Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Drake: The Final Airbender in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Drake: The Final Airbender
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The Final Airbender

Avatar Drake: The Final Airbender (ADTFA shortened) is a fan made sequel to Avatar the last airbender. The show is set to take place around 350 years after the hundred year old war ended and during The Promise and The Search although it is not afflicted with the events in The Search nor the Promise. The show is about the 15 year old Air Nomad Drake that resides with his uncle and aunt who lives in the Fire Nation and are both fire benders. Unlike other Air Nomads Drake was placed with his uncle and aunt quickly after mastering airbending in order to master firebending as quick as possible but due to sudden events it was delayed a lot. Unlike other Air Nomads. Drake actually doesn't shave his hair. He still carries the Air Nomad tattoes granted when you've mastered airbending but he shares a similar haircut to Avatar Aang, except for the fact that his hair colour is brown. Avatar Drake currently only masters airbending and basic firebending. The show is supposed to include three books. Water, Earth and finally Spirit.

Book One: Water

Episode 1.

Aang and Katara have returned to the South Pole to establish a new home. Sokka and Suki welcomes them dearly when they reach Katara's tribe. Katara tells Kya that Aang and Katara is a couple now and Kya is overwhelmed with joy. She is so happy for them she decides to throw a feast in their honor, the entire tribe is invited but there is one condition. Aang has to find the food for the feast. After their talk with Kya. Sokka explains that it's a tradition at the tribe whenever someone is embraced and thrown a feast, they have to gather the food for it. Aang mentions to Sokka that he is a vegetarian and he is against killing animals so it will be hard for him. Sokka tells him not to worry about it and to leave it completely in his hands. Aang agrees but still has doubts about leaving it all in Sokka's hands. Katara takes Aang to go penguin skiing again to get his mind on other thoughts. After penguin skiing for about 15 minutes they come across the Fire Nation ship that they first saw the day they met. Katara said that she doesn't want to see this ship anymore since it's filled with bad memories. Aang decides to take care off that by sinking the ship rapidly. He uses his waterbending to summon a huge wave which devours the ship and takes it to the bottom of the sea. However a few seconds after the ship has struck the sea bottom there is a major impact that creates a glow. The glow becomes bigger and bigger and Katara and Aang now standing on the edge of the sea starts to walk back slowly towards the land in fear. After a few steps back, a huge ice circle bursts out of the water and lands on the ice. The circle is similar to the iceberg that Avatar Aang was stuck in for a hundred years. Katara realises that and forces Aang into somehow breaking the circle of ice. Aang uses waterbending to create a dagger of ice and then throws it towards the iceberg. The dagger pierces through the iceberg circle and a beam of air is executed from it. Aang and Katara are pushed back several meters. The iceberg crackles up and a beam of energy is launched up to the sky, similar to the one that was launched when Aang was released from the iceberg. Desptie the distance. Aang and Katara can clearly see that there's a boy meditating in the iceberg and that he appears to be glowing in his eyes and on his body. They walk slowly towards him whilst holding their hands up in a way of combat stance to defen themselves to potential dangers. When they finally take a step inside the iceberg. The glow just suddenly disappears and the boy falls to the ground. Katara rushes to him and catches him before he touches ground. His eyes are now slowly opening. Aang notices he has Air Nomad tattoes and tells Katara that he's an airbender. Katara ask him what his name is and he replies. I am Avatar Drake, where am I. Aang and Katara are both confused. Another Avatar in this world, could it possibly be true? Aang and Katara agree that he should be brought back to the village incase he needs medical attention or perhaps he's just hungry. Aang points out that any Air Nomad is a friend of his and that he should be given great hospitality from his friends. When Katara tries to lift Drake up his eyes burst wide open and he takes a step back from Katara. Katara asks him why he is so frightened from her. Drake subtelty asks if she is a waterbender. Katara replies that she is and she is one of the very few left on the South Pole. Drake becomes furious and performs an airbending attack on Katara which sends her over 20 meters away. Aang bursts into anger and withdraws his glider as a weapon. Drake tells Aang that any waterbender is an enemy to him. Katara rises herself up and screams toward Drake. Why did you do that!?. Drake tells her that a dead waterbender is a good waterbender. Sickened by his words Katara waterbends a waterwhip which she uses to hit Drake. Drake manages to dodge it by using an airbending slice, splitting the whip into two. Katara uses this to her advantage and grip Drakes both feet with the now two whips and makes him fall. Drake quickly raises his hand in order to make an another airbending slice. Aang quickly grabs his arm and takes it down slowly. I am the Avatar, not you. your wrong Drake quickly replies. Do you know where we are avatar Aang. Katara quickly replies. You are on waterbending territory so you better show some respect. So I reached the South Pole Drake mumbles. Look, I am sorry that I attacked you but from where I come from waterbenders are considered as enemies. And where do you exactly come from Katara asked. My home lies within the Fire Nation along with the Western Air Temple. Surprised now rather than angry, Aang asked drake if he was an Air Nomad. I am an Air Nomad raised by Fire Nation citizen, now tell me who you are. You say you are the Avatar yet the Order of the White Lotus confirmed that I was the one when I was 9 years old. That isn't correct, They only let the Avatars know their true origin when they are 16 years old. This isn't possible Aang, Katara quietly said. There can only exist one Avatar per lifetime.

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