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The Metalbender stepped back in awe. "Avatar! We are on your side! We believe in the power of benders!"

He was retorted to by the furious voice of all the Avatars. "You are a disgrace to all benders! Leave this place or face the ultimate destruction!" Brek leaped towards the man and thrust his two fists forward, covering the street in front of him in fire. The Earthbenders barely had enough time to escape underground. They never resurfaced in Brek's path, and the Avatar's eyes returned to normal. Brek was able to stand for a second before collapsing on the ground.

Kaeta rushed to Berani and helped her out of the crate she had crashed into.

"I was fine, Kaeta. I can handle things myself! Just because you can bend doesn't mean I need you." Berani felt guilty as soon as she said it. "I-I'm sorry."

Kaeta didn't have time for a long lecture of forgiveness. They had more important matters at hand.

He then unfroze the head of the man he captured. "Who are you and why did you attack this village?" Kaeta demanded.

"We are here to cleanse the Earth Kingdom of a benderless town."

"Got a problem with non-benders?" asked Berani, holding up her katana.

The man simply grunted.

"Why shouldn't we kill you?"

"Because we're doing the world a favor."

"I'll do the world a favor!" Berani began to swing her sword, and Kaeta looked away. They went over to the man on the floor that Kaeta had sliced with an ice disk. He was dead.

"Guess we're not taking prisoners," he said half-jokingly.

Berani didn't hear him. She noticed that Brek had fainted. "Brek!" she dashed to his aide. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I just feel weak."

"You were amazing! How'd you do that?"

"I- I don't know."

The women of Lalu realized they were safe and emerged from their hiding places. They thanked the teens and offered them medicine and roast duck for their journey. They also gave them an ostrich horse. The team accepted with pleasure and left the village. Brek let Kaeta and Berani ride it while he walked.

They wandered south toward a town they heard was famous for great Earthbending and ate the duck for lunch. Since the city was still pretty far way when night fell, the team decided to camp out in the woods they were in. They pitched a tent in a large clearing surrounded by trees.

Again, they were woken up by a disturbing noise. This time, it sounded as if a beast was being tortured. Frightened, they exited their large tent. The three hid behind a tree and witnessed an enormous creature moaning in pain as its limbs moved in spastic motions. Looking past it, they could see a young woman with very dark and very curly hair that reached her hips. She was twisting her arms and wrists as the beast rolled on the ground and twitched. Finally, she ceased.

"See how it's done?" she asked with a cold voice.

"Yes, Kimma," responded about three voices together.

"Good. Notice that I didn't even need a full moon. Now chain it up, and we'll continue tomorrow." Two men in blue, black, and purple jumpsuits chained the animal to a few trees and walked away.

When they were gone, Brek, Berani, and Kaeta examined the creature. After looking at it, Berani concluded that it was an armadillo lion. Although this one was much more sizable than normal ones. The chains were made of stone, and Brek smashed them. They walked to the armadillo lion's face; it sniffed them and decided Brek was okay to lick. The trio laughed, but fell silent when they heard voices.

"Who's there?" demanded Brek before he involuntarily threw his body to the ground.

The other two tried to react, but they couldn't move an inch.

"Ooooh! What do we have here? Wanderers?" The woman called Kimma stared them with a crazed look before displaying a menacing smile and a short giggle. "I don't think I should let you three go. No, that wouldn't be good at all."

Kimma raised her hands and began a series of sudden, twisty movements. Kaeta flew back into a tree, and Berani drew her katana. She raised it above her head and glided towards Kaeta. They both screamed, closed their eyes, and looked away.

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