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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan,

Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, Avatar: The Legend of Anana continuity.

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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan, Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei.

Drawn Portrait of Anana
Biographical information

Southern Water Tribe


16 (Book 1), 19 (Book 2), 22 (Book 3), 115 (Death)


912 BG


797 BG (Age: 115)

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Weapon of choice

Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending, Energybending

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending, Earthbending, Firebending, Airbending, Energybending


Southern Water Tribe, Northern Water Tribe, Avatar Kwan Chun, Tuuluuwaq, Nanuq , all Avatars


39th Earth King Yao, Tuuluuwaq (formerly)

Chronological and political information



Fully-realized Avatar

First appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 10: The Forbidden Art

Anana is the Water Tribe Avatar succeeding Avatar Kwan Chun, and preceding before Avatar Ku Tei. Anana will also be the main protagonist in the fanon Avatar: The Legend of Anana, which has not yet been announced. Will be a minor character in Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei, and seen and also have a chapter dedicated to her life story in a summary, in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Early Life

Born in the Southern Water Tribe, to a family of peasants. Anana was the third child in her family. At the age of four she was to be taken to the palace in the city. The Southern Water Tribe shamans were the men who tested the Southern Water Tribe babies to see if one of them was the Avatar.

After doing the first test which came out positive, the second test of the baby was to choose four toys, out of the thousands in display. She picked the four Avatar relics. The shaman were shocked about the discovery and told her parents to keep it secret from her until her sixteenth birthday.

There was a boy who lived next door to Anana named Tuuluuwaq, he bullied her constantly when she was a child. He was an only child, and since he really had no friends at such an early age of eight. He picked on six year old Anana.

On her sixteenth birthday, the Southern Water Tribe's spiritual shaman, had crashed the party, and had told Anana about her status as the reincarnation of Avatar Kwan Chun. Learning of what had to happen she had to leave her family, and friends behind to travel the world and master the four elements, as an Avatar should.

Rallying against Yao

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Overthrowing the 39th Earth King

After she got a vision from her past life Avatar Kwan Chun. She began to meditate to summon and speak with him. Kwan Chun had something that he had left behind once he died. The current Earth King ruling from the Earth Kingdom, was an impulsive, and cruel man.

The 39th Earth King, gave the Air Nomads war threats due to the fact that one or two of the temples were in Earth Kingdom territory. He disliked the Air Nomads, and therefore was racist towards them as well.

After mastering earthbending Avatar Anana had traveled to Ba Sing Se, to speak with the Earth King. The Earth King, had kicked the Avatar out of his palace and wanted to take action and deport the Air Nomads out of the Earth Kingdom.

The citizens of Ba Sing Se were sick and tired of the Earth King and did not want another war. After Anana had rallied enough citizens, they had overthrown the Earth King, and placed his son, who became the 40th Earth King of Ba Sing Se.

His son, had the Air Nomads stay in Earth Kingdom territory, and dismissed the upcoming war between them. He had known of Kwan Chun's sacrifice for his people, as result to end the war. Therefore, he respected what the Avatar had done, and ended any war plans.

Earth King Wang Rises to Power

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Returning Home

After years, of traveling the world and mastering the four elements, Anana returned to the Southern Water Tribe. There she learned that one of her friends had married the prince of the Southern Water Tribe, and was now considered the chieftess along with the new chief that took power.

Her other friend became known as the healing instructor of the whole Southern Water Tribe. She taught those who wanted to master healing. And finally her childhood bully Tuuluuwaq, was known as the tribe's waterbending instructor, he taught the young children, and other people of all ages the art of waterbending.

Anana bending water

Avatar Anana pulling water out of thin air.

Tuuluuwaq, was very into the art of waterbending. He was very curious on the sub arts that fell into its category, like bending plants, healing and snow. Eventually, Anana and Tuuluuwaq fell in love. Tuuluuwaq had crafted Anana a betrothal necklace, and they were engaged, for two months before they could have the wedding prepared.

Soon they had gotten married, and nine months later they had a son. Anana had volunteered to help Tuuluuwaq, with his class if needed. Together they became the official waterbending instructors. Teaching people of all ages, Anana teaching the children in mornings, and in the afternoons she taught any willing to learn how to heal.

Tuuluuwaq, would teach the teenagers and the adults at night. Since they were more advanced in their lessons they had trained with enhanced waterbending. Tuuluuwaq would often teaching healing as well, but let that more for his wife to do so.

Tuuluuwaq Discovers Bloodbending

At one point in Anana's lifetime, her husband Tuuluuwaq was hunting with other waterbenders and warriors in the arctic wilderness of the South Pole. He and his men came across a cavern where they found a herd of polar leopards.

Killing the whole herd except the cubs, for reasons of domestication. Tuuluuwaq came across a skeleton of a human, most likely that of his race. The skeleton was holding onto a book, Tuuluuwaq had taken the book and carried it back to the Southern city.

Studying day and night, not attending his classes, it was up to Anana to teach those for their night sessions as well, taking young Nanuq along, and teaching him waterbending as well. Tuuluuwaq, never showed up to classes for the next three months.

At night, he would travel to the wilderness and practice under the full moon, the art of bloodbending. He bloodbent arctic seals, polar leopards, or any of the fauna there. One day he thought if it was possible to bloodbend a person.

He began to attend his classes, one night under a full moon he thought he would share his discovery with his pupils. One of his star pupils volunteered to be the first human to be bloodbent. Making stiff movements with his arm, he controlled his student like a puppet. Making him move from side to side, lifting him off the ground to maximum of five feet, and releasing him.

Those of his students who wished to learn the ability to bloodbend, Tuuluuwaq taught a class on the nights of a full moon, and he took his students out in the arctic wilderness and trained them. Never returning for days, Anana was worried for him, and wandered into the arctic wilderness as well.

She discovered what Tuuluuwaq was doing with his students, she had learnt bloodbending was an ancient art of waterbending and that it was created thousands of years ago. Tuuluuwaq decided to teach Anana bloodbending as well, just to show her it was a harmless art, nothing more.

Tuuluuwaq's students and wife all becoming masters of bloodbending under a year. Tuuluuwaq decided to show his abilities to the public. During moon festivals Tuuluuwaq and his class would make puppet shows as Tuuluuwaq and other students bloodbended volunteering students to be bloodbent. Using it as joke, and make the crowd laugh.

The chief suggested that Tuuluuwaq and students were to become a police force in the city. When there was a full moon, if there were any criminals running about at the time, to bloodbend them and have another officer tie him up.

Because of this crime rates within the Southern Water Tribe city, had lowered a lot. Less people became criminals everyone feared the guards. Tuuluuwaq and guards began to go insane. Having the immense ability to control someone is what made them break inside them.

The War of Blood

One night Tuuluuwaq held the chief hostage for throwing his brother in prison. By knocking out his guards using bloodbending, and bloodbending the chief himself. Anana quickly ran out of her home to face her husband. She was ordered to kill her husband. She knew exactly what she had to do.

She came to defeat her husband, she exited the Avatar State. She couldn't kill her own love. She let him go and he ran away, with his former students who had become guards.

She heard reports that her husband and his men were located on Whaletail Island. On her trek to the island which was in Air Nomad territory, she came across an unknown island. She was half asleep when she found the island. Resting in the center of the great island.

She awoke the next morning to find herself in the middle of nowhere. She spoke with her Avatar Ilah. Ilah had no idea where Anana was. She dismissed the Fire Nation Avatar. She then summoned Avatar Xi Tong, she asked Xi Tong, and Xi Tong said he was on this same island two centuries ago.

Xi Tong talked with Anana, and told her that the lion turtle, appeared to her because, she had the same problems he did in his life. The lion turtle wanted to grant her the ability to use Energybending. And she must head to the front the island where the lion turtle's head is at. She did just what Xi Tong told her to do.

The lion turtle spoke with Avatar Anana, and granted her energybending. The lion turtle dropped her off on the shores of Whaletail Island. She ventured into the heart of the island. There she saw the fortress her husband had built, and it was heavily guarded.

After defeating several guards, she saw her husband. He began to fight his wife, and eventually when night came with a full moon he began to bloodbend Anana. Giving the intention that he wanted to kill his wife for following him. He began to lift her to the air with bloodbending, and the Avatar State had activated by itself.

Incasing her husband onto earth, he could not move but struggle a little bit. Placing her hands on his third-eye and his chest, she began to energybend him. After a couple of seconds, she had removed his bending.

Anana had taken her husband, and the other benders back to the Southern Water Tribe. The other bloodbenders, bending was taken away, and she pleaded the chief if her husband could be under house arrest.

Tuuluuwaq, did not make a sound he just stayed home for the next two weeks, not moving out of bed. Nothing he never spoke to his wife, and he refused to have a visit from his son.

The chief had placed a law, where no one was to speak of bloodbending ever again, or perform the form either. They renamed bloodbending "the forbidden art". Those who broke the law were immediately accused of being a forbidden one, and thrown into prison for a year, and fined one thousand gold pieces.

Two weeks, have passed by and Anana had left to teach her class. When she returned home Tuuluuwaq was no where to be seen. She searched for her husband, wishing the worst. She came across canal, and had seen that her husband's body was floating in the canal.

They carried the body off, and the next day he was buried. Going through his things she had found a note, that Tuuluuwaq had left behind before he decided to take his life away. She sat in a corner and cried.

Later Life

Avatar Anana, lived her life as a widow. She had 4 grandchildren, that her son had with Northern Water Tribeswoman. At the age of 115, Avatar Anana had fallen into a canal one morning. As a local pulled her out, her son was visiting at the time. And took her into her home, that night she died of hypothermia.



Anana was born the Avatar, and a waterbender. She trained in the Southern Water Tribe, because that is where she hailed from. She mastered the element, when she was 15.

Portrait of Anana

Portrait of Avatar Anana.


Anana's husband Tuuluuwaq, had discovered the art of bloodbending. He taught her how to bloodbend, but Anana rarely used it. After the War of Blood, and the law that the chief had made, she never bloodbent after that event.


She traveled to the city of Omashu, to train with the King of Omashu, and mastered earthbending under a year.


Being her polar opposite, she struggled with firebending a lot. Though her firebending teacher was a patient man. Anana's firebending teacher was Fire Nation circus ring master.


Anana mastered airbending under a year as well, while training in the Eastern Air Temple.


Not able to kill the love of her life, as the chief ordered. Anana was trekking to Whaletail Island, to defeat her husband, along the way she stumbled upon a lion turtle who taught her the ability to energybend.

After defeating and weakening her husband, Anana used energybending to take Tuuluuwaq's bending away, and that of his men.

Avatar State

It is known that, Avatar Anana had mastered the Avatar State, and had complete control of it. Even able to enter and exit the defense mechanism at will.


  • Tuuluuwaq (Husband; Deceased)
  • Nanuq (Son)
  • Unknown Daughter-in-law (Daughter-in-law)
  • Unknown Grandchildren (Unknown genders)


Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan

Book Two: Water

Avatar: The Legendary Ku Tei

Book One: Fire

Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air

  • 112. "Endgame(vision, no lines)

Avatar Ku Tei's Life

Avatar Anana, served as Ku Tei's spirit mentor, whenever he need help with something he would summon Anana and speak to her, she would give him information on things, and advice as well.

Avatar Rong Yan's Life

A chapter is dedicated to Avatar Anana, where it discusses about her life story. But she also makes several appearances in the fanon and gives Rong Yan advice.

Avatar Korra's Life

During the time when Avatar Korra, had lost her bending to Amon, she had returned to the Southern Water Tribe or the compound she first was in, where Katara, had tried her best to heal Korra.


To no avail, Korra had left to cry at a snowy cliff, where she thought that Tenzin had approached her. When in fact it was Avatar Aang. She stood up, as Aang was conversing with her, and then appeared all of Korra's past lives.

Avatar Anana was the short female Water Avatar, in a blue dress, with long black hair. She is behind Ku Tei, and in between Avatar Arrluk, and Avatar Kwan Chun.

Preceded by
Kwan Chun
912 BG - 797 BG (BG)
Succeeded by
Ku Tei


  • Anana is Inuit for "beautiful".
  • Tuuluuwaq was actually going to be the husband of Princess Tanaraq.
  • Tuuluuwaq is Inuit for "fierce", "intelligent", "fearless", and "raven".
  • Nanuq is Inuit for "polar bear".

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