish robes, with brown hair styled into weird hair loops, and she also wore the traditional Fire Nation princess ornament that was wore during her lifetime and the times before her. She is behind Avatar Yangchen and Avatar Rong Yan, and in between Avatar Kwan Chun, and Avatar Xi Tong.

Preceded by
Xi Tong
1046 BG - 964 BG (BG)
Succeeded by
Kwan Chun
Preceded by
Crown Princess
1046 BG - 964 BG (BG)
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Princess Azula


  • Avatar Ilah was named after Ilah, who was Fire Lord Azulon's wife, and mother to General Iroh and Fire Lord Ozai.

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