Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Avatar Book 3: The Host in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Fire Fountain City
The Host
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Book Two: Spirits


The Legend of Korra


After Korra opened the portals to the Spirit Realm, peace was becoming a thing. Humans and spirits should know how to live together between the two worlds, but she didn't know that worse things than humans lie in the Spirit Realm, The Elemental Spirits have awoken from their slumber and they will claim what is rightfully theirs.


  • Azulon, he never knew his parents and he is the grandson of Azula.
  • Korra, she is being very emotional by having a big responsibility on her shoulders, she is trying her best to be one of the best Avatars, but she never experienced a threat like this.
  • Avatar team, they are disintegrating slowly, Mako is being under pressure by Chief Lin Beifong but his feelings towards Asami are getting stronger, Asami is being busy running her company and hanging around with Mako, Bolin signed a new agreement with another movie company to film Nuktuk the New Hero from Republic City.
  • Azula, she managed to escape from the mental institution where she was being hold, now her only goal is to take back what she always wanted.
  • Urabach, the Fire Elemental Spirit has arrived to the Fire Nation helping his host to become a deadly weapon.
  • Abatu, the Earth Elemental Spirit, he is waiting for Urabach to show up in the Spirit Realm, who knows what are his intentions to the world.
  • Princess Yue, the Water Elemental Spirit, she's been protecting the Water Tribes for a long time, but the Water Spirit took already her host in the Avatar Aang time and she'll do whatever she can to help her people.
  • Garuda, the Air Elemental Spirit, he is the most powerful Elemental Spirit of all.
  • The Lieutenant, everyone thought he died since Amon hurt him, he got help from a mysterious company, now he owes his life to this person.
  • Hiroshi Sato, after he got in jail in Republic City his bail was paid by someone in the Fire Nation, know he is working in an underground bunker for military research.
  • Zuko, he is taking care from the Fire Nation Capitol since his teenage years, there hasn't been a big problem in his land, but darkness is growing from the inside.
  • General Iroh, he left from the Republic City with the United Forces to aid his Nation.
  • Iroh (spirit), since the portals are open Iroh is wandering around the world helping people to be in a spiritual way.
  • Desna and Eska, after the events of their father Unalaq they went back to the Northern Water Tribe to inform their mother about their loss, but the Water Element Spirit was waiting for them to warn them about this new threat.
  • Varrick, after he escaped from the prison in Republic City, he moved to the Fire Nation Capitol to run again his business, investing part of his money on a company ran by Hiroshi Sato.
  • The Equalist, they are more deadly than before with new technology on their hands.
  • Yuyan Archers, after the events of Avatar Aang the Yuyan Archers were chased by the police of the Fire Nation, just the most skillful managed to runaway.
  • Southern Raiders, they became pirates after Zuko took the throne.


Chapter 00: Elemental Spirits

Chapter 01: Champion

Chapter 02: Sending a Message

Chapter 03: Being Surrounded

Chapter 04: Farewell Fire Fountain City

Chapter 05: Water Spirit

Chapter 06: Family Issues

Chapter 07: Spirit Realm

Chapter 08: A Tale (part one)

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