Twelfth night
Avatar Adventures: Book 2: Myths Chapter 1: 12th Night
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1: 12th Night

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Chapter 1: 12th night

Korra had been very tired. She and her friends Yumi, June, Yukoda, and Joo Dee had been resting for a very long time. It was early in the morning and it had been 12 days since June had gotten injured. Korra lay in her room on her bed. Mako had been missing for a very long time. Korra tossed and turned, not able lay down quietly till everyone woke up. Korra concentrated very hard till she finally had a dream. It was more like a vision. A huge labyrinth shaped up in forms of giant bushes. Suddenly, she woke up. Her face was sweaty and hot. She quickly changed into her clothes and went into the yard of the temple.

"Korra," Tenzin said, getting Korra's attention. "I would like you to meet Kairi Lee, Kana and Katana. They have been great friends of our family for a while now."

Kairi Lee smiled and waved; she had a bright face and lovely dark hair a lot like her sisters. "There is really four of us, but Aya isn't here."

"Oh, that's too bad. It is a pleasure to meet you guys," Korra said, pretending everything was fine.

"I lived in Ba Sing Se. I'm still very busy, but I came to visit for a little anyways. Did you know the Kairi has shaved her head-" Kana began.

"Anyways," Kairi interrupted, "I know you just woke up, so maybe you should go get ready. We'll be on the other side of the island."

Katana walked away first without saying a word. Korra looked at Tenzin. "Do you know anything about a labyrinth?"

"If you mean a spiritual one, than yes," Tenzin said.

"No, not one in the Spirit World. I meant one people can see," Korra said looking down at the ground.

"It may be spiritual, but it is in the real world. At the edge of the Earth Kingdom. Not many people go in, but those who do get spiritually enlightened," Tenzin said.

"The edge of the Earth Kingdom?" Korra wondered.

"What of it? Have you been having any visions or signs of Aang trying to connect to you more recently?" Tenzin asked.

"Well, I'm not sure. It was just a dream. Everybody has them, no biggy," Korra said standing up.

"I believe the spirits of the connecting labyrinth are trying to reach out to you."

"I don't know, Tenzin. All labyrinths have to have a downside to them," Korra answered.

"You must let go of all fears. Your friends can come with you and there you can find information on where Mako is. We can drop off Kana there too."

"What about June? What if he doesn't feel well?" Korra asks.

"You must learn to control your powers. I'm sure June will feel better after one last healing session," Tenzin said encouraging.

"Tenzin," Korra began. "I'm going to go pack my stuff!"

Korra smiled and ran to her room. She told all her friends about leaving, there was finally hope at last. Katana was the last one that Korra revealed the news to.

"I guess you, Ms. Avatar, have finally found the cutting edge to your true love's survival," Katana said in a low tone. She didn't show a speck of emotion at all.

"Aren't you happy for me? You don't seem even the bit excited?" Korra asked.

"Whatever, I got acquaintances around the city. I'll come with you to this labyrinth, but after you find your boyfriend, I'm out," Katana said as she left to the back of the temple without another word.

"Acquaintances?" Korra thought. She then walked over to her room to finish all the packing. It had been 12 nights since all the trouble, but finally, they were leaving to find Mako. This wouldn't take long.

Suddenly, a blue shadow appeared from the edge of the room. It was Aang!

"Korra, time is limited, but I have to warn you about friendship... don't trust...everything...trouble is behind your...lurking near your... back!" Aang said.

"Aang!" Korra yelled loudly!

"Friendships can last through life..... Lifetimes... watch out for..... Koi....."

Suddenly, Aang disappeared into thin air. Korra stood startled. She then quickly finished packing. Her journey would have come to an end. She thought of how June would feel and how he would react to the thought of Mako possibly being in some Spirit Labyrinth. She ran to June's room with thought on her face and began to wonder if her journey would come to an end.

Or is this just the start of a new one...

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