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Avatar Adventures: Book 2: Myths Chapter 2: Avatar Aang
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2: Avatar Aang

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Chapter 2: Avatar Aang

Korra made her way to June's room where all of her friends were waiting for her. Tenzin and Pema were in their room with the children. Korra walked in the room to see the white and pale face of Hamma, a friend of June's, healing him.

Korra: Tenzin!!

Tenzin walked towards Korra, he then pulled her aside.

Tenzin: June has agreed to go with you in my place since I cannot afford to leave my duties to the city!!

Korra: Really? June is really coming!!

Tenzin nodded slowly and then began to speak, "Yes, it's been 12 days since his accident, and he has been healed by Hamma and is doing great now; he is able to walk. Why don't you help her get him ready.."

Korra: Sure.

Korra went to June who was with Hamma and Yumi.

June: Korra, hey, how are you feeling??

Korra took a while to start speaking: I'm fine. How are you feeling, huh?...If you need anymore help with the healing...

June: I'm feeling fine. Hamma has been great!! She's healed me beyond what I expected...

Hamma: Juney, I've got to go. Tarro is expecting me, okay!

June: Okay, thank you!!

As Hamma left, all of June's friends came into his room along with Kairi and her sisters. All three girls have different emotions on their faces.

June: Kairi, what are you doing here, huh??

Kairi: I'm here to help. Besides, my sisters are going away soon, you know that... and if I want to come home, I can you know!!

June: Yeah, I guess!! Katana, good to see you too.

Katana had no expression on her face, then as he began to smile, she then left the room.

June: What's her problem?

Kairi: You know she's always like that, June, right?

June: Yes, I know!

Korra stood getting very impatient: Are we going to get going to that Spirit Labyrinth or not??

June: Yeah, I am! Let me just get Ingy ready!!

Korra: Okay.

Everyone scattered and left the room. June and Korra were left to get everything ready! The two of them stood alone.

June: Korra, are you okay??

Korra: Yeah! Why?

June: Were you visited by someone, huh??

Korra: How did you know!!??

June: Uncle told me about how you had a blank face when he was talking to you, so naturally I assumed that you were talking to Grandpa since he was the closest guide for you!

Korra: I Know Aang was trying to tell me something important, but I couldn't make anything of it. It's like he was garbling his words and talking in rhymes. I couldn't understand him!!

June: It's okay; as long as I'm around, you have nothing to worry about!! Now let's go get Mako and bring him home!!

Korra then began to hug June and she apologized to him for hurting him. June hugged her back!!

June: Korra, it's okay, don't worry, okay...

Korra: I won't.

Joo Dee: Master, are we going or not!!

June: Yes, we're coming!!

Yumi: June, I'm going to stay here and take care of Bolin. I'll see you when you get back...

Yumi went to June and began to kiss him. This shocked Korra.

Yumi: I love you!!

June: I love you, too.

Kairi: Jeez, you two get a room.

June: Everyone ready!!

Everyone climbed into the saddle of Ingy; June said yip yip and the gang was off to the labyrinth that Korra had dreamed about..

As they flew into the sunny sky, I knew from that point on that I thought that I was feeling feelings for the Avatar. But I didn't want to push my luck with our friendship. We were on our way to get Mako and put an end to this nightmare once and for all..

To be continued in Chapter 3: Spirit World.

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