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The Monarchy
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The metal box in which Brek and his friends were imprisoned shook as the truck made its way to the upper ring. They screamed and squirmed, but no one came to their rescue. Finally, the truck stopped, and Brek could hear the opening and slamming of the front doors. Then he overheard two men conversing with some others.

"We found three roaming a dark alley in the lower ring."

"Are you sure that they're revolutionists?"

"They were near the hideout we discovered. We also believe that they were the ones who killed two of our agents."

"Alright. Throw them in the prison. The king will preside over their hearing tomorrow morning."

One side of the metal box was ripped off, exposing the sight of five men in Bao Hu Zhe uniforms. They blindfolded the teens, and removed them from the cage. As soon has Brek felt the ground, he began to stomp his feet. The man next to him was hurled into the air by an earth column and another was hit in the back. The other three quickly apprehended the rebellious Avatar.

Brek felt himself being led into some kind of dungeon. He heard what sounded like the door of a prison cell open, and he was thrown into the area in front of him. He landed with a thud and perceived the sound of the door closing shut.

"Who are you guys? What do you want?" Brek demanded. He could make out footsteps becoming quieter and quieter until he was sure that the men had left. The Avatar called out for his friends but received no response. He had no choice but to lie there and try to fall asleep.

During his dream, he was walking on an icy floor during a blizzard. He took a few steps before a swirling vortex of snow revealed an old woman wearing a Water Tribe robe.

"I am Avatar Korra," she announced. "The Avatar who came before yourself."

"Avatar Korra! How are you talking to me?"

"I see you were never told that I would reveal myself to you. I am speaking with you because I must warn you. Tomorrow, Earth King Flek will interrogate you. You cannot tell him that you are the Avatar. Understand?"

"Why not? And why will the Earth King interrogate me?"

"He is very paranoid, Brek. He wants to ensure that his rule as monarch remains intact. You will be on trial for treason."

"But I didn't do anything."

"Well, that's what you'll have to convince him."

"I never thought that this idea of democracy would get so far."

"Its voice will continue to grow until the two sides erupt in civil war."

"War?" he thought for a moment. "But I'm the Avatar! I can help!"

"These people are stubborn, Brek. They're not going to listen to a child, even if you are the Avatar. That's why you must leave to the Fire Nation as soon as you can. Mastering the elements and the Avatar State is the only way to calm this struggle."

"So what should I do tomorrow?"

"It will come to you." With that another round of swirling snow engulfed Korra, and she disappeared.

Brek woke up startled. From then on, he couldn't fall back to sleep. He was trying to let this new information sink in.

Meanwhile, the usually peaceful Southern Air Temple was in unrest. "Onjiing, stop! You don't know what this can cause! You can't do this!"

The figure in thin black robes turned to face the young Air Nomad.

"Don't tell me what I can't do," said the figure as it raised its hands that contained tattoos of arrows. The figure clenched its hands and the nomad began to suffocate. There was no air for him to breathe. The helpless nomad collapsed on the floor, dead. The figure in black blew the lifeless body backwards with a gust of wind before vanishing into what seemed to be thin air.

Morning came too soon for Brek. He wasn't prepared to face the Earth King. Despite his fears, two guards arrived at his cell and escorted him up some stairs, across a courtyard, and through several corridors where they removed his blindfold. The first thing Brek saw was the elderly Earth King perched on his throne.

"I know who you are, Brek," he said.

The Avatar remained silent.

"That's how you act in the presence of your king?" He sighed. "It troubles me that you've joined the Revolutionists. It really does."

"I have done no such thing, Your Highness."

"Then what were you doing by their hideout? And how do I know you and your friends aren't members of the Isha?"

"Where are my friends?" cried Brek.

Flek gestured at two of his guards, who exited and returned with Berani and Kaeta.

"Some king you are! One who rules out of fear," Brek continued

"Pardon me?"

"No wonder your subjects want you out! You are no leader of the people, you rule for your own good! Perhaps you'd make a better king on a desert island by yourself. Then you'd satisfy all."

"Enough!" The king was visibly angry as he got to his feet. "I don't care what your purpose for being here is! You will learn respect." He stomped on the ground, levitating a thick earth coin. He pushed his hands forward and the coin shot at Brek. Brek was thrown onto his back. The king took a few paces forward and cloud of dust shrouded the Avatar.

Out of the cloud sped a powerful gush of water. Flek flew through the air back onto his thrown.

The dust had dispersed to unveil Avatar Korra with glowing eyes. She flicked her fingers, and Berani and Kaeta's blindfolds exploded in a burst of water. She then gathered a pool of water above her and crossed her arms viciously, sending ice spikes at the guards rushing to stop her.

With a jet of water, she propelled herself towards the king.

"How dare you harm the Avatar?" she beckoned. "He is the only one who can silence the Isha! You will help him master Earthbending."

King Flek was displeased with her commands but agreed to her whims nonetheless.

Avatar Korra backed off, and a powerful geyser erupted encircling her body. Brek had taken her spot. Then, with a look of disgust, King Flek bowed down on his knees. "Avatar, I am at your service."

Author's Notes

The appearance of Korra in throne room acts as Deux ex Machina, a component in many plays that originated in Greek tragedies in which the conflict is resolved abruptly by a higher power or natural force. A famous example of Deux ex Machina in Classic Literature occurs in the Greek Homer's The Odyssey when the Goddess Athena resolves the quarrel between Odysseus and his wife's suitors.

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