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Avatar Colosseum
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Duke of Skibbington


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Original run

20.8.2015 - 08.1.2016 Season 2

5.5.2015 - 10.7.2015 Season 1


Duke of Skibbington, Guests


Ever wondered who would win in a battle between Azula and Kuvira? Perhaps a deathmatch between Team Aang and Team Korra? Welcome to Avatar Colosseum - the Deadliest Warrior inspired fanon, where we compare the intelligence, weapons, armour and skills of various Avatar characters and put them head-to-head in a battle to the death.


In order to keep the battles fair, certain rules are in place:

  • Characters' personal feelings for each other will be ignored.
  • We compare characters at their peak, and not at their decline.
  • Characters are based on how they appear in their main series, so Aang would be 12, even though his older self appeared in LoK.
  • Factors such as a full moon and the sun will not be taken into account. Benders will perform to the best of their abilities - water at night, fire at day. Other things such as Sozin's Comet will only be used for two firebenders that have been seen during Sozin's Comet.


Aang vs Danny Phantom written 1 October 2017 to celebrate the end of high school. This is a one-off cross-over story that is both ghostly and ghastly in equal measure. 'An Avatar Wiki exclusive'.

Finale, 08.01.2016

For the very final battle, we have two champions, two fanon characters and a special fighter.
Guest writers: AvatarAang7, AvatarRokusGhost, DrachenRitter42, Skipper8888

Suyin v. Lin, 07.01.2016

The two Beifong sisters - daughters of arguably the most powerful earthbender of all time decide to settle their old grudge in a battle to the death. Who will win?
Guest writers: AvatarAang7, DrachenRitter42, Skipper8888

UnaVaatu v. Colossus, 29.9.2015

The two large spirit vine using tormentors of Republic City in the even numbered books of Avatar. Who shall win?
Guest writers: DrachenRitter42, Count Kibbles N Bits

Toph v. Bumi, 31.8.2015

The two most powerful earthbenders of the Hundred Year War. They battled before but who would win in a titanic confrontation to the death?
Guest writers: AvatarAang7, Count Kibbles N Bits, Neo Bahamut.

Avatar Royale, 20.8.2015

Who would win in a battle between all the Avatars who have displayed their bending abilities in either video games, comics, or of course, the main series.
Guest writers: AvatarAang7, DaiLaiHeping, SaitamaBro, Thebridge14, BadgermolesRus and Tono555.

Azula v. Kuvira, 5.5.2015

Two teen-aged, female bending masters. The only two people to defeat the Avatar in the Avatar State. Who would win in a fight to the death?

Sokka v. Asami, 6.5.2015

The Avatar's nonbending friends. The Avatar's brother in law against the Avatar's girlfriend. Who would win?

Aang v. Korra, 7.5.2015

The greatest Avatars since Wan, himself. Who would win in this titanic battle?

Zuko v. Mako, 16.5.2015

The Avatars' firebending friends. His master, and her boyfriend.

Iroh v. Ozai, 10.5.2015

Iroh and Ozai - two brothers with a claim to the Fire Nation throne. If Iroh agreed to fight his brother during Sozin's Comet, who would win?

Dai Li v. Yuyan, 14.5.2015

A special group battle. The secret police against the masters of precision.

Kyoshi Warriors v. Equalists, 15.5.2015

In another special group battle, the painted, all female warriors inspired by Kyoshi take on the masked chi blockers.

Ty Lee v. Lieutenant, 3.7.2015

Two secondary antagonists trained in fighting benders. Both of them betrayed their masters, whom they had previously dedicated their lives.

Katara v. Toph, 10.7.2015

Aang's female bending masters battle to the death. Who wins between the master bloodbender and the inventor of metalbending?

Finale, 10.7.2015

The champions of the previous rounds (less Iroh and Kyoshi Warrior) battle it out in a duel to the death.



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Avatar Colosseum
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Azula v. Kuvira - Sokka v. Asami - Aang v. Korra - Zuko v. Mako - Iroh v. Ozai - Dai Li v. Yuyan - Kyoshi Warriors v. Equalists - Ty Lee v. Lieutenant - Katara v. Toph - Finale
Season 2
Avatar Royale - Toph v. Bumi - UnaVaatu v. Colossus - Suyin v. Lin - Finale
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