Avatar Adventures: Book 1: Seasons Chapter 5: Tale of a Thief
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5: Tale Of A Theif

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Chapter 5: Tale Of A Thief

June: There it is, Korra. Kyoshi Island.

With a depressed look on her face, Korra and June arrive on Kyoshi Island, the former home of Avatar Kyoshi.

June: Korra, you're gonna love it here. The village may be small, but word of everything travels fast. We may be able to pick up some more information on the man with the phoenix tattoo on his arm.

Korra: I hope so. I worry about him every day...

Surprised to see all of the villagers coming to greet them, June and Korra get off Ingy and explore the village for vital information on the man with the phoenix tattoo.

June: How about we split up? We can cover more ground that way, and if any trouble happens, just get next to Ingy and he'll protect you... Korra, are you even listening to me?

While June tries to pull Korra out of her daze, Korra begins to wonder if she'll ever see Mako again...

June: Almighty Avatar, did you hear me? I said let's...

Korra: Right, split up. Okay.

June: Okay, well, I'm going. Be safe.

Korra: I will, June...

June begins to walk south of the village center, and is quickly surrounded by the village girls. Korra can hear his big sigh. Korra begins to walk north of the village to where Avatar Kyoshi's shrine is.

Korra: So this is where Kyoshi grew up and lived...

???: You're right, Avatar...

Korra is shocked by a the sudden voice and begins an offensive approach..

Korra: Who's there???

???: In your past life, this is where you grew up, and another past life also came to Kyoshi Island for a visit when he first started his journey...

Korra: Show yourself!!!

???: Why should I??? So you can use all your Bending arts at me at once? I'm not stupid... Besides, it's not you I have a problem with. It's the Airbender I want!!!

Korra: Why DO you want June??

???: Because of his bloodline!!!

Korra: His bloodline??

???: It's because of who he is related to! Does General Azulon ring any bells for you, Avatar?

Korra: General Azulon of the United Forces?

???: That's right. His uncle has been hurting the people of the Earth Kingdom for years. With his precious nephew out of the picture, we'll hit him where it hurts...

Korra: I'm not going to let you hurt June or anyone for that it!

???: Bad move, Avatar!

Out of nowhere, a stone comes flying past Korra. The earth begins to rumble around her. A girl dressed in a green school suit comes up beside Korra.

Joo Dee: Avatar, please stay behind me.

Korra: What? I don't need protection. Who are you?

Joo Dee: Just watch! Listen, loser. I finally caught up to you! After traveling here all the way from Ba Sing Se, I finally caught up to you... Now tell me, where is the Green Spirit?

???: I'll let him be today, Avatar! You can't protect the Airbender forever!!!

Joo Dee: No, you don't!!!

Joo Dee begins to run after the disappearing voice. Korra is shocked by what's happened, but she begins to walk casually to Kyoshi's shrine!

Korra: And I thought Republic City was crazy...

Out of nowhere, a girl comes up beside the Avatar.

Kimiko: You must be the Avatar. Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Kimiko. I'm the 4-time great-granddaughter of Avatar Kyoshi. It's very nice to meet you.

Korra: Oh, it's nice to meet you, too Kimiko. I'm kinda of busy right now.

Kimiko: I'm sorry to have to disturbed you, but I've heard you're looking for a man with a phoenix tattoo. I may be of some help...


Kimiko: Sure. Please come back to the Warrior Hall.

Out of nowhere, Joo Dee comes running back with mud on her clothes.

Joo Dee: Kimiko, I'm sorry. I followed them as far as I could go, but when I caught up to them, they were already over the cliff...

Kimiko: It's okay, Joo Dee. Why not come back to the Warrior Hall, too?

Joo Dee: Um, sure, I have nothing better to do...

Kimiko and Joo Dee begin to make their way back to the training hall where the Kyoshi Warriors train.

Joo Dee: You know, Avatar Korra...your past life, Avatar Aang, came to Kyoshi Island during the Hundred-Year War. Of course, it was towards the end of the war, but it was said that he provoked the Unagi while swimming with the giant Koi...

Kimiko: Avatar Aang came here. It's true, but he also proved to the people of Kyoshi that the Avatar was also someone to rely on in times of need...not to put any pressure on you, Avatar Korra.

Korra: It's no big deal...besides, I know there's always going to be pressure on me, but so long as I have my friends with me I know I'll be safe.... Besides, Mako and June make sure I'm alright all the time, anyways. That's why I left Republic City. My friend, Mako, was taken by the man with the phoenix tattoo, according to his brother.


Kimiko: Joo Dee!!!

Out of nowhere, June comes running to Korra.

June: Korra, I heard what had happened!! Are you okay?

Korra: I'm f...

Korra is knocked out of the way by Joo Dee...

Joo Dee: Master June!!!!! IT REALLY IS YOU!!! OH MY spikes!

June: Joo Dee, why are you here?

Joo Dee: I'm here because I've been following a thief gang under a leader known as the Green Spirit...

June: What kind of trouble have you gotten into now...

Joo Dee: I'm not in trouble. Besides, he stole from the library!

June: What did he steal?

Joo Dee: He stole the Airbending scroll donated by Avatar Aang!!


Joo Dee: I'm sorry, master!

Kimiko: Joo Dee, if you're done, how about letting me get back to telling the Avatar and Airmaster what I know about the man with the phoenix tattoo?

The 4 sit down around a large table. Korra is focusing all her attention on Kimiko, while June is fending off Joo Dee's eyes.

Kimiko: Avatar Korra, as I was saying, there was a man with a phoenix tattoo. He was in this village three years ago, but from what I know, he was headed to the Southern Water Tribe. That's the last I know about the man!

Korra: My home! The man could be by my family!

June: Korra, we have to go and check it out! If he's by my GranGran and my mom, I don't know what I would do...

Korra: It's going to be okay. At least we got some information from stopping here, and you learned a little about Avatar Kyoshi!

Kimiko: Also, I heard a rumor that there is a group of men that travel the world known as the Fire Phoenix! But they all died during the Hundred Year War. I doubt that man has anything to do with the man you're looking for!

Kimiko: I hope the information was helpful!

June: It was. Thank you, Kimiko! Korra, Ingy is ready to go. Let's get going!

Joo Dee: June, let me come too!

June: Why?

Joo Dee: Because I needed to see your grandma, anyways! But I can help, okay?!

June: What do you think, Korra?

Korra: We could use all the help we can get...

June: Alright. Let's get moving to the South Pole!

Joo Dee: To the South Pole...

So the three left for the South Pole, leaving Kyoshi Island with valuable information.

To be continued in Chapter 6: Journey to the Southern Water Tribe!

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