Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Dimension in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Avatar Dimension
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Avatar Dimension is a fanfiction universe similar to the Avatar world with different history and geography.

Idea overview

People were living in the same world we are living in. A cosmic event caused some people to transport into another strange world were they found phantoms, mutant animals and plants, hybrid animals and plants and some normal animals.

The lost humans tried to survive in this world. There were good phantoms and bad phantoms. A few years later, humans found safe places under the protection of some phantoms. In each land there were a source of power. Those sources are stones which can give humans the ability to bend one of five elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Lightning). Under the rules of the phantoms, humans were able to use this power to survive and hunt, then they should return it to the stones. And who will steal the power will be caught, his power will be taken away and then he will be banished. Humans lived this way for 5000 years. Each land forgot about the other lands. Humans in the fire land started to get angry of the phantom rulers who started to be arrogant. A guy was named Minoru decided to find a way to live without the rule of the phantoms. He was banished out of the land but he stole the fire. he learned how to survive using it and the phantoms couldn't catch him. He learned how to be a firebender and was the first firebending master in the world. He discovered the truth about an evil phantom who was going cause a big war between phantoms which could destroy the whole ghost world. Minoru was united with a good phantom who told him about the other elements, he took the power of the other four elements and learned how to master them all. He fought the evil phantom and defeated him. He found portals which lead to another world, empty world similar to the world they were living in. Some humans took the bending to this world including Minoru, who called himself the Avatar. When Minoru was dead, the phantom was reborn in another human from the Air Nation, then water, then earth, then lightning. When the Avatar is dead another human is born with this power to be the new Avatar. Humans from each land took over a land or more in the new dimension. They created the Air Tribes, Water Republic, Earth Nation, Fire Kingdom and the Lightning Empire. The Avatars tried to keep the world safe from wars and phantoms attacks.

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