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Avatar Episode: Adventure in the Night
While someone goes alone....
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The Ember Island Players


Sozin's Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King

My Fanon

Hello everybody! This is my first fanon and it's an Avatar: The Last Airbender series episode! This episode tell the story of the night after the show's "The Ember Island Players". If you want you can fix some grammar mistakes. But be careful not to change the story. Thanks, LegendaryNinja


Team Avatar returned to the beach place! Appa and Momo were sleeping. The guys got to sleep at the stairs of the mansion but Sokka was hungry and he went to find food! Sokka was searching in the trees and at the palm woods and suddenly he was caught by Ty Lee and Mai! Ty Lee blocked him.

"You will come with us." Mai said.

They wanted to catch him for clues about the Team Avatar invasion when Sozin's Comet fell. Ty Lee and Mai walked with Sokka to leave the island on a ship. Suddenly Sokka screamed very very loud and wakes up Momo, Appa, Aang and everyone. Mai and Ty Lee hit him and he fainted. Team Avatar wakes up. Katara asked where Sokka was. Aang and Katara went to the upside of the island with Appa to find him. Zuko and Toph where sitting and waiting for Aang and Katara to return.

Toph talked to Zuko and said to him "I haven't see your bad side. In my adventure with Team Avatar our enemies were Azula, Mai and Ty Lee. What were you doing before Aang met me Zuko?" Toph asked to Zuko.

"I was trying to catch Aang. Sometimes I did but he escaped every time. Now I chose the good side of myself, I don't Firebend to catch Aang. Now I am the teacher of Avatar Aang." Zuko replied.

Katara and Aang saw Sokka with Ty Lee in a ship they were escaping with Sokka on.

Sokka says at Appa, "Appa I'm here at the ship!"

Katara used water whip from Appa and hit Mai. Ty Lee took Mai's stilettos and hit Appa. Appa fell into the sea. Katara was healing Appa while Aang froze the water. The ship wasn't sailing. Aang froze Ty Lee and Mai and caught Sokka. They flew away with Appa but Appa was hurting from stilettos and he was screaming. Katara healed him again. They return to the beach. Appa went to sleep because he was very tired. Aang and Katara told the story to Toph and Zuko but not to Suki because she was sleeping the whole time with Momo. Momo and Suki didn't see anything. Suki learned about the story in the morning. Sokka again said he was going to find food.

Aang training his firebending

Aang after the adventure of the night

And Suki says to him, "Are you crazy? You don't remember what happened last night? You don't go alone ever again."

Sokka laughed and said, "Okay Mummy."

Zuko start to trains Aang in firebending again.



Ember Island


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