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Avatar Adventures: Book 1: Seasons Chapter 4: Lighting Bending
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4: Lighting Bending

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Chapter 4: Lighting Bending

I never thought that all these crazy things would happen to me, but I'm going to tell you about the story of how lighting for me has been in my blood for generations..

June: Korra, since you know everything about me, how about I tell you the story of how I found out I could bend lighting?

Korra: Sure. Got nothing better else to do.

June: Well, it all started when I was about 4 years old... I remember my Nana teaching the technique to her students that had traveled all the way to the South Pole to be taught the technique...

Shizo: Alright, let the energy flow through your arms and let the energy flow through your belly and out through the other arm... Think of waterbenders bending water, pushing the tide in and out, then release said energy through your hands.

June: Nana, like this...?

A 4-year-old June shoots lighting from the tips of his fingers. Amazed to see her grandson and airbender perform the technique, she is in a state of shock. Katara immediately runs over to June.

June: GranGran, did I do something wrong?

Katara: June, where did you learn to do that...?

June: Nana...I'm sorry...

June runs to his mother, Kya, who is holding baby Yukoda and with a dumbfounded look on her face, along with the other villagers.

June: Mommy, why is everyone staring at me? I want Daddy...wwwwwhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa....

The 4-year-old June begins to cry because he is afraid of what is happening.

Katara: How in the world can an airbender bend a firebender move?

Shizo: I have no idea, but I think we have a prodigy on our hands, Katara...

Kya: Mother!!! June hasn't stopped crying! What am I going to do? Jetta isn't here!!! And neither Is Tenzin! Without one of them around, June will be crying for days.

Shizo: I'm sorry, Kya, for making such a fuss. I thought it would good for June to see the firebending side to his blood, as it is just important for him, as are his other blood traits.

Katara: Kya, I'm sure he will be fine.

Shizo: Kya, your mother is right. June will have to stop crying sooner or later... Besides, his Uncle Azulon and Aunt Yulia are coming with his cousins. I'm sure he will be attached to Yulia once she arrives.

Kya: I hope you're right.. With Yukoda still a baby and June crying all the time, I have so much to do! I kinda wish Jetta were here. He would be able to handle the situation better than me...

Shizo: We all wish Jetta were here, and I'm sure you wish Bumi were here, too. He would have taken June.

Katara: I'm sure everything will be fine, Kya. Don't worry; June has us around, as well as his grandpa, Jet. I'm sure everything will be fine.

Shizo: Kya, we must talk about June's training once Jetta gets home.

Korra: Wait a minute. Your grandmother, Shizo, wanted to train you.

June: Yeah, but my mom wouldn't let me until I started training with my uncle. But back to the story...

A boat has arrived in the tundra dock. Shizo's son and his 2 sons, Ryuu and Rei, have shown up to spend the week with his mother and father, along with Shizo's daughter, Yulia And her 2 daughters, Anana And Ulva.

Shizo: My babies, how are you?

Yulia:  Good mother, I can't stay long. Be sure to keep on eye on them, okay?

Azulon: The same goes for the boys, and no sugar okay? They will drive you crazy...

Shizo: Yes, dears. Have a good trip. Come along, dears...

Ulva: Yes, Nana.

Anana: Yes, Nana.

Ryuu: Yes, Nana.

Rei: Yes, Nana.

Shizo begins to take her grandchildren back to her home.

June: MOMMY, WHEN IS Uncle going to be here?!

Kya: Soon, dear. Don't worry...

Katara: I'm sure your brother will take June for a couple of weeks until Jetta comes back. I know June is a handful, but Tenzin always seems to keep him under control.

Mother and daughter are interrupted when Tenzin walks in.

Tenzin: Mother... Kya....

June: Uncle Tenzin, you're here, YAY... Uncle Tenzin, watch what I learned yesterday...

June shoots even more lighting this time than before at the wall of his home, blasting a hole into the wall.

June: Cool, huh?

Tenzin, with disbelief on his face, takes a moment to absorb what he has seen.

Tenzin: June...we...welll...that's nice. How did he learn that...Mother? HOW DID JUNE LEARN TO DO THAT? ...Kya?

Katara: He was watching Shizo teach her students and he just did it... Tenzin, be a dear and take June for a while. Kya needs some time with Yukoda...

Kya: Tenzin, I would greatly appreciate it.

Tenzin: Alright, just for a while, until Jetta comes back...

June: Mommy, Look....

June is now bending an air sphere around him. The sphere pops on Tenzin.

June: Mommy, cool huh?

Kya: Tenzin...I'm...sorry.

Tenzin: JUNE, enough... Alright.

June walks over to Tenzin and is picked up by him.

June: I'm sorry... 

June begins to hug Tenzin.

Tenzin: It's alright...

June: I'm tired...

June falls asleep in Tenzin's arms...

Katara: That must be a new record for you, Tenzin. Less than 5 minutes, and he's already asleep. You have a real way with your nephew.

Kya: Thank you, Tenzin. Here's June's bag... Thank you so much.

Tenzin: No problem. I will bring him back in a month, bye...

Tenzin puts June in the saddle on Oogie's back. 

June: And that, Almighty Avatar, is how I learned to lighting bend.

Korra: You were even more of a whiner back then as you are now.

June: No I'm not.

Korra: Good night, Whiney.

June: You're not sleeping, Korra. Are you even listening? Korraaaaaaaaaaa...

Korra begins to sleep and June is still complaining into the wee hours of the night.

To be continued in chapter 5...

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