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Avatar Adventures: Book 1: Seasons Chapter 8: Against All Odds
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8: Against All Odds

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Chapter 7: Ghost Of The Tundra

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Chapter 9: The Lost Air Temple

Chapter 8: Against All Odds

The gang has arrived at the South Pole. The Avatar left for home immediately, while June was surrounded by family and old friends...

June: The person I'm most worried about, Gran Gran, is Korra... I wish she would not worry; the best thing she can do is set her sights on looking for him with me... not to mention the fact that he might not even get well, you know!!

Katara: June, Korra is still mourning the loss of Mako... She needs to find him so she can be complete!!

June: But Gran Gran, I don't want her to be sad anymore...

Katara: Yes, I know my little one, but she has to deal with this part herself.

June: You're right!!

Grandmother and grandson share a moment...

June: Gran Gran, what's for dinner> I'm starving!!!

Kya: June, don't be so rude!!

June: I'm not being rude!!! Am I??

Katara: Kya, let the boy be, I'm sure he is hungry!! June, I'll make you some steamed rice that you brought with you!!

June: Gran Gran, you don't have to, I'm just kidding, besides, I'm sure Yukoda is going to be wanting to spend time with me once he gets home!!

Katara: Nonsense. You're home, you'll eat...

Kya: Mother, if he's not hungry, don't force him to eat.

The three are suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door. Katara goes to the door and answers it, lo and behold, it's her son, Tenzin!!

Katara: Tenzin, what are you doing here???

Kya: Tenzin???

Tenzin: I'm here because I was coming to see you, Mother!!

June: Uncle, what are you doing here???

Tenzin: June, you're here also!! Good!!

June: Uncle, I don't mean be rude!!

June then goes toward his uncle and begins to hug him...

Tenzin: June, what's the matter??

The Airmaster, with concern with for his nephew, begins to hug June back!!

Tenzin: Mother, Kya, please give me a moment!! June what's the matter???

June's eyes began to fill with tears...

June: It's Korra. I've tried everything you taught me to help her, but it's not getting through to her. I don't know what to do!!

Tenzin: It's all right, young one!! I know you're doing fine!! You're a master, you're doing everything right!!

June begins to hug Tenzin tighter. Tenzin began to hold June. The fatherly figure who June looks to is Tenzin, and the two share a moment.

Tenzin: Now back to why I'm here. Mother, Kya!! I've heard from Azulon that a band of bandits is on the move; known as the Green Rocks, they are led by a man known as the Green Spirit!!

Katara: Tenzin, the Green Spirit?? It reminds me very much of the Blue Spirit!!

Kya: What's so important about them?

Tenzin: Apparently they stole the scroll from the library that was left to them by Father!! And also I came to warn June and make sure he's all right!! The Green Spirit is after General Azulon's family, meaning June also!!

June: I'm going to be fine, I can take care of myself!!

Tenzin: I just came to warn you!!

Katara: Tenzin, why not stay the night!! It's a long flight back!!

Tenzin: Sure!!

All of a sudden, Yukoda comes running in and sits in between Tenzin and June and begins to ask June what they can do to spend time together!!

Yukoda: So, I was thinking you could show me how to improve on my bending big brother!!

June: Sure Yukoda, I would love too!!

All of a sudden, Yumi comes in, along with Joo Dee!

June: Yumi, Come sit by me!!

Yumi: Sure!!

June: What happened??

Yumi: Well, she stopped crying, but she keeps saying she wants to go over there, but I told her she has to rest before she sees you!!

June: No, I'll go now!!

Joo Dee: Jeez, can't you just leave anything alone, June!!

June: Yeah, I will, after I see if Korra is all right!!

Against the odds, I knew that if I went to see her, she might just want to leave again, but I knew that we had to look for this man with the phoenix tattoo!! I walked my way through the familiar path to Korra's home.

June: Hello!!

Senna: June, Korra is out right now; she left for the tundra. She said she was going after the man that has the phoenix tattoo!!

June: What??

June rushed back to the others and told them what had happened!!

June: I'm going to look for her!!

Yukoda: I'm going too!!

Yumi: I'll go also!!

Joo Dee: I might as well go too!!

Too be continued in Chapter 9: The Lost Air Temple!!

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