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A Royal Welcome

After successfully escaping Ba Sing Se's city limits, Brek, Kaeta, and Berani quickly made their way to the zoo to regain possession of Pumi. The zookeeper was five pieces short, so he offered a cat-owl in return. Berani accepted with glee before Brek could speak, and the group prepared to leave for the Fire Nation.

Riding on Pumi's back, Brek was contemplating how much work being the Avatar actually was. What if I can't stop the Isha? What if the Earth Kingdom erupts in civil war? he thought to himself. Berani was thinking of something else: Everyone back there had amazing bending abilities. Why wasn't I given the gift of Earthbending? It isn't fair.

Both were interrupted by Kaeta. "Guys, do we even know where we're going?"

Brek looked up, and his eyes grew wide as he realized that he had no idea how to answer Kaeta's question. "I know where we're going," he replied. The other two looked at each other, knowing he was lying.

Finally, they arrived at a place called Full-Moon Bay. There, they were able to buy tickets to Ember Island in the Fire Nation.

"No animals on the ferry!" snarled a particularly grumpy woman behind a podium.

"Can't you make an exception for the Avatar?" asked Brek hopefully.

"Oh sure, another Avatar."

Brek looked at Kaeta and read his friend's thoughts. Brek stomped to levitate a rock while moving his right wrist in a twisty motion. Kaeta twisted his own wrist behind his back to cause a puddle of water to rise and spin around.

"The Avatar!" cried the woman in amazement. "Eh, I suppose I can make just one exception."

The friends pridefully boarded the ferry with Pumi. After eating an awful dinner and telling stories on the deck, Berani and Kaeta fell asleep; Pumi rolled up into his armadillo ball. Unable to sleep, Brek stood up and began to stroll around. While walking, he accidentally stepped on a woman's sleeping bag.

Kimma grunted, opened her eyes for a brief moment, and fell back asleep.

"Sorry," whispered Brek completely oblivious that he had just interacted with the same woman who tried to kill him earlier.

Unfortunately, the Fire Nation Royal Palace wasn't experiencing the tranquility that Brek's ferry was.

"Listen old man! You're a joke around here. You're nothing but a lousy Cha Jin De! You bring the Fire Nation no good. Just look at yourself!" A young man towered over a man that was much older and more frail.

"I'm your father! You're mother and I raised you. You owe us respect! We were always there for you!" responded the elderly man.

"And now I'm here for you, Father. I'm saving you from further embarrassing yourself! You think that you're qualified to run this nation? Well, you're not! Because you can't do this." The young man shot a Fireball in front of his father's feet.

"Please! You are confused!"

"The only ones who are confused are the ones who still find non-benders like yourself useful in this world - in our world." He paused.

"This - This is treason! Keep this up and I'll have you executed in a heartbeat! The title of Fire Lord is mine, not yours!"

The prince laughed. "I'll let you keep your pathetic title for now, but your time will come. Remember that." He exited through a metal door, leaving his father trembling and alone.

As usual, Ember Island was bright and sunny. Team Avatar ran onto the beach and surveyed their surroundings. Some girls were tanning to their left, and other girls were playing volleyball to their right. Unsure which way to go, Kaeta ran off in excitement. The other beach goers turned to the group and stared.

"Guess they've never seen an armadillo-lion on their beach," Berani joked to Brek.

"Great, another one," remarked an older woman.

"Can't they get the message that they aren't wanted here?" asked another man, who was with his two young kids.

The vacationers could tell by Berani's katana and shield that she was a non-bender.

"Hey, Cha Jin De, why don't you go breathe in someone else's air!" shouted a boy to the response of laughter.

Realizing that they were referring to her, Berani immediately understood that the area had a heavy prejudice against non-benders. "I wish I was a bender - okay?" Crying, she ran off the beach.

"Berani, wait up! We don't need these jerks," Brek called after her.

He caught up to Berani at the boardwalk.


"Stop! Just stop! You don't know what it's like. You're a bender. You're the Avatar!" She wiped some tears off her face. "And I'm nothing; I'm powerless."

"Berani, I've never seen anyone more capable with a sword or bow than you."

She sniffed and smiled at her friend and smiled back. Pummi walked up to them, yawned, and fell on the floor, whining for Berani to pet him.

Back in the Royal Palace, the young man who earlier threatened his father appeared in the entrance hall to welcome his new guest. His servants brought in the deranged, curly-haired Waterbender known as Kimma. She looked at the prince and smiled her cynical, wicked smile.

Author's Notes

Cha Jin De is the phonetic spelling of the Chinese word for "useless" it is a harsh word used to describe non-benders in the fanon

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