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(82nd) (M) Avatar Funka (701 BG – 516 BG) 185 years

(Japanese for Eruption)

(Fire Sage)

Avatar Funka was the prior Avatar to Yangchen. A Fire Sage as well, Avatar Funka devoted his life to understanding the history of the Fire Nation, and as such was responsible for compiling much of what is known about the Nation's history.

Funka was born in the Fire Nation city of Tetsu, the son of a local smith, Guan Ye and his wife, Li Chan. The third of three children, Funka never thought he was that special until the Fire Sages came to his village when he was about four. He selected the four items associated with the Avatar, and was told by the Fire Sages that he was the Avatar. He then left his family and joined the Fire Sages, studying the art of Firebending before going on his journey across the Four Nations to learn all the arts. Unlike previous fire Avatars, who mostly had dragons as their spiritual guides, Funka came upon a young Fire Ferret in trouble being attacked by a local lizard. Funka rescued her and adopted her as his animal, naming her Titi.

Together Funka and Titi toured the four Nations as he learned the bending arts. Funka was actually taught Airbending by Yangchen's future mother. It was in the Earth Kingdom that Funka met the man who had been the previous Avatar, Qiangxin. Strong, determined, and patient, Qiangxin was exceptionally helpful in helping Funka be patient in learning the bending arts, especially when it came to water. Whereas air and earth had taken him about a year each to master, it took Funka five years to master Waterbending. Upon mastering the elements, the full-fledged Avatar returned to Ember Island to study and learn more about the world at large.

During Funka's time as the Avatar, he studied the volcanoes and the ebb and flow of the lava. This inspired him to combine his earth and fire bending and to bend lava. This would later come in handy when a major eruption occurred around Fire Fountain City. In order to save the village, the seventy year old Funka entered the Avatar State, and was able to bend the lava away from the village, in order to protect it. He also was able to go inside the volcano and direct the lava flow through the tunnels. Funka also made a journey to Wan Shi Tong's library, and was able to study the history of the Fire Nation. Wan Shi Tong actually respected this incarnation of the Avatar, and let him leave peacefully.

Funka remained on Ember Island for the rest of his days as a member of the Fire Sages. He died peacefully in his sleep with his devoted Titi by his side.

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