The Lost Temple
Avatar Adventures: Book 1: Seasons Chapter 9: The Lost Air Temple
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9: The Lost Air Temple

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Chapter 9: The Lost Air Temple

While June went to check on his childhood friend Korra, he was told by her mother, Senna, that Korra had gone out into the tundra to find the man with the phoenix tattoo. Quickly running back to his grandmother's home, he told them of the situation and told them that he was going after her. June's friend quickly agreed to go with him. The 4 now set out into the tundra in search of the Avatar...

Joo Dee: Wow, it's so cold...

Yumi: I told you to wear a coat!!

Yukoda: June, how are we going to track her? There's a storm coming and her tracks will be covered.

June: I don't know. Yukoda??

Joo Dee: I'm bored and there's nothing to do!!

Yumi: You know you didn't have to come!!!

Yukoda: Big brother, you're cold, aren't you!!

June: I'm fine. I just want to find her okay!!

Yukoda: But June, come on, I have an extra...

June: I SAID I'M FINE!!!



Yukoda: I'm sorry, big brother!!

Yukoda begins to back away from June and gets closer to Joo Dee...

Yumi: June, say you're sorry to Yukoda. Now!...

June then stops and walks over to Yukoda... and begins to hug him...

June: I'm sorry for yelling, okay, little brother!!

Yukoda: It's okay...

Yukoda then begins to walk again.

Yumi: Was that so hard, huh!!

June: No. I'm sorry, okay...

All of a sudden, a strong gust of air and cold wind begins to fly around the team.

Yukoda: Maybe we should stop here for the night!! What do you think, big brother...

June: I guess we have to.

Yumi: So we can stop...

Joo Dee: Finally; it feels like we've been walking for days!!

June: I hope you're all right, Korra...

The gang sets up for the night; meanwhile, Korra is making her way to the southernmost settlement, the original place where Katara's village stood.

Korra: He has to be there and when I find him, I'm going to make him tell me where Mako is!!

Korra continued on south. While she was walking, she had to cross a path known as Penguin's Gulch...the Avatar continued along the path of the crossing and took a right turn...before she knew it she had found her self in front of an arched gate... she began to look and saw an air symbol on it.

Korra: Why is there an air symbol on this gate...wait, those symbols are like the Southern Air Temple. This has to be an air temple... it's strange... this has to be the gate the villager was talking about.

Korra began to make her way to the lost temple.

June: Yumi, are they asleep??

Yumi: What are you still doing up??

June: I can't sleep.

June looks into the fire, looking like he's mad.

Yumi: I know you're worried about know when I found out Mako was missing, the first thing I did was I went to Bolin. I wanted to be there for him. I'm worried about Mako. I want him to come home too. You know, I wish Korra would back off sometimes...

While Yumi was talking, June leaned in and kissed Yumi... June parted from her lips... before June had time to react, Yumi went in for another...June began to embrace Yumi And the two had shared an emotional kiss. Yumi finally let go.

Yumi: June!!!!!!!!

June: What???


June: Yeah, so!!!

Yumi: I'm going to bed. Good night...

June began to look into the fire again with a smile on his face...

June: Yumi!!

Yumi: What??

June: Come back!!

Yumi came back to the fire and sat next to June!! June grabbed Yumi's hand and began to hold it...she grasped his hand and the two lean into each other.

Morning came before the gang knew it and they began to move again, but this time it was different. Yumi and June were holding hands...which confused Yukoda and Joo Dee...

Yukoda: Did something happen last night?

Joo Dee: I guess??

The gang had finally got to Penguin's Gulch and saw the foot prints of Korra.

Yukoda: June, look, it has to be Korra's...but that's strange, there's nothing out that way...

Joo Dee: Why would anyone go to that way??

Yumi: Let's go!!

June: Yeah, let's go.

the gang followed the tracks and it led them to the arched gate. They saw the air temple signs...June Looked in awe.

June: It's an air temple...

The gang heard the sounds of bending coming from up ahead. June, Yumi, Yukoda, and Joo Dee ran towards the sounds and down the path towards the air temple...

I thought to myself, what could this place be? I wondered to myself if I would find Korra here; one thing's for sure, I wouldn't know it 'til I got there...

To be continued in Chapter 10: Connections

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