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The Dream
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July 21, 2012

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Chapter 2: Promises

Chapter 1: The Dream

I was always brought up by standard traditions, I guess. It didn't really hit me until it was all actually over. I don't mean to get ahead of myself, but it's better if I just start from the beginning.

I grew up with the Avatar and knew she was destined one day to start her airbending training. Growing up, we were always competitive; we would always see who was better. Korra was always the winner, but I didn't let it bother me.

June walked into Korra's room to wake her up for her morning training.

"Korra, wake up, it's time for breakfast. Besides, Aunt Pema made rice and everything you like." He walked up beside the bed. "OH MIGHTY AVATAR! DID YOU HEAR ME? IT'S TIME TO GET UP, SOUR DORK!!!"

Korra fell out from her bed. "Jeez, June, did you have to yell?"

"Well, maybe if you weren't sleeping all the time, I wouldn't have to yell at you."

"Well, maybe if you weren't so happy-go-lucky all the time, I could sleep!"

"What? So it's my fault that you slept in? It's not my fault you spend all night with lover boy?!"


"I know you spend all your time with him, but it's not my life, so I don't care. So do you want breakfast or not?"

"I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay. And don't forget to feed Naga, okay?"

"Yeah, whatever."

June left the room. Korra got up and put on her clothing. She made her way to the dining hall, but suddenly stopped with an eerie feeling. She began to remember about the dream she was having before she was suddenly woken up.

She was beginning to remember about the night before. She had just spent a night out with her boyfriend, Mako, but couldn't remember coming back to the air temple. She shrugged it off and made her way to the dining hall. Korra entered to a table full of food and Air Nomads.

"Korra, what's the matter? You look like you have not even slept," Tenzin said as she sat down.

"I'm fine, I'm just tired."

"I would be tired too if I spent the night with my lover!!" June's remark didn't help at all.

"We aren't lovers!!"

"Right, Almighty Avatar." The sarcasm was dripping off June's voice.

"Well, I mean... maybe... I don't know... are we... I don't know... I don't think we are."

"Enough, June, stop messing with Korra." The master Airbender came to the aid of his pupil.

"Right, Uncle... whatever..."

"Korra, why not eat a little, okay, that will surely give you some energy." Tenzin offered.


"I made everyone's favorite." Pema's face gleamed with pride as she announced the result of a morning of hard labor in the kitchen.

June looked at the food and got up. "I'm not hungry, I'm going into town."

"JUNE, NO! YOU WILL STAY AND EAT THE BREAKFAST YOUR AUNT MADE FOR YOU!!!" Tenzin's voice, enhanced with his bending, resounded through the hall, and June slumped down again.

"Jeez, alright, you don't have to yell."

Everyone began to eat while Korra sat at the table with a blank stare on her face, which did not pass Tenzin unnoticed. "Korra, is something the matter?"

"Yeah, I can't remember anything from last night."

"Korra, maybe you're more tired than you thought."

"Maybe, but I had this dream.... I was with Mako in the South Pole and everything after that is a blank."

"Maybe the dream is trying to tell you something." June's voice was more sympathetic now.

"Maybe. I won't know for sure until I find out."

Suddenly Bolin came running in with sweat dripping off his face like he was in rush to see the Avatar. "!"

"Bolin! Jeez, Korra, he's bleeding! Get him to a bed, uncle, move." June jolted upon seeing the earthbender.

" wasss..." Bolin was incapable of producing coherent sentences in his frantic state.

Korra rushed over. "What about Mako... Bolin! What about Mako?"

"Korra, don't yell. Calm down." June's comforting hand on her shoulder calmed her a bit.

"What about Mako, Bolin?"

"Mako was hiddnaaappeddd."

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