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Avatar Adventures: Book 1: Seasons Chapter 13: Lost and Found
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Chapter 13: Lost And Found

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Book 2: Myths

Chapter 13: Lost And Found

Finally, Team Avatar had reached Air Temple Island, and everyone was resting in the dining hall. Tenzin walked in with Pema, who had just put their nephew into his bed. Yumi was in Bolin's room, waking him up from his sleep, and Joo Dee was exploring the island with Tenzin's children and Korra sat in with wonder on her face like she had seen something. The familiar feeling had returned to the Avatar like the one before she started her search.

Tenzin: Korra, is everything all right??


Tenzin: Korra, listen to me when I'm speaking to you!!


Tenzin: Kor...

Pema: Tenzin, why don't you come help me in the kitchen!

Pema spoke with seriousness.

Tenzin: All right, Dear.

Tenzin left the room with Pema while Korra was thinking.

Korra began having a vision..

Korra: Where am I?

All of a sudden, Korra saw an airbending Avatar, who wasn't Aang.

???: Korra, I've come to assist you in your time of need!!

Korra: Who are you and where am I??

Yangchen: You are in the Spirit World and I am Avatar Yangchen.

Korra: Avatar Yangchen!!

Yangchen: I've come to tell you about the young airbender!!

Korra: What about June??

Yangchen: I suppose Aang has told you not to worry about the past!!

Korra: Yes, he has!!

Yangchen: Well, as you have hurt the airbender, I am sure he has already forgiven you!

Korra: Yes, he has!!

Yangchen: June is special to 3 of us Avatars; I myself protect him in any way I can because he follows my teachings as he also believes all benders are responsible for world affairs. His grandfather, Avatar Aang, looks out for him also, and Avatar Roku, who is his 5 time great grandfather. We look at him as a symbol of world peace. The child is born of 3 of the 4 nations and sets forth peace among these.

Korra: He has all these people looking out for him as well as me!

Yangchen: Avatar Korra, I offer you this advice. Let those who care help those who don't.

Avatar Yangchen disappeared into the light.

Korra: Why do they keep offering me advice?

All of a sudden, Korra began to have a vision. She began to see a cave that was full of luscious rock and granite.

She snapped out of it.

Yumi and Bolin: Korra!!!

Korra: Bolin, Yumi.

Bolin came beside and hugged Korra. He was still wrapped in the bandages.

Bolin: Korra, don't let it bother you. I'm sure June will be fine; he's a great fighter. I know he'll survive this.

Korra: I hope so...

With a big sigh she ignored the vision she just had and began to tell Bolin about what she had seen and figured out on her journey with June.

I knew that Korra was going to fine; she was talking to the people she loved and knew I knew myself what it meant to be loved and how I would recover my own thoughts from this journey. But I also knew it was just the begging of this long tedious search.

To be continued in Book 2: Myths

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