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Embarrassed, Earth King Flek instructed the Avatar to visit Master Brone in the Middle Ring of the City. Two guards gave Brek and his friends their stuff that had been taken from them. Then, the king asked the group of friends to leave. Silent with anger, they exited the throne room through the oversized door. The King didn't speak until he was sure that they were out of earshot.

"I want the Bao Hu Zhe on them every second. I don't trust them."

"What should they do with them if they find them with Revolutionists?" inquired an assistant.

"Kill them on the spot."

Team Avatar had been escorted off of palace ground by the Royal Guards, they headed for the Middle Ring to find Master Brone.

"That guy is a real jerk," commented Kaeta as he looked around for guards.

"Shh!" ordered Berani and Brek in unison. Kaeta turned to see two Bao Hu Zhe guards passing them on the street. These uniforms were different. They were white instead of black and the Earth Kingdom symbol on their chest was in black lines instead of white ones.

"Must be their day uniform," suggested Brek with disgust. "Alright, let's find out about this Brone guy."

Concurrently, two faces familiar to Brek were navigating the Lower Ring using a cheap map.

"The upper ring is this way, Kimma."

"No, Phronk. It's shorter if we cross this bridge here."

"What map are you looking at?"

"Do we even know if they're in the Upper Ring?"

"Where else would the Avatar be when visiting Ba Sing Se?"

"Are we even sure that the Avatar is a threat to us? I know he stopped you in Lalu, but perhaps we can convince him to join us."

"No, I can tell he would never do that. He has to go if we are to be successful."

The muscular Metalbender and deranged Bloodbender made a left turn into the market place. On that day, the marketplace was where everyone would meet before storming the palace and imposing democracy. Kimma and Phronk were handing flyers about the leaders of the revolt.

The flyers read: Romnus: Owner of Jasmine Dragon and experienced businessman Bachista: The most influential voice of the Revolutionist Movement-Ripp: The strongest Earthbender of Omashu

The two Isha leaders decided it would be worth their while to listen to the upcoming speeches of the leaders, but just as Romnus was about to address his supporters, twenty men and women in the white Bao Hu Zhe uniforms leaped over nearby buildings into the marketplace.

Kimma and Phronk looked at each other in confusion as people nearby screamed and tried to flee. Before they could comprehend the situation, two men shot metal fists at them. Phronk melted them in the air as Kimma forced them back with powerful water jets. She then formed a water sprout as she and Phronk prepared for a long battle.

Brek and his friend finally arrived at the place Flek at told them about to find a note on the door that read "I will return to the train when I am done fighting for what I believe in."

"What do you think that means?" asked Berani.

"Guys..." said Kaeta, pointing to the visible part of the Lower Ring below them.

Berani saw the violence that out broke and gasped. Then she said, "C'mon. We have to go help."

"Wait! Berani!" started Brek. "I want you to stay here. If you got hurt I couldn't live with-"

Berani silenced him by kissing him on the cheek. With a new surge of energy, Brek formed a platform of rock that he used to glide him and his friends down to the battle scene.

When they arrived, they were astonished to see Kimma and Phronk fighting side by side. Phronk spotted them and shouted to his friend, "Kimma! It's the Avatar!"

Kimma then descended from her water sprout and used it as a water drill against Kaeta. He bent the water behind him and back to Kimma, who threw it back in the form of ice spikes. The spikes were blocked by a moving earth wall formed by Brek. She continued to fire three more ice spikes at Berani, who smashed them to pieces with her katana.

The four had to pause their fighting when to Bao Hu Zhe agents approached. They each hurled two metal fists. Phronk punched the first two to block them from Kimma and Berani dodged the other two. Kaeta saw an opportunity to draw water from a stream and shoot a water bullet at Kimma. She stopped the water in its tracks, split it in two, and shot one stream at an agent, and the other at Brek. The Avatar fell to the grond. The two agents were preparing to attack again when they were taken out by boulders thrown by a few Revolutionists. Phronk levitated a boulder of his own before Berani sneaked up behind him and hit him with a few quick jabs. Phronk fell to the floor.

At that moment, more agents were closing in. A bunch had surrounded Brek when they fell to their knees in pain. Brek turned to see Kimma twisting her arms with a strained look on her face. He whipped his head again and witnessed blood spew from the agents' mouths.

"Brek, let's get out of here!" shouted Berani.

Brek looked back at Kimma and ran away with his friends. They slipped away from the battle, but stopped when they heard a man shouting after them.

"Avatar! Wait! I am a friend!"

The man caught up with them and introduced himself as Master Brone.

"Master!" started Brek. "We went to to your house and-"

"Listen! You can't stay here! We aren't going to win this battle, and after a revolt like this, the Earth King will hunt you down. I'm going to write to the Fire Lord. Leave Ba Sing Se and go to the Fire Nation capital to begin your training."

"Firebending? But I haven't mastered Earthbending yet."

"Brek, I saw you fighting back there. You are ready. Now go! We'll meet again."

Brek and his friends sprinted to the outer wall of Ba Sing Se and climbed to the monorail track. Berani shot down two guards with her arrow, and they ran through the tunnel and they were outside the city.

Author's Notes

The three Revolutionist leaders are based on three Republican Candidates for Presidency of the United States.

  • Romnus, the businessman, is based on Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts
  • Bachista, the inspirational voice, is based on Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota
  • Ripp, the southern leader, is based on Governor Rick Perry of Texas

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