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Chapter 6: Journey To The Southern Water Tribe

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Chapter 8: Against All Odds

Chapter 7: Ghost Of The Tundra

Korra: Look, June - ice! Finally!!!

June: Yeah, ice. That means we're getting close!

Joo Dee: Finally, I will be able to deliver this message to Fire Master Shizo and Water Master Katara...

June: Letter?

Joo Dee: Yeah, it's a letter that was given to me by some earthbender. He asked me to bring it to the South Pole!

June: What did this man look like?

Joo Dee: Well, he wore all green and had a scar on his face. It looked like it was a burn mark!

June: JOO DEE!!!

Joo Dee: What?

June: I think that was Uncle Zuko!

Joo Dee: Really?

June: Yeah!

In the back of the saddle, Avatar Korra begins to look out at the vast plains that are the South Pole. She stares at the never-ending pallet of white and is zoning in and out of June's and Joo Dee's conversation... While thinking, she remembers all the great memories she had with Mako in her home...

June: Korra! Are you okay?

Korra: .........

June: Korra? Are you okay? Korra, Look at me!!!

Korra:. .............

Joo Dee: Maybe she's feeling sick!

June: Maybe?

Korra: .............

June: Korra!!!

Korra: June. What is it?!

June: Are you alright?

Korra: Yeah, I was just daydreaming!

June: Oh, okay...

June begins to move away from Korra.

As Ingy continues to fly south, the gang finally reaches the village where Korra and her family are, along with June's grandmothers, Shizo and Katara. Villagers gather around the bison and start to talk about the homecoming of the Avatar.

June: Korra, we're here!

Joo Dee makes her way to the ground and runs off in the direction of Katara's home!

June: Joo Dee, wait!

Joo Dee is already out of sight, leaving June to help the Avatar... June begins to get closer to Korra. Before he can, Korra gets up and leaves the saddle and goes to her home.

June: Korra, are you even going to help me get everything out of here?

There is no response from Korra. She keeps walking to her home, where her parents are waiting for her arrival. June begins to remove everything from Ingy's saddle, when two familiar pairs of hands come up beside him.

Yukoda: Could you use some help?

June: Yukoda, what are you doing here?

Yukoda: I live here, dummy! Besides, it's not every day my big bro comes to visit us!

June: I could really use some help, thanks!

Yukoda: No problem, big brother!!

Yukoda and his friends begin to take all the material off of Ingy, and eventually the saddle. One by one, each of the things that June's bison had been carrying is transported between the two houses of Katara And Shizo...

June: Thank you for all your help!

Each of Yukoda's waterbending friends welcome the Airbending master to the South Pole.

Yukoda: I've got to get to practice, big brother. I'll see you later!!!

June: Okay. Be safe, okay?

Yukoda: I will.

As June waves Yukoda goodbye, another pair of hands come up from behind June and began to hug him...

June: Yumi, what are you doing?

Yumi: I've missed you, silly.'re my best friend!

June: I've missed you, too!

June turns around to see his friend, Yumi, wearing a coat with red lining. Her black hair is in a ponytail, and she looks like a traditional Firebender that is ready for an adventure in the tundra.

June: Yumi??

Yumi: Well, if isn't Air Master June!

June: How have you been? You look great!

Yumi: I've been good. Listen, when I heard you were coming here, I came as fast as I could. Korra is going to need a little girl help through this. I mean, you help her, but she needs a girlfriend to help her. I was actually going to see her. I heard when she got home she went straight to her room. That was a little over an hour ago...

June: I know. I hope she's alright.

Yumi: Would you be alright if someone you loved was kidnapped?

June: No, I guess not!

Yumi: Listen, why don't you go see your mom and grandparents?!

June: Yeah, I was just about to!

Yumi: Listen, I'll see you at dinner, okay? ...We can catch up!!

June: Okay!!

As June waves goodbye to Yumi, he begins to feel bad for his friend, Korra. He feels like she is a ghost of she is nothing of her former self... He begins to worry about how he would be able to help her find Mako. He begins to wonder if Mako is even alive anymore. A horrible thought like this means something bad is going to happen... Nonetheless, June begin to walk towards his grandmother, Katara's, house, only to be knocked over by Joo Dee.

Joo Dee: Ow! June, watch where you're going!

June: Jeez, what's the rush?!

Joo Dee: I've delivered the letter. Now it's time to go find somewhere to stay the night...

June: Nonsense, you'll stay with me!

Joo Dee: Really?!

June: Yeah!

Joo Dee: Okay, well I'm going to see Fire Master Shizo...

June: Okay. I'll see you at dinner...

Joo Dee: Okay!

Joo Dee begins to walk off to Shizo's house. June then proceeds to Katara's, arriving to be greeted by his mother, Kya, and grandmother, Katara.

Kya: My baby, you're home!

June: Mom!

Kya embraces her son and begins by saying, "I love you..."

Kya: I love you, Juney.

June: I love you, too, mom!

Katara: My little Air master, how are you?

June: GranGran, how are you?!

June then hugs his grandmother, Katara...

Katara: It's cold out here. Let's go inside so we can get you warmed up!

Kya: Yes, and we have to hear everything you've done and fill us in about Korra...

June: Right!!

June proceeds into his home and everything goes quiet, as the sun sets in the tundra yet again, turning to night...

To be continued in Chapter 8: Against All Odds...

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