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Bao and Gai
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place



about 23

Physical description








Hair color


Eye color

Black with a yellow tint

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Prefers flashy techniques


Firebender, Airbender, Earthbender, Waterbender, Energybender, Spirit powers


Anansi(father), Gai (brother)


Gai, Dee


Fangs of Tiger, White Lotus, Gai.

Chronological and political information





Avatar Bao spent very little time in his family home before going off to master the elements. After he began parading his abilities in front of the entire city for attention, giving the White Lotus little choice in the matter. He made little effort to keep in touch with his brother or father, and after their mother died even less so. Not out of any malice, but more out of him being too busy. He mastered all the elements before he turned 14 making him a prodigy even among Avatar standards. Bao's inherited spirit powers have been a huge asset to him in his life, allowing him to master the delicate art of energybending in a day, as well as other perks, such as the power to bend reality itself.

Personality and appearance

Charismatic, charming and witty. Bao makes everyone around him smile with his mere presence. However he is very fickle, easily distracted or bored with something especially if something new grabs his attention. He loves to show off his abilities and is proud to be the Avatar. However he refuses to fulfill any of the responsibilities as he never sees any importance in them. Often ignoring tasks or doing the minimum required to keep the White Lotus off his back. In his mind, the world revolves around him and exists for the sole purpose of giving him a good time. He has never tried to consult his past lives on anything much to the grief of the White Lotus.

Appearance wise, Bao is incredibly handsome. With an athletic build and long hair, women fall in love from the moment they lay eyes on this Avatar. Often sporting the latest fashion craze, if not setting a few himself.

Relationship With Family

Bao has a very complicated relationship with his family. He has a genuine love for his mother, staying in contact with her the most out of the family. It was at her funeral that he and Gai first met for nearly 20 years. He has had very little contact with his father during his training. Visiting him for help with his spirit powers as a student (lasted nearly a month). Mainly because his father is an immortal spirit, so (he reasons) there will be plenty of time for father-son bonding later in life.

He has had absolutely minimal communication with his brother Gai (who forgot he had a brother). Bao has always found other things that were far more interesting than his brother to occupy himself with. Bao believes his brother is merely jealous of his power and looks whenever the two argue.

Powers and Abilities

As the Avatar Bao can bend all four of the elements as well as energy at master level of expertise. Being a son of Anansi he has inherited many of his father's powers: capable of moving through space instantly with a thought, as well as being able to bend reality within a degree by merely voicing how he wants it to be. He rarely uses any of these skills for actual combat (normally to just impress people).

Family tree


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