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Turning Your Nation Against You
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Two Days Until New Era

"Chief! Chief! Chief, get up! We need help over here!" The Waterbender turned to see his fellow villagers being massacred and their igloos being destroyed by small tornadoes. Looking up, he could see cluster of black smoke darting through the air. It landed on the snow in front of him, and out of the smoke emerged a figure in all black. The figure stretched its left, bony arm and flicked its wrist, knocking the Waterbender back with a gust of wind.

Brek was getting dressed when he heard a maid knocking at his door. "Avatar Brek? Master Huang would like to see you."

"One moment," he called back. After a moment, he opened his door and greeted the cheerful maid. She led him to a large courtyard with benches, potted trees, a small pond, and an empty area in the middle. He could see Huang across the courtyard. He was meditating and breathing heavily with his eyes closed. Suddenly, without hesitation, Huang sprung to his feet and began shooting fireballs from his fists at Brek. The Avatar reacted by forming a rock wall. Expecting this, Huang smirked, lunged forward, and thrust his arms creating a massive fire blast that blew through Brek's wall with ease and flung him back ten feet onto the ground.

"What was that for?" Brek cried.

"You can't keep thinking like an Earthbender, Brek! No more can you wait for your opponent to attack only to use a defensive move. You have to be aggressive like a Firebender!"

Brek immediately stomped the ground three times, levitating three rocks. He hurled them forward at his new master who propelled himself over them with fire and sent a blazing ring at Brek when he landed. Enraged, Brek threw himself through the flames and shot back fireballs of his own. After blocking the fire, Huang clapped.

"There we go! I knew you'd get the hang of it quickly. You're learning at a faster rate then Zola did!"

"Is that how we're going to start of every practice?" asked Brek, now slightly laughing.

Huang laughed back and responded. "It means we don't have to start every practice with breathing exercises. Come closer, I want to show you the fire line move."

Brek walked towards his master and joined him on the large floor mural of some kind of flower.

Meanwhile, Berani was conversing with Firelady Zelda.

"I've always loved Fire Nation cuisine," said Berani cheerfully.

"If you want to learn how to bake delicious fire flakes, you came to the right woman."

Kaeta was ambling through the palace halls looking for Berani when he was approached by Zola, the cute princess he saw at dinner the previous night.

"Oh, hey, princess lady, uhh I mean madam, uhh I mean-"

Zola giggled to herself. "Call me Zola." Kaeta smiled awkwardly as she continued. "So you're the Avatar's friend?"

"His best friend," responded Kaeta. "You must be really impressed with him."

"Sure he's impressive, but you go on all of the dangerous adventures too, right?"

"Uhh," Kaeta lowered his voice. "Of course."

"So..wanna go to the market place?"

"You go the market place?"

"Nobody will recognize me. Come on, it's great to get out of this prison."

The two strolled through the beautiful capitol city until reaching a bustling area with merchants, artists, and outdoor restaurants.

"Sephora! It's been a while!" exclaimed one man as he worked on his carvings.

"Too long, Chu!" Zola responded.

"Sephora?" muttered Kaeta under his breath.

"Sephora! Help me with these berries, dear!" one woman called. Zola went to join her and Kaeta wandered through the marketplace with amazement. As he was passing a few merchants, a dark conversation caught his attention.

"What do you guys think about what Zhouray's been telling us?" asked a scrawny man.

"I think he's right! Luzin isn't fit to be our leader," responded a fat man.

"How can you say that? He's been a great Firelord!" argued an aging woman.

"Even if he is a good Firelord, Zhouray is going to win. Any day now, the royal family will fall to Isha forces."

Hearing this, Kaeta found Zola and rushed back to warn the Firelord.

Author's Notes

This Chapter Acts as More of a Filler Chapter.

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