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Kaeta looked down from Pumi too see Zola's blank stare at the ground as she rode her mongoose dragon. He could tell that she was thinking of the murder of her parents. Who wouldn't be he thought. He remembered his own parents and how his father used to take him fishing.

It wasn't too long before Team Avatar reached a spring drink and rest by. Kaeta approached Zola casually as she refilled her canteen.

"My parents died years ago," he said softly.

Zola looked up at him with tears in her eyes. After a slight pause, she embraced him.

Kaeta did his best to reassure her. "Everything's going to be okay. Brek's going to defeat Kimma and your brother and-"

"No. They're mine," she stated coldly. "I'm going to do whatever it takes to kill Kimma."

Neither of them spoke for a moment. They remained silent until Brek called Zola over.

"So, where exactly is this person who can help us?" he inquired.

"Not too far."

"Who is he."

"Not he, they. And they're known as the Sun Warriors. When my ancestors, Sozin, Azulon, and Ozai invaded the other nations, the Sun Warriors were the only ones to stay value peace and the real meaning of Firebending. I know that they will still hold these values today. I just know it."

Brek gave a trusting nod.

It was Berani's turn to speak. "In the meantime, we should probably check out the nearest village for some more supplies."

The other three agreed.

Back in Kekuatan, Kupo rushed out of his home when he heard booming noises outside. After examining the situation, he discovered men in Earth Kingdom military uniforms storming his village. He turned to see Kroopook and Fong Lee, the uncle and father of Kaeta and Berani.

"What's going on?" he demanded.

"It's the monarchy! They've done it! They've started war!" responded Fong Lee.

"Then it's war they'll get! Batu, get out here! We have a democracy to fight for!"

The Firelord's chamber was dark, gloomy, and partially destroyed from the recent struggle. Zhouray and Kimma sat patiently for their master to enter. It wasn't long before a figure dressed entirely in black forced the grand doors open with a powerful gust of wind. The new Firelord and his lady stood and bowed in respect.

"Get up," said the figure.

"Master Onjing, all has gone according to plan," reported Zhouray.

"Good, good. You have made me very proud, Zhouray." The Firelord was too fearful to express even the slightest joy or gratitude. Onjing continued. "I too was successful. At least partially. I took out a few inferior chiefs of the North Pole, but their primary leader is alive."

Kimma burst out. "But you promised to destroy all non-benders in the North Pole! I don't want my home tarnished by- ugh, uhh, agh" she could no longer talk. Without any air to breathe, she fell to her knees, asphyxiating. She could barely pronounce her next word. "Ple-ease" she gasped. Finally, Onjing released her from his deadly bending. She rose to her feet, sniffling.

"I understand your passion, Kimma," the Airbender continued. "That's why I thought we'd purify the Water Tribes together. "I want you both to come with me. Sangti will manage things here while we are gone."

"But sir, Sangti is an Earthben-" Zhouray immediately became silent after a sharp glance from his master.

"Concurrently, Phronk will further our support in the Earth Kingdom. One day, we will finally complete our work in Republic City."

"And all will praise the name Onjing, the Cha Jin De slayer!" Kimma announced.

"Yes, and you too will be glorified. I only have one more question. What did you do with the other master Firebender you were describing."

"We locked him up."

"The charges."

"Since he trained the Avatar, who was a threat to the Fire Nation, we charged him with treason."

"Good, I would like a word with him."

Author's Note

This Chapter was neither action-packed nor a filler. It simply sets the tone for the rest of Book 2:Fire Nation. Enjoy and comment!

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