Avatar Adventures: Book 1: Seasons Chapter 6: Journey To The Southern Water Tribe
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6: Journey To The Southern Water Tribe

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Chapter 6: Journey To The Southern Water Tribe

Korra: June, where are we going?

June: Before we go to the South Pole, I want to stop at the Air Temple!!

Joo Dee: Why are we going there?

June: Because there's something there I want to show Korra and you too, Joo Dee!

Korra: What could possibly be so special about the Southern Air Temple?

June: It's where my grandfather, Aang, grew up before...well, you know...

Joo Dee: Before all the Airbenders were exterminated!!

June: Yeah Joo Dee, state the obvious!

Korra: Jeez, how much longer till we get there, anyway, huh?

June: You'll be seeing the Temple any moment now! Ingy, let's go buddy!

Ingy, June's sky bison, begins to move closer and faster towards the Air Temple...

Korra: Wow, that's the Air Temple?

Joo Dee: Wow, it's so much bigger than you described, June, in your lectures...

June: Welcome to the Southern Air Temple! Ingy, let's land, okay?!

Ingy lets out a growl and lands at the southernmost part of the temple. June, Korra, and Joo Dee make their way from the saddle and begin to look around in awe. Korra, with a look suggesting that she's been here before, looks around with silence, while Joo Dee looks around at the buildings and ground.

Joo Dee: I can't believe that I'm standing where ancient airbenders once stood!

Korra: How beautiful...if only Mako were here to see it!

June: Korra, it's going to be alright!

June puts his hand on the Avatar's shoulder.

Joo Dee: Well, what's so important that we had to stop here?

Joo Dee begins to tap her foot.

Korra: Yeah, what is so important, huh?

June: You'll both see. Let's get going to the inner part of the temple!

June, Korra, and Joo Dee begin walking to the inner part of the temple. They reach a courtyard and see the marks of the Air Nomad Genocide...

Korra: Why are there so many burn marks and smoke marks everywhere?

Joo Dee: During Fire Lord Sozin's rule, he fought with Avatar Roku because of Sozin's idea of the extension of the Fire Nation...

June: And because of Fire Lord Sozin's plan, Avatar Roku died...

Joo Dee: And Avatar Aang was born into a war-torn world...

June: When Avatar Aang was told he was the Avatar, he fled, causing panic among the Airmasters. While Avatar Aang fled, he was caught in a storm and was frozen in ice for a hundred years...

Joo Dee: Fire Lord Sozin knew that the next Avatar was going to be of the Air Nomads and so...

June: So Fire Lord Sozin had all the Air Nomads exterminated because the Fire Nation feared the Avatar... That's why there are the fire scorch marks! Anyway, let's go. The door is right up ahead.

Pushing on, June, Korra, and Joo Dee make their way to a door, where June airbends to open it. Inside are the statues of all the previous Avatars before Korra.

Korra: Wow June, look!

June: Korra, these statues are you from all of your past lives!

Korra: Really...?

June: Avatar Aang's statue was put here by me.

Joo Dee: The Avatar before Aang was Avatar Roku of the Fire Nation.

June: Before Avatar Roku was Avatar Kyoshi of the Earth Kingdom...

Joo Dee: Before Avatar Kyoshi was Avatar Kuruk of the Northern Water Tribe...

June: And before Kuruk was Avatar Yangchen, who resided in the Western Air Temple...

Korra: Wow!

June: Korra, the reason I brought you here was to show how far you and the other Avatars go back, and how they had problems during their lifetime. But they always made sure to protect the balance of the four nations.

Korra: June, I think I understand what you're trying to say. I've got to try and understand what being the Avatar is, right? It's not all just power, it's also spiritual.

June: Correct, Korra!

June: Well, I suppose we should get back to Ingy and get going to the South Pole.

Korra: Yeah, you're right... June, thanks!

Korra goes to June and hugs him.

June: Korra, it's okay. I just want you to be happy. You know I don't care if you are the Avatar or not!

Joo Dee: Let's go already!

The three make their way back to the sky bison and June takes off. They begin to make their way to the South Pole! With the Air Temple fading into the distance, Korra begins to feel a little bit of warmth knowing June is still looking out for her.

Korra: June!

June: What is it?

Korra: Thanks!

June: For what?

Korra: Just thanks!

June: You're welcome!!

The two share a moment, and they begin the journey to the South Pole.

To be continued in Chapter 7: The Ghost of the Tundra!

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