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Installment of a Tyrant
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"You degenerate little animal!" Infuriated, Kimma lashed out at Zola with a powerful water whip, cutting her face. The princess's expression showed the pain of the sting. Zhouray followed with a fire blade that forced Zola backwards unscathed.

Before Brek could attack from behind, Kimma reached back and encircled the Avatar with water. By throwing her arms over her head, she forced a wave carrying the boy through the air straight into Kaeta and Berani who were still attempting to free themselves from their binds. After crashing into his friends, Brek quickly rebounded and shattered his handcuffs with Earthbending. With a rapid succession of stomps, he smashed nearby guards into the ceiling with earth pillars. Then, he sent a stream of fire towards another. The Avatar finished his sequence of attacks by sinking Kimma into the ground.

At that moment, Huang rushed into the chamber. Immediately, Zhouray leapt forward and launched lightening from his fists. What Huang did next was remarkable: He seemed to catch the lightening. His slow, graceful arm motions caused the bolts to orbit around him as he began to levitate in the air. After a slight pause, he landed hurling the lightening into the hearts of eight guards and one into the hands of Zhouray, who was knocked into the wall behind him.

"Go Brek! Leave this palace!" he barked.

Brek hesitated.

"Did you not hear me? I said go! Now!"

Brek rushed to help his friends to their feet and released them from their handcuffs. The four sprinted through the shockingly silent corridors of the palace. When they reached the stables, Brek, Kaeta, and Berani mounted Pumi as Zola quickly hopped on a mongoose dragon.

It wasn't until the team had completely vacated the palace when they heard a booming explosion. They looked back to see a massive cloud of dust formed around the once-beautiful palace. Out of the ashes emerged the crazed Waterbender who apparently had escaped from her entrapment in the ground. With a flick of her wrist, a spiral of water struck Zola off her beast. Brek turned to help only to nearly be killed by an incoming fire blast. Kaeta neutralized their attacker with a water supplied by a nearby pond, but the three friends could only look on with despair as an uncountable number of Imperial Firebenders charged towards them.

When all hope seemed lost, squads of Royal Spearman surfaced from the destroyed palace. While, they were putting up a good fight, it soon became clear that the Firebenders had the upper hand. Brek turned to look for Zola, but the princess was nowhere to be found. With that, he commanded Pumi to flee the battle.

"I killed the Firelord! I killed the Firelord! The Firelord is dead!" Kimma sang while she chased after Zola. "Luzan is no more! The Cha Jin De is silenced!" She boasted her malicious deed as the two dashed trough the streets of the capital city. With each word, Zola became more and more enraged...just as Kimma wanted her to. Finally, Zola sprung off her mongoose dragon and attacked Kimma with a firebomb. Zola's target simply propelled herself onto a nearby rooftop with a jet of water. She smoothly evaded each fireball and blast that came towards her. Seeing Zola become weary, Kimma smiled her trademark, cynical smile. Her smile vanished, however, when a bolt of lightening struck the tiles right in front of her feet, launching her back into the street behind her.

Zola continued to hurry through the streets now full of commotion. Citizens were attacking guards and each other, unsure of whom to trust. After dodging a few attacks from what used to be her loyal subjects, she regrouped with the other three. Together, they proceeded to the Royal Plaza where they could see battlements attacking the Fire Nation's own tanks. Seeing this, the group decided to escape to a nearby hill. Brek stumbled off Pumi and grabbed his head with is hands.

"What do I do? Korra! I need your help!" At these words, Brek's eyes began to glow and he was suddenly surrounded by clouds.

"It's good to see you, young Avatar," the voice came from an old man with long white hair in Fire Nation apparel.

"Who-who are you?"

"I am Avatar Roku."

"Avatar Roku, how do I stop this? How do I stop Zhouray and Kimma?"

"During my reign as Avatar and the reign of every Avatar, there have been villains that your past lives have defeated. We challenged strong warriors and benders like Koh the Face Stealer, Chin the Conqueror, Firelord's Sozin and Ozai, Jun, Amon, and more."

"How did you triumph over them?"

"The only way to beat them is to face them directly. But if there's one thing I know from my mistakes as Avatar, it is that you must not let Zhouray control the minds of the people. Sozin convinced the entire Fire Nation that we had the right to destroy the other three. You must not let Zhouray do the same with the non-benders."

Brek thought of Berani. "I won't...I love one."

"I know you can do it Brek. We all know." After these words, Roku vanished and Brek returned to the hillside.

"What was that?" demanded Kaeta.

"We have to get out of here. We can't beat them now. We're not ready."

"And how exactly to we become ready?" Berani asked.

Brek didn't know the answer. He looked at the ground hopelessly.

Finally, Zora spoke. "I know someone who can help."

Back in the palace, Zhouray and Kimma celebrated their victory.

"Finally, someone fit for the throne has risen to power," said Zhouray has he put his foot on the face of his dead father. Stomping, he combusted the face of the former Firelord.

"And I am Queen, of course," Kimma noted.

Zhouray ignored her. "Let Onjing know...the job is done."

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