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Avatar Bysam
Biographical information

Fire Nation; Air Nomads


Fire Nation


12 (In Book 1: Dreams) 18 (In Book 2 and 3:Revolution, Tornado)


100000 AG


10000000000 AG


Avatar Kyosho (As The Avatar) Fire Lord Max (As the fire lord)



Physical description


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Firebending, Waterbending, Metalbending, Earthbending, Plasmabending, Airbending, Lavabending, Sandbending


All Avatars, Raava, Kima, Polline, Vatuu (formerly


Vaatu, Kod, Dark spirits, Prince Max

Chronological and political information
First appearance

The Born Avatar

Last appearance

In Your Past

Finding Bysam

When General Iroh, still in his 180's is the Fire Lord, he gives his throne finally to his son Max, who is now 14. As Bysam was thought of as Korra, people made fun of his name. As Bysam knew Metalbending, he bended people away saw he won't be known as the Avatar. Iroh, still sad that they haven't found the next Avatar, tries to make Max the Avatar by going to the lion turtle. As Max did this, Bysam followed him and saw Max with the lion turtle pretending to have no bending, he became a Dark Avatar. When 10000 years is finished, Vaatu, still angry at Korra defeating him vanishes and traps Max into a big Novelty. Max doesn't know it's Vaatu and he says to give him Plasmabending (a part of Firebending) and he will help him defeat the Sages (Avatar). Bysam, seeing Raava, Raava fuses with Bysam and creates an energy radar making Max have Plasmabending, wiping everyone away. When Raava failed, Raava tells Bysam to learn Dreambending. Still in the age of 12, Bysam practises it with Raava and the other Avatars. In the end, Avatar Kyoshi, gives Earthbending, Avatar Kuruk, gives Waterbending, Avatar Aang gives Airbending, Avatar Roku gives Firebending and Avatar Kira gives Plasmabending. All four elements fused in one made Bysam tell the truth and know Dreambending.

In 10000 AG

After Avatar Korra reversed time in the city, Dreams and nightmares have been going around. As Max is doing the dreams, Bysam needs help to connect with someone. Spirit Avatar Aang tells Bysam to go to Asami Sato. Bysam then travels to the Air Nation where Asami is visiting. Asami later tells Bysam that she has been learned that the Avatar can't do everything in its path. It has to do it for you.

After Harmonic Convergence

Max was defeated and Bysam was killed as he was done with being the Avatar.

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